Masters programs in Philosophy and Religious Studies which do not require GRE - Updated 2020

Masters programs in Philosophy and Religious Studies which do not require GRE - Updated 2020

For admissions to masters degree program in Philosophy and Religious Studies at Best Universities, GRE, GPA requirements are

New York UniversityRanked 32 in Best National University.

From Prospective PhD Applicants

College description: The following is a list of current positions of all graduate students who have received the Ph.D. and left NYU since the graduate program was restarted in 1997 as well as current Ph.D. students who hold positions at other universities. Where a current position differs from a first position, the first position is also included.

GSAS Admissions, Registration, and Degree Requirements

But there's no strategic advantage to applying early; the university review all the university applications at the same time. Just make sure all their materials get to us by January 4 if applicant are applying for the PhD program.

The deadline for PhD admissions is January 4 , and the application must be submitted online.

A 1-2 page statement of academic purpose, describing past and present work as it relates to their intended field of study, and anything unusual the university should know when evaluating their application.

Some applicants submit more than one writing sample; this is alright if, for example, they display very different aspects of their philosophical capacities

Unofficial transcripts are acceptable but if applicant are admitted, applicant will have to submit final and official paper copies of their transcripts later.

The students will also be asked to supply GRE and TOEFL/IELTS scores.

The university ask for three letters; applicant can provide up to five if there are special reasons for doing so. Here are further details about letters.

In accordance with GSAS policy, the New York University does not accept letters of recommendation from credentials services, such as Interfolio. Please have their references upload their letters directly to the online application. The statement of academic purpose should be included in their online application and not sent through them. Transcripts and translations should be uploaded to their online application, as well.

) It is not formally required that their bachelor's degree have been in philosophy.

There is no requirement to have done a master's degree—in some places, these are called "MPhil" or "BPhil" or "MLitt" degrees—before applying to the university PhD program. Applicant can apply directly to the PhD, and many of the university applicants do.

Some students without much formal training in philosophy have been extraordinarily talented at it and have been able to demonstrate this to admissions committees: for example, by writing papers of publishable quality.

At the same time, though, when applicant do apply the university will want to see that applicant've actively and recently been doing work of the sort the university grad students do.

The university policy is to require GRE test scores; the New York University does not have the authority to waive the requirement in individual cases. LSATs and so on cannot be substituted for the GRE.

The TOEFL or IELTS test is required of all applicants who are not native English speakers. The TOEFL/IELTS requirement is waived if applicant will have completed a bachelor or master's degree at an institution where the language of instruction is English.

The TOEFL requires applicant to list a department code; applicant should select the code that is most appropriate for their field of study. However, do not use code 00—the university will not receive their test scores if applicant report 00 as the TOEFL department code. No code is needed for IELTS.

Often there are constraints on when the students will be able to take the GRE and TOEFL tests.

Applicant accidentally sent us the statement of academic purpose that was addressed to Columbia

Has now been accepted, and applicant want to update their CV

This means the university accept around 3% or fewer of the university applicants.

Only their GRE scores and TOEFL/IELTS scores

Dual-degrees / Applying to multiple programs

Admission to a dual-degree program is contingent on acceptance by both programs. If one does not accept applicant, the other may at its discretion consider applicant for admission to that individual program.

Apart from dual-degree programs, GSAS policy permits students to apply for only a single program and degree in a given year.

Exceptions: Students who apply to the Philosophy PhD program and are unsuccessful can ask to be considered for the MA programs in Philosophy, Bioethics, or the interdisciplinary Center for Experimental Humanities.

Please wait until the university have made the university admissions offers before asking us to pronounce about their individual circumstances.

(Otherwise, their fellowship doesn't pay the tuition, and the university wouldn't count it towards their degree.

University of ChicagoRanked 4 in Best National University.

Prospective Students

College description: Additional fellowships and awards are available to support language study, conference travel, and research travel. The precise terms of your admission and aid package will be communicated to you upon admission to the Philosophy.

The Application for Admission and Financial Aid, with instructions, deadlines, and department-specific information, is administered through the divisional Office of the Dean of Students and is available online.

