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Masters programs in Molecular Pharmacology which do not require GRE - Updated 2022

Georgetown University: MCAT and GRE are not required for admission to the regular MS in Physiology program, however the university encourage students to report these scores if they are available.MCAT and GRE are not required, however the university encourage students to report these scores if they are available.

University of Wisconsin-Madison: GRE scores are no longer required for the university program.

Masters programs in Molecular Pharmacology which do not require GRE - Updated 2021

Duke UniversityRanked 8 in Best National University.


College description: As the study of pharmacology is interdisciplinary, graduate programs in pharmacology are diverse and flexible. Students take a small core of courses in pharmacology, and complete their didactic instruction with courses in areas related to their research including molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, and cell biology. The Pharmacology and Cancer Biology at Duke University has particular strengths in the areas of receptor function and cellular signaling mechanisms as targets of drug action, neuropharmacology, metabolism, and the pharmacology of normal and abnormal cell growth.

If applicant choose to enter self-reported test scores, official test scores will become a required component of their application.

Georgetown UniversityRanked 21 in Best National University.

Pharmacology Physiology

College description: Georgetown University’s MS in Pharmacology program is a one-year, non-thesis degree program that offers a foundation of rigorous coursework as well as the option to do research or tailor the curriculum with a selection of elective courses from across the university biomedical departments.The university alumni continue on to further education or take positions in the public and private sphere, such as at the NIH, FDA, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and university laboratories.Eligibility and Application Instructions specific to the MS in Pharmacology.Pharmacology is the study of substances that affect living systems.Pharmacology is often considered a bridge between the basic sciences and clinical medicine. Thus, in addition to the basic principles, the Pharmacology MS program provides an understanding of pharmaco-therapeutics, the use of drugs in the treatment, prevention and diagnosis of disease toxicology, the study of the adverse effects of drugs and an introduction to the field of pharmacogenomics, the study of the genetic factors that affect an individual’s or a population’s response to a drug.Pharmacology is distinct from the discipline of Pharmacy. Pharmacology establishes the basic principles and science behind the practice of pharmacists.Opportunities for masters-level pharmacologists exist in the pharmaceutical industry, government agencies, and laboratories, as well as at biotechnology companies.

Please note that submitted applications cannot be reviewed by the admissions committee until they become complete

It is preferred that applicants also have taken Biochemistry, but it is not required.

MCAT and GRE are not required for admission to the regular MS in Physiology program, however the university encourage students to report these scores if they are available.

Once an application becomes complete , the application will be reviewed by the admissions committee, and the university strive to return decisions within four weeks of an application becoming complete.

Applications submitted by the deadline but not complete by the deadline will be considered as space permits.

Scholarship applications are due to BGE two weeks after the submission date of their M.S. program application.

Application fee

Cumulative GPA for each educational institution listed

Cumulative GP all coursework, not just coursework in their major field of study

The recommended minimum cumulative GPA is 3.3.

Two letters of recommendation or a committee letter packet.

All applicants have the option to submit up to three letters of recommendation, but only two are required.

If applicant only want to submit two letters but the application system makes applicant enter three letter writer names, applicant can enter "Not Applicable" for the third letter writer and this will be corrected by the university admissions staff internally.

ABS Certificate Program,their first letter must be from their assigned ABS letter writer.

Official transcripts are required for all completed and in-progress degree programs in order for their application to become complete.

Their application will not be reviewed until all official transcripts are received for all completed and in-progress degree programs; providing unofficial transcripts while official transcripts are in transit will not expedite review of their application.

As stated in the application system, the university reserve the right to request official transcripts for this coursework at any time.

If applicant are currently in a degree program, it is okay to send an official transcript with the current semester showing as "in progress." Grade updates can be sent to the program coordinator after application submission once grades finalize and become available. Upon admission, official transcripts showing degree conferral and all final grades will be required before the start of classes.

Do notenter Georgetown University as an institution attended for the ABS Graduate Certificate; entering Georgetown as a second institution for the ABS Graduate Certificate will trigger the system to await a transcript from Georgetown, causing their application to remain incomplete after all of their other application materials have been received.

MCAT and GRE are not required, however the university encourage students to report these scores if they are available.

There are no additional application requirements specific to the M.S. in Physiology program.

