Masters programs in Neurobiology and Neurosciences which do not require GRE - Updated 2021

University of California-Los Angeles: No effective Fall 2020, the GRE is no longer a requirement for the university program.However, students may voluntarily submit GRE test scores and they will be reviewed as part of the holistic application consideration.

University of Massachusetts-Amherst: Although self-reported and official GRE scores will be accepted if submitted, submission is completely optional.

Masters programs in Neurobiology and Neurosciences which do not require GRE - Updated 2021

Johns Hopkins UniversityRanked 12 in Best National University.


Admission to the BS/MS program is selective. Undergraduate neuroscience majors interested in applying MS program must meet the following minimum qualifications before they receive an application packet:

1. Completion of no fewer than 6 credits of undergraduate research with Scientific Communication.

2. Completion of the neuroscience BS degree in the fall prior to entering the BS/MS program in the spring.

3. A minimum of 3.5 major GPA (including core, upper-level, math, and science).

4. A minimum of 3.5 cumulative GPA.

A complete application includes:

1. Application for admission for graduate study can be completed through Graduate Admissions. (The application includes a half-page, single-spaced essay about why you are applying to this program and what you would like to accomplish. Use an extra page if you need more space. The GRE is not required for admissions.)

2. Student/mentor contract

3. Two letters of recommendation (one of the two recommendations must be from the student’s research mentor)

4. Official transcript

5. Timeline for completion of the BS/MS program (students will receive this upon meeting with the academic program administrator)

6. Research proposal

7. Interview availability

Vanderbilt UniversityRanked 16 in Best National University.

Neuroscience program

Vanderbilt University highly encourages electronic applications to its graduate programs - the cost to apply is $95.00. The Neuroscience program has two mechanisms for admission. Those students interested in Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience should apply through the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program (IGP), or directly to the Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP). Those interested in Cognitive & Systems Neuroscience should apply directly to the Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP). The application deadline for NGP applications is December 1st, while for IGP applications it is December 15.

Graduate Record Examination Scores: GRE scores are required as part of the application. Official scores should be sent directly from ETS. Copies are not allowed. A department code is not required, but is helpful. GRE is not required for the IGP.

Official Transcripts: A copy of unofficial student transcript should be uploaded to the application by or before the application deadline.

Letters of Recommendation: The University requires three to five letters of recommendation from persons qualified to evaluate your academic and professional qualifications. On your application, you will be asked to provide the e-mail addresses of your recommenders. Vanderbilt will contact your recommenders by e-mail and provide them with a link to a web site, a password, and instructions on how to submit the recommendation online. Online recommendations are instantly attached to your application. If you are unable to provide e-mail addresses for your recommenders, it is your responsibility to contact them and provide them with the recommendation form.

Writing Sample: A writing sample in the form of a statement of purpose is required for both application paths (IGP and NGP). Additionally, for applications via the Neuroscience Graduate Program, a sample of previous scientific writing is required. It should be uploaded on the Application Status Page, which you will see AFTER you submit your application, as an additional material in the Uploads section.

University of California-Los AngelesRanked 23 in Best National University.


The Neuroscience Interdepartmental Graduate Program will review their application.

TOEFL/ IELTS exam scores for international students

All applicants use the same application form. The department will consider course substitutions for graduate level courses taken at other institutions but the UCLA exam requirements for the program will still be required.

The committee looks at the cumulative GPA, academic history, the statement of purpose, and the letters of recommendation and research experience.

The application must be submitted and the application fee must be paid for before an application can be reviewed by the department.

No effective Fall 2020, the GRE is no longer a requirement for the university program.

However, students may voluntarily submit GRE test scores and they will be reviewed as part of the holistic application consideration. The applications with GRE scores will not be given greater weight than those that do not include scores.

The university strongly encourage applicants to take the TOEFL exam no later than November to ensure official scores are transmitted to UCLA on time.

It is highly recommended that all application requirements are met before/on the deadline.

If applicant are offered admission, applicant will be required to provide official academic transcripts at that time.

The university will accept TOEFL scores from within 2 years. If a test was taken multiple times enter the most recent scores on the online application form.


Unofficial copies of scores are acceptable for review purposes but official copies from ETS are required for official admission to the University

Not providing undegraduate/graduate program major and GPA is a common error. This information is inputted in the "Additional Academic Information" section of the online application after the "Academic History & Transcript" section.

University of Michigan-Ann ArborRanked 29 in Best National University.

UM Neuroscience Graduate Program

The Neuroscience Graduate Program allows students to apply both directly to the program and through the Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS). For applicants who know they wish to pursue a degree in Neuroscience, the Direct route of admissions is often the best fit.