The Department of Philosophy receives around 250 graduate applications per year from highly qualified applicants.

The university offer admission with the same full five-year fellowship support package to about 10-14 applicants per year. The University of Chicago does not have a “waiting list”; fellowship offers that are declined are not re-offered to another applicant.

The Department of Philosophy does not admit students who seek only a master’s degree, but, like all humanities departments here, the university customarily refer a select group of qualified applicants to the University's Master of Arts Program in the Humanities

Applicants will be notified of the results of their application for admission, at the earliest, in early February and, at the latest, in early March.

Some applicants may already have master’s degree in Philosophy; however, that this is neither an asset nor a liability in the application process.

Overall, what the university care about is the applicant's aptitude for philosophy and readiness for graduate-level work

Scholars with a PhD in Philosophy from another program are not eligible to apply.

A one-page, single-spaced personal statement outlining their philosophical interests and goals, and their reasons for wanting to pursue them at the University of Chicago;

Official Graduate Record Examination scores ;

Recent TOEFL or IELTS scores for students whose native language is not English ;

Three or four confidential letters of recommendation from people who are in a position to comment on their philosophical background and ability; and

Their writing sample and personal statement must be written by applicant, in English.

All of the components of their application are important and will receive careful scrutiny by the university graduate admissions committee.

Their writing sample should provide the best possible demonstration of their philosophical writing and reasoning abilities. In general, the more perspicuous the overall structure of their writing sample is—the more clearly it displays how each of its parts contributes to the argument of the whole—the better it will serve as a credential for admission to the university graduate program.

Ideally, their application should contain at least three letters from professional philosophers. Any further letters from other teachers of yours included in their application dossier should therefore always be in addition to, not instead of, letters from philosophers. What the university look for from the writers of their letters of recommendation is a candid and detailed evaluation of their philosophical abilities and accomplishments and an informed prognosis of their likelihood of succeeding in a top-notch philosophy PhD program.

The personal statement is not, strictly speaking, an admissions credential and it is not the place to cram in additional evidence of their philosophical ability. In addition, if there is anything unusual about their philosophical trajectory or academic career that applicant think the university should know, their personal statement is the place to provide that information.

If applicant are applying from another country and applicant anticipate that the university might have difficulty deciphering their transcript, then any additional guidance with which applicant, or especially their recommenders, can provide us in interpreting their transcript will be appreciated.

The university require official documentation of their general Graduate Record Examination scores with their application, but the University of Chicago does not require any subject tests. For those who have taken multiple GREs: the university policy is to look at an applicant's best scores for each section of the test and to throw out the lower scores. The average GPA in philosophy for the university recent admitted students has been about 3.9 The analogous GRE averages are 710 verbal, 740 quantitative, and 5.5 analytic writing.

In evaluating the GRE scores of applicants, the university make allowance that these examinations are more difficult for non-native speakers of English. The University has information regarding what counts as acceptable TOEFL scores for consideration for admission.

While curiosity is natural, as a general rule, please do not inquire about admissions decisions in February.

Prospective graduate students who have been notified that they have been admitted to the university PhD program are strongly encouraged at that point to make a campus visit before they accept the university offer of admission.

GRE Exams and GPAs We require official documentation of your general Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores with your application, but we do not require (or take into account) any subject tests.

Vanderbilt UniversityRanked 16 in Best National University.

Graduate Religion

College description: The PhD Program in Philosophy at Vanderbilt University is designed to be completed in five years. A sketch of standard progress follows below.

Ordinarily, students with only the baccalaureate degree are admitted first to the M. Successful completion of the latter provides a foundation for doctoral studies but does not guarantee admission to the Ph. D.

A complete application will include: letters of recommendation, transcripts, an official GRE score, an official TOEFL score , a Statement of Purpose and a writing sample is required if applying to the Historical Studies area.

A complete application will have at least three and at most five letters of recommendation.

Other materials applicant wish to provide can be uploaded from their Applicant Status page once applicant have submitted their application.