Molecular Pharmacology Online Masters programs at Georgetown University

University of Wisconsin-MadisonRanked 47 in Best National University.

Admissions Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Training Program UW–Madison

College description: Many careers require graduate-level education or further training.The Pharmacology-Toxicology program offers an excellent foundation for those interested in becoming a pharmacist.PharmTox graduates may request a gap interval after graduation from the PharmTox program and still be eligible for this program.Many BS Pharmacology-Toxicology alumni are willing to connect with current students and potential program applicants regarding career and academic pathways that are available to graduates of the program.The university constantly evolving curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities and commitment to hands-on learning mean the university students graduate with a thorough education, grounded in the latest biomedical, pharmaceutical, social and clinical science, and the practical skills to advance tomorrow’s patient care.

GRE scores are no longer required for the university program.

Rutgers University-New BrunswickRanked 70 in Best National University.

Admissions The Joint Graduate Program in Toxicology

College description: Postdoctoral fellows are a vital component of the JGPT toxicology program.The JGPT has developed comprehensive research and career training to launch scientists into an exciting career in toxicology.

A bachelor’s degree or equivalent with at least a 3.0 GPA is required for admission.

Selection is made on the basis of previous academic work, letters of recommendation, and personal statement.

Former Rutgers SURF and RiSE summer students are not required to pay the application fee

Students are strongly encouraged to demonstrate research experience in their personal statement and letters of recommendation.

The best letters of recommendation are those written by their research supervisors.

Inclusion of GRE scores on their application is optional. Exam scores are not required for admission.

Clark UniversityRanked 76 in Best National University.

Master of Science Degree Program

The minimum entry degree required for this program is a bachelor of science or equivalent degree from an accredited college or university. Although not required, it is advisable to provide Graduate Record Exam scores as part of their application for admission.

University of VermontRanked 85 in Best National University.


College description: The Pharmacology offers thesis-based and non-thesis Master of Science degrees. The thesis-based M.S. degree is a course and research based program, with 24 credits in coursework, and 6 credits of research. A non-thesis M.S. degree requires 30 credits in coursework, but does not require a thesis or thesis defense. Research interests in the Pharmacology are diverse, with special emphasis on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular pharmacology, physiology, neurovascular coupling, signal transduction, and medicinal chemistry cancer chemotherapy.Students MUST be admitted through the Graduate Collegebefore taking any courses that will be applied to the Master’s Degree requirements.A minimum of 30 credits and successful completion of a written comprehensive exam are required for a Master’s Degree in Pharmacology.§: Required for both thesis-based and non-thesis Master .The comprehensive exam should be completed by the end of the second semester of the two-year Master of Science program.Requirements for Advancement to Candidacy for the Degree of Master of Science.Second it serves as the first draft outline of the student Master Thesis.

The university recommend but do not require a GPA of 3.0 and a curricular background in biology, physiology and/or chemistry.

Statement of Purpose that describes their reasons for wanting to obtain an MS degree in Pharmacology.

Previous research experience is not required, but if applicant have some, please describe it, with a focus on their roll in the project.

Please address any concerns that applicant think the university might have about their application.

Admission is based on an overall assessment of grade point average and curriculum background, research experience , and letters of recommendation. GRE scores are not required, but will be considered if provided. The Department of Pharmacology does not have specific cut-off levels for GPAs, or GRE exam scores.

International students must have a minimum TOEFL score of 90

Please donot submit their application directly to the Department of Pharmacology.

University of Minnesota-DuluthRanked 36 in Best Regional University in Midwest.

Admissions Requirements

College description: Students are admitted to the Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology for fall semester only.Instructions and online application may be found at the Prospective Student Toolkit webpage.Abul-Hajj and Hanna Award for Exceptional Graduate Student in Medicinal Chemistry.

The application process is done entirely online. Instructions and online application may be found at the Prospective Student Toolkit webpage.

Please GRE scores are not required and will not be reviewed for Fall 2021 admissions.

Personal statement

Diversity statement

Unofficial transcripts are accepted during the application process. An official transcript will be required of all students accepted into the program.

An application fee

All non-Pharm.D. applicants and all international Pharm.D. applicants are required to submit GRE scores.

Admissions decisions will be communicated to applicant via the online application system.

Evaluators’ Guide to Letters of Recommendation

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