The GRE test is NOT required.

All International applicants are required to apply through PIBS (application deadline is December 1). Admission to PIBS is extremely competitive. PIBS accepts only 5% or less of the international applications received each year. International applicants must submit scores from the TOEFL exam unless the program verifies that English is their native language or they have obtained a Bachelor or Master degree from a US institution.

The most important criterion for admission to the Program is a demonstrated aptitude for and commitment to laboratory research in neuroscience. A Bachelor's degree or its equivalent is required.

University of Wisconsin-MadisonRanked 47 in Best National University.

M.P.A. Ph.D. Admissions Neuroscience and Public Policy Program UW–Madison

All application materials need to be received by that date to ensure consideration, this includes letters of recommendation, official GRE scores, and transcripts.

Please theGraduate Record Exam is no longer required by NTP.

These scores must be received as part of their application by Dec.

Prior laboratory research experience, while not required, is strongly recommended.

Successful applicants will prepare a statement of that demonstrates an understanding not only of research techniques and methods but also the importance and end goal of the research they are doing.

Unofficial transcripts are accepted for the application process but upon acceptance to the program, official paper transcripts will be required.

TheGraduate Record Exam is no longer required by NTP.

If GRE scores are not received by December 1st their application will not be reviewed.

Letters of recommendation are submitted online and should be from persons familiar with an applicant’s academic and research abilities. Track their application status on MyUW to see if letters of recommendation have been submitted. Send reminders, ask another person for a letter of recommendation, just make sure to have at least three letters submitted on their behalf by December 1st!

UW-Madison charges a non-refundable $75 application fee that must be paid by credit card or debit/ATM card in the online application system.

In addition to the $75 application fee, non the students.S. citizens will be charged a $6.00 international document processing fee. Both fees will be processed during the submission of their application.

There are also limited application fee grants available. Please note that fee grant applications must be submitted before their application and can take two weeks to process so applicant should plan to submit fee grant applications by November 15th.

University of Massachusetts-AmherstRanked 76 in Best National University.

Neuroscience and Behavior Graduate Program at UMass Amherst

Submission of Graduate Record Examination scores is not required. Although self-reported and official GRE scores will be accepted if submitted, submission is completely optional.

Drexel UniversityRanked 95 in Best National University.

Neuroscience-Graduate Admissions

Graduate Admission Application: Applicants may only apply to one program. All documents submitted by you or on your behalf in support of this application for admission to Drexel University become the property of the University, and will under no circumstances be released to you or any other party. Please note, an application fee of $75 U.S. is required.

Transcripts: Official transcripts must be sent directly to Drexel from all of the colleges and universities that you have attended. Transcripts must be submitted in a sealed envelope with the college/university seal over the flap. Please note that transcripts are required regardless of number of credits taken or if the credits were transferred to another school. An admission decision may be delayed if you do not send transcripts from all colleges and universities that you have attended.

International Transcript Evaluation (international applicants only): Applicants are responsible for supplying all necessary documentation and paying all necessary fees to have your transcripts evaluated by by WES.

Standardized Test Scores: **GRE or MCAT test scores are optional and not required for admission review.**

International applicants are required to demonstrate English language proficiency by submitting scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or the Pearson Test of English (PTE) unless they meet the criteria for a waiver.

Essay: Please write approximately 500 words explaining your reasons for pursuing a degree from Drexel; your short-term and long-term career plans; and how your background, experience, interest, and/or values, when combined with a Drexel degree, will enable you to pursue these goals successfully.

Résumé: Upload your résumé as part of your admission application or through the Discover Drexel Portal after you submit your application.

Letters of Recommendation: Three letters of recommendation are required. To electronically request recommendations, you must list your recommenders and their contact information on your application.

The University of Texas at DallasRanked 127 in Best National University.


Although there is no specific GPA or GRE cutoff for admission, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required. For students entering the program recently, the median GRE score was 307 and the median overall GPA was 3.4.

University of Alabama at BirminghamRanked 127 in Best National University.

Behavioral Neuroscience Admissions

The university require Graduate Record Examination test scores, including verbal, quantitative, and analytic writing scores.

The university prefer a solid background in psychology including courses such as statistics, research methods, behavioral neuroscience, physiological psychology, cognitive psychology, motivation and emotion, and learning.

Georgia State University

Neuroscience Institute

The deadline for applications to the Stand-Alone MS is February 15th. The GRE exam is not required for admissions consideration to either the MS or PhD programs in Neuroscience.

This may be done by taking the TOEFL or IELTS tests.

If any piece of required information does not reach us by the appropriate deadline, their application may not be considered.

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