If an applicant takes the GRE more than once, the university use the highest score from each section of the examination in admission and scholarship decisions.

For IELTS, 6.5 is the minimum acceptable overall band score.

The Statement of Purpose is a very important part of the application.

Students receive at least a 70% tuition scholarship on up to 30 credit hours. Jewish Studies students receive an 85% tuition discount. Student wants to take more than the required 30 hours, permission may be granted to extend the tuition discount for up to another 12 hours.

Students receive a University Tuition Scholarship, which are service-free awards that pay tuition costs up to 72 credit hours and include student health coverage. Student will be expected to be a full-time student in residence for the duration of the tuition scholarship and the stipend.

Applicant will be expected to be a full-time student for the duration of the tuition scholarship and the stipend.

Presenting transcript evidence of two years of college language credit with a grade average of B or better during the previous five years.

Applicant should re-apply using their original application. Only then will the already submitted GRE and TOEFL scores and any official transcripts be available for review again. The title of this menu is "Apply or re-apply to additional programs.

Instead of three letters of recommendation, a letter of good standing from the institution in which applicant are enrolled must be submitted.

Such students must still submit an online application with the Graduate School but GRE scores are not required.

Ball State UniversityRanked 127 in Best National University.

Integrative Life Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Virginia Commonwealth University

College description: The PhD program consists of a minimum of 130 graduate credits. The candidate must complete a major in school psychology of at least 40 credits and at least one cognate of 15 credits.

TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent for international students

Applicants should have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Grade requirement: Degree applicants must achieve an overall GPA of 3.0 with a grade of C in no more than one course. The GPA for graduation is based on all graduate courses attempted after acceptance into the program.

Written and oral examinations: Before admission to degree candidacy for the Ph. D.

Upon successful completion of all degree requirements, students will graduate with the Ph. D.

The GRE is not required.

Cornell UniversityRanked 15 in Best National University.

Graduate Program

College description: The Field of Asian Literature, Religion and Culture offers students interested in pursuing advanced studies of the literature, culture, religion(s), and intellectual history of any given region in East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Applicants are generally expected to have significant language preparation before application (at least three years’ competency for those interested in an East Asian literature).

If applicable, TOEFL or IELTS scores

Three to five letters of recommendation; a total of five letters of recommendation will be accepted , but only three are required

All letters should be submitted online.

The applicant's personal statement is also given some weight in the process.

The university use no particular numerical criteria , and the university neither require GRE scores nor give them any significant weight when they are provided to us.

Many of the university applicants come from Master's degree programs or have done some other sort of graduate work before applying to Cornell.

The university require three letters of recommendation, and will accept as many as five.

The university look for a substantial, polished piece of writing that shows the applicant's philosophical abilities and skills.

), coordinates the gathering of letters of reference, invites guest speakers to provide advice about particular sectors of the job market, organizes practice interviews and job talks, and is there to offer guidance and support through the job market process.

(The fall semester begins at the end of August.) Application Materials The following materials must be submitted online via the Cornell University Graduate School online application system: Biographical information Academic information (including unofficial transcripts) If applicable, TOEFL or IELTS scores (GRE scores are not needed) Recommender information Three to five letters of recommendation; a total of five letters of recommendation will be accepted (submit all online), but only three are required* Financial support information (if required) Statement of Purpose Writing sample in philosophy (typically 15 but no more than 30 pages long) Application fee *All letters should be submitted online.

University of Oklahoma-Norman CampusRanked 106 in Best National University.

Prospective Students

College description: College of Arts and Sciences, Philosophy, The University of Oklahoma website wordmark. College of Arts Sciences Philosophy Graduate Program.

The University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus is eager to recruit qualified women and minority applicants.

These assistantships currently carry a stipend of approximately $16,000, plus health insurance and a tuition waiver. Students who complete their MA here may apply to the PhD program, and will compete on the same footing as all candidates applying with MA degrees in philosophy. The standard prerequisite is a Bachelor's degree in philosophy, although in exceptional cases an applicant may be admitted with a Bachelor's degree in another field if the applicant has completed substantial philosophy coursework.

