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Masters programs in Slavic Studies which do not require GRE - Updated 2022

Boston College: Students must have a working familiarity with Russian, including practical abilities, before beginning degree candidacy.

Masters programs in Slavic Studies which do not require GRE - Updated 2020

Boston CollegeRanked 31 in Best National University.

Slavic Eastern Languages and Literatures

An integrative area-studies degree administered by the Department of Slavic and Eastern Languages with the cooperation of the Center for East Europe, Russia and Asia

Students must have a working familiarity with Russian, including practical abilities, before beginning degree candidacy. Students concentrating in early Slavic should also be prepared to work with Latin and Classical Greek. The Department expects students to have sufficient background to work successfully in graduate-level courses from other departments associated with their degree program.

A student may apply up to two courses from advanced work at other universities or research institutes if this work has not been previously applied to another degree.

University of ChicagoRanked 4 in Best National University.

Center for Middle Eastern Studies

The University of Chicago does not require a minimum GRE score for admission nor do University of Chicago provides statistics on the GRE scores for admitted students. The university will accept GRE scores that are less than 5 years old.

These merit based financial aid awards for Masters Degree students vary from half to a third tuition, depending on the applicant’s prior academic performance.

However, once accepted to any degree granting program at the University of Chicago, only 3 courses can be applied toward the degree. In the past, students in the university program have chosen this path to begin taking required courses for the M.A. degree in Middle Eastern Studies prior to being accepted to the university program.

Northwestern UniversityRanked 13 in Best National University.


The Northwestern University does NOT require the GRE from the university applicants.

They can provide official transcripts verifying a graduate degree from an accredited institution where the language of instruction was English.

University of California-BerkeleyRanked 20 in Best National University.

Applying for the Graduate Program in South Southeast Asian Studies

While the university can accept letters of recommendation and GRE and TOEFL scores after the deadline for applications, please keep in mind that letters and scores arriving after January 7 may not be part of the application consideration process.

New York UniversityRanked 32 in Best National University.

For Graduate Students

As a matter of fact, if applicant are considering the Ph.D. as their degree goal, applicant should specifically apply for admission to the Ph.D. program by checking the Ph.D. option on their application form.

The GRE general test is not required. Please do not send us GRE test scores.

NYU will accept the M.A. or equivalent degree from an accredited university in the US or abroad.

This means that students entering the program with outside M.A. degrees must earn all 40 points of remaining coursework in residence at NYU.

Eight courses are required for the M.A. Ten additional courses are required for the Ph.D.

All students admitted to the Ph.D. program receive financial aid in the form of multi-year fellowships that are renewable annually for up to 5 years, based on the recipient's academic performance and progress toward the degree.

Case Western Reserve UniversityRanked 38 in Best National University.

Non-Degree Students

Non-Degree Application - Submit their transcripts

The Case Western Reserve University is unable to deliver an admission letter without having their official transcripts on file from their highest degree earned.

If applicant are looking to take courses now and transfer them to a degree program later, check with the department applicant intend to apply to.

Anyone wishing to take non-degree courses should apply through the online application system and pay the $50 non-refundable application fee.

Case Western Reserve University employees do not need to submit degree verification and their application fee is waived.

As a non degree student, are only taking a few courses and are not part of any specific program.

On the application, under Personal Data choose Applicant Type: Non-Degree.

Graduate certificate in Clinical Research Non-degree applicants

On the application, under Personal Data choose Non Degree Applicant Type: Non-Degree.

No language scores, GRE, letters of recommendation or transcripts are required.

Solidify language skills and gain experience in reading large quantities of Greek and/or Latin at an advanced speed.

Two Letters of Recommendation are required.

GRE scores can be considered but are not required, applicant can submit those through ETS.

This will ensure that courses taken as non-degree students will satisfy departmental requirements.

Students should not assume that entering as a non-degree will later grant admission to any graduate degree program, or that all coursework will transfer into a program.

The term of the earliest approved, transferred course will establish the date of entrance into the degree program. Courses transferred from non-degree status must have been taken within five years of the first term of matriculation as a degree-seeking student and passed with a grade of B or better.

Students considering continuing into a degree program need to have completed a minimum matriculation of two semesters and six semester hours of coursework.

Non-degree students are limited to 21 hours of coursework in one program.

Non-degree students are ineligible for federal financial aid.

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