Applicant may be admitted to the PhD program either with a previous MA degree in philosophy, or with only a Bachelor's degree in philosophy. In exceptional cases, an applicant may be admitted with a degree in another field, if the applicant has completed substantial philosophy coursework. If applicant are admitted with only a Bachelor's degree in philosophy, then applicant will be required to complete the full 51 hours of coursework here in the university program.

See the university Graduate Program Syllabus for degree requirements and related information about the graduate program.

Tuition, up to the number of hours required for the degree, is waived for Graduate Assistants who enroll in at least 5 credit hours each spring and fall, provided they satisfy a few training and paperwork requirements.

Instructions for Applying to the Graduate Program

All application materials for the MA program without funding are due by June 15 for fall admission and October 15 for spring admission.

Their statement of purpose should explain why applicant wish to pursue an advanced degree in philosophy, why applicant consider yourself to be qualified to undertake such a pursuit, what areas of philosophy applicant expect to work in, and why applicant think that the OU philosophy department is the right place for applicant to do so. While applicant should feel free to include any information about yourself that applicant think will be relevant and helpful to the admissions committee, please keep this statement to no more than one to two single-spaced pages.

If applicant wish, applicant may submit an unofficial report of their GRE scores.

Applicant can upload unofficial transcripts from all others. If offered admission, applicant will need to submit official transcripts.

In their letters, they should address the extent to which applicant are prepared to excel in a rigorous graduate philosophy program.

International applicants can find English proficiency requirements here.

International applicants do not need to supply financial information at the time of application. This information is required only if the university wish to make an offer of admission.

Be sure to upload: (i) a brief statement of purpose, (ii) a sample of written work, (iii) GRE scores are not required, but you are welcome to submit them with your application, (iv) unofficial transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended, (v) contact information for 3 individuals who will submit letters of recommendation.

University of California-IrvineRanked 42 in Best National University.

Logic and Philosophy of Science Ph.D.

College description: The Departments of Logic and Philosophy of Science and Philosophy jointly administer a Ph.D. program in Philosophy with two independent tracks. Both tracks begin from a common core of requirements in standard philosophical fields and branch off thereafter.

Applicants for the LPS Track must have a bachelor's degree, but there is no formal requirement as to the field of that degree.

All applicants must apply online using the UCI Online Application for Graduate Admissions.

Application Fee - US $105 ; US $125

In addition, an interview is required prior to admission.

The writing sample need not deal with a topic in logic and /or philosophy of science -- though that is desirable -- but should exhibit the applicant's ability to argue clearly and carefully.

Fee waivers are not available to international applicants.

The GRE General Test is required of all applicants for PhD admission. The university cannot waive this requirement, even when the applicant has completed an advanced degree at another college or university in the United States.

The GRE departmental code for the Dept of Logic and Philosophy of Science is 2801.

The university cannot accept GMAT, LSAT, or MCAT scores in place of the GREs. the University of California-Irvine does not require that applicants file scores from any of the various GRE tests available.

Test of English as a Foreign Language and International English Language Testing System

The internet-based TOEFL is required of all international applicants except citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

However, be aware that it is University policy that international students who are not citizens of countries where English is the primary or dominant language must take the TOEFL or an equivalent test before accepting a TA appointment; waivers for this requirement cannot be made. Moreover, for many international students, the TOEFL is a valuable source of information for the admissions committee. For these reasons, the university recommend submitting a TOEFL score even if it is possible to have the requirement waived.

The TOEFL departmental code for the Dept of Logic and Philosophy of Science is 80.

Neither can the university waive the requirement for current TOEFL or IELTS scores.

All applications for PhD admission are considered also for financial support, and all admission offers to LPS currently include six years of funding. Applicants are not required to apply separately for admission and financial support.

All offers to non-residents of California, including non-US citizen international students, include nonresident tuition in the first year or two of study.

International students who are not US citizens or permanent residents are not eligible to apply for federal need-based financial aid aid.

The tuition, fees, and charges posted to their billing statement or account are estimates based on currently approved amounts. Actual tuition, fees, and charges are subject to change by the Regents of the University of California and could be affected by increases or reductions in State funding, or other developments.

The Document Fee provides lifetime access to official transcripts and academic verifications without a fee for in-person pickup or delivery by USPS.

University of Virginia-Main CampusRanked 23 in Best National University.

Corcoran Philosophy

College description: Race, Religion, and Republicanism in an Age of Revolution. Maria Stewart is believed by many to have been the first American woman of any race to give public political speeches.

The University of Virginia-Main Campus does not attach decisive importance to any one factor but instead weigh all five sources of information that are required for the application: the writing sample, letters of recommendation, GRE scores, grades in courses , and statement of purpose. A weakness in one area can be counter-balanced by strength in another: modest GRE scores can be made up for by a fine piece of writing, an ill-chosen writing sample by strong letters and GRE scores or grades.

The program is highly selective in terms of its applicant to acceptance ratio. All offers of admission come with full financial support consisting of tuition remission, health insurance, and a stipend unless the applicant can provide evidence of sufficient external support to complete the Ph. D.

Do applicant favor applicants with an M.

The university admissions committee takes into account differences in educational preparation and is looking for both demonstrated achievement and future promise.

Usually by March 1 offers of admission have gone out to the top applicants. Across the country, the strongest applicants, at least as perceived by philosophy departments, will have received a number of offers from which they must choose.

Baylor UniversityRanked 71 in Best National University.

Admissions Process

College description: The Baylor English Department has long held significant strengths in the study of literature and religion, particularly in, but not limited to, Christianity. You may list the certificate on your C.V. There are a total of 11 courses required: 10 seminars in English, and 1 Religion seminar taught in the Religion Dept.

The Religion Department’s Graduate Admissions Committee chaired by the department’s Director of Graduate Studies carefully reviews all applications. Among many factors considered by the committee are scope and quality of foundational work, grade-point averages, GRE scores, foreign language competency, career goals, and letters of reference. The committee begins selecting applicants for interviews soon after that date. Applicants who have not taken the GRE should anticipate a period of at least four weeks from the date of the examination until receipt of scores by the University. Please note that GRE scores are valid only for five years.

The first step in the admissions process is to submit an application.

Applicants are encouraged to read "Tips for Applying"here before beginning the application process.

Applicants who intend to concentrate in the Old Testament area will benefit from having completed a minimum of twelve semester hours of Hebrew and six semester hours of Greek.

GRE scores submitted by the applicant are not official and therefore do not satisfy the requirement. Please scores are required for ALL sections of the GRE

The TOEFL is required for all international applicants unless they have completed a bachelor's degree from an accredited the students. This requirement does not apply to non-international applicants.

A transcript must be submitted for each academic institution attended by the applicant. If an applicant receives an offer of admission from Baylor University, admission is contingent upon receipt of official transcripts from each academic institution attended by the applicant.

The autobiographical essay may be submitted online as part of the online application process.

A statement concerning their area of specialization to which applicant are applying

, do not submit an Old Testament paper if applicant are applying to Historical Studies).

Brown UniversityRanked 16 in Best National University.


College description: The Religious Studies maintains exceptional strength in the study of religion in antiquity, Asian religions, modern religious thought and the theoretical study of religion. The Religious Studies offers graduate study in four areas: Asian Religious Traditions, Religion and Critical Thought, Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean and Islam.

Moreover, the Open Masters Program allows students to apply to pursue an MA degree in another discipline while pursuing a Ph. D. Students may also apply for extra support from the University’s Cogut Humanities Center.

The Department offers admission in the fall only for its Ph. D. Applicants must submit official transcripts, three letters of recommendation, official GRE scores , and a sample of philosophical writing.

Within seven semesters of full-time or equivalent residency at Brown, the student must gain admission to Ph. D. Admission to candidacy is granted after satisfaction of the preliminary evaluation and distribution requirements and upon approval of a dissertation prospectus by a dissertation committee.

The Director of Graduate Studies is responsible only for the Graduate Program, and plays no role in the admissions process.

Applicants must submit official transcripts, three letters of recommendation, official GRE scores (no advanced subject test is required), and a sample of philosophical writing.

Mount Saint Joseph UniversityRanked 61 in Best Regional University in Midwest.

Religious Studies Graduate Program

College description: Mount St. Joseph University’s graduate program in religious studies is designed to impart a deeper understanding of spiritual caregiving and its relationship to one’s own religious heritage and spirituality, as well as the religious and cultural heritage of those served. The graduate program in spirituality and wellness is built upon 35 years of expertise in ministry education with the Religious and Pastoral Studies Department.

Entrance examinations, including the GRE, are not required for the Master of Arts in Religious Studies.

The Mount Ministry Tuition Grant is available to any student enrolled in the Religious Studies Graduate Program, who is a paid or volunteer minister serving in a congregation, hospital, health care facility, social service agency, diocese, or educational institution. This grant reduces tuition during the summer semester to $300 per credit hour, and tuition in all other semesters to $350 per credit hour.

University of KansasRanked 106 in Best National University.


College description: We admit a select group of students to our M.A. You may use the Graduate Check Sheet (PDF) to track your progress during the application process. English Proficiency: If an applicant is not a native speaker of English, they must verify their English proficiency.

Apply to the graduate program via the Office of Graduate Studies online application system.

However, applicants who wish to be considered for financial support through fellowships and GTA appointments should anticipate beginning graduate studies in the Fall semester and must submit application materials by the following deadlines.

In addition to the application form, application fee, letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc.

A Brief Personal Statement of Academic Goals

Applicants who indicate English is not their native language: Proof of English proficiency, as required by the Office of Graduate Studies.

More information regarding transcript and letter of recommendation requirements is available on the Graduate Studies Application Process page.

The Department of Philosophy Committee on Recruitment, Admission, and Awards requires applications include all supplemental materials prior to review.

GRE is not required, though the department will consider GRE scores if submitted with application materials

Pacific UniversityRanked 25 in Best Regional University in West Coast).

Clinical Psychology PhD

College description: Contemplate one of the central ways that human beings comprehend their world with open dialogue on faith and religion. Students are taught study religion in a safe place that encourages open discussion, regardless of views.

How to Apply | Clinical Psychology PhD

Recommended essay length: No more than one page typed and double spaced

The GPA calculation form is a required part of their application and needs to be fully completed.

Graduate Admissions 190 SE 8th Ave.

Satisfactory completion of a bachelor's degree

All applicants must submit GRE scores. Student's with a Master's degree can apply for a GRE waiver, but must understand that such a waiver can be denied. A request to complete the GRE may be a contingency of acceptance should it be determined by the PhD Admissions Committee.

The General Graduate Record Examination must be taken within five years prior to application

Official transcripts from all previous institutions attended

PhD applicant evaluation forms and letters of recommendation from two references—This process is now built into the electronic application.

Completed essay questions

Completed GPA calculations

In choosing students for admission, the university look for individuals who have experience in research (e.

A personal interview is required for all finalists who apply to the program.

Applicants are advised that Pacific University requires criminal background checks. This background check is required to determine students' qualification to provide services; it takes place after admission and deposit.

Majors & MinorsMaster of Business Administration

Majors & MinorsTeaching & English Language Learning Master of Arts in Teaching Master of Arts in Education Master of Education Visual Function in Learning Speech-Language Pathology Communication Sciences & Disorders

Applied Psychology Athletic Training Audiology Clinical Psychology Clinical Psychology Dental Hygiene Education & Leadership Health Science Healthcare Administration Gerontology Occupational Therapy Pharmacy Physical Therapy Physician Assistant Studies

Optometry Applied Vision Science Visual Science Vision Science Vision Science Visual Function in Learning

The General Graduate Record Examination (GRE) must be taken within five years prior to application The school code for Pacific University is R4601; there is no department code The Psychology Subject Test is not required Official transcripts from all previous institutions attended CV (Upload within online application) PhD applicant evaluation forms and letters of recommendation from two references—This process is now built into the electronic application.

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