No Minimum GRE for Admission to graduate programs in Architecture - Updated 2021

No Minimum GRE for Admission to graduate programs in Architecture - Updated 2021

University of Virginia-Main CampusRanked 23 in Best National University.


STEP 2: Create an Online Application.

Applicant can log in to their online application account as many times as needed to complete the requirements.

Their online application has a $75 non-refundable application fee; their application is not considered complete and reviewable until the payment is processed. Applicant may submit their application fee via credit card online.

Unofficial transcripts will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee and must be submitted as part of their application.

STATEMENT OF INTENT: Submit a statement identifying the topic of their intended research.

Recommendations are only accepted through the online application system.

Applicant can submit their application before their recommenders submit their recommendations. From their online application, select "RECOMMENDATIONS" on the left menu and follow the instructions provided.


GRE SCORES: applicant are required to take the general test of the Graduate Record Examination

Scores are accepted for GRE exams taken within five years of the application date.

Their application will be considered complete for committee review with the unofficial scores that applicant enter on their online application.

TOEFL or IELTS SCORES : All PhD students whose first or native language is not English are required to submit proof of language proficiency by submitting TOEFL or IELTS scores. Applicant will note this exemption on their online application.

TOEFL test scores should be forwarded directly from Educational Testing Services to the University of Virginia.

Scores are accepted for TOEFL or IELTS exams within two years of the application date.

TOEFL : 600 or higher

TOEFL : 250 or higher

TOEFL : 90 or higher

Portfolio are submitted electronically as part of the online application.

Architecture graduate programs at University of Virginia-Main Campus

GRE score required at University of Virginia-Main Campus master's degree programs in Architecture

University of Michigan-Ann ArborRanked 29 in Best National University.

Master of Architecture

Statement of Purpose / CV: The statement is where applicant can distinguish yourself from other applicants. Their response should be 500-1000 words and clearly provide us with an opportunity to get to know applicant on a more personal level, beyond their GPA, test scores and courses.

Think of their resume as another opportunity to tell us about yourself.

Stick to the page and file size limits explained in the university application procedures.

The purpose of the studio courses is to explore the design process and the art of making, thereby solidifying an interest in architectural study, and to create work to include in the admissions portfolio.

The application fee is paid online, via credit card, before the application is submitted.

Please write a concise statement outlining their reasons for applying to Taubman College’s Master of Architecture degree.

Application processing time may increase if their file is incorrectly titled or if a cover page is not included.

Three letters of recommendation are required and should testify to their academic and professional capacity and promise.

The Graduate Record Examination is required of all applicants. GRE scores must be no older than five-years old to be valid. There is no minimum requirement for the GRE test.

If applicant have taken the GMAT or LSAT, the university can use those scores in place of the GRE.

All non-native English speakers must take either the TOEFL, or the IELTS. Taubman College does not admit students that have not met minimum score requirements.

The Test of English as a Foreign Language or Internet Based TOEFL is one of the approved English proficiency tests required of all non-native English speakers. TOEFL/IBT scores must be no older than two years old to be valid. The minimum requirements are: 100 IBT, 250 computer based, or 600 paper based. If applicant have taken the TOEFL exam and not achieved the minimum score applicant must continue to take the test until applicant achieve the minimum score to be considered for admission.

The minimum requirement for the IELTS test is 7.0. If applicant have taken the IELTS exam and have not achieved the minimum score, applicant must continue to take the test until applicant reach 7.0 to be considered for admission.

Admitted students that were required to take either the TOEFL or IELTS examination and achieved a minimum score, will also be required to participate in a one month intensive cultural and language immersion program called the Summer Institute for International Students that begins in early August. This will be a requirement regardless of their TOEFL or IELTS score.

The financial certification deadline is January 6.

All international students are required to submit financial certification as part of their application to show they have funding available to study in the USA.

Completed financial certification form with original signatures from the sponsor offering support and the proper boxes checked.

A bank statement showing the type of account, the exact balance of the account, and signed by a bank representative. The statement must also show the account holder's name; that name must match the name of the person offering support exactly.

Please be prepared to submit passport copies with their online application.

If applicable, please be prepared to submit copies of current visas with the online application.

If applicant believe that applicant should be granted in-state tuition, applicant should file an application for Resident Classification or an appeal with the Appeal Committee.

Applications will not be evaluated until all credentials have been received and the application fee has been paid.

Evidence of professional commitment and direction, including statement of purpose, resume, letters of recommendation, portfolio, etc.

GRE test scores / TOEFL test scores

Verify the application information applicant submitted, including, portfolio, test dates and scores, and letter of recommendation that are received.

Allow 5 business days, after creating their account, to verify that their application and materials have been received in Wolverine Access.

Checking the Status of their Application Online

Applicants can verify application data and status online approximately 10 – 15 days after their application is submitted.

Please allow 10-15 business days for their application status to update.

If applicant are admitted, applicant will be able to see that applicant have been recommended for admission by the Architecture Program via the online web application status. Any merit scholarship award decisions made by the Architecture Program will be noted in the letter of admission.

Further details are given in the admission letter.

Deadline for receiving their acceptance and enrollment deposit is April 15th.

Architecture graduate programs at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor GRE score and admission requirements for graduate programs in Landscape Design and Architecture

The University of Texas at AustinRanked 53 in Best National University.

Graduate Admissions

See the university application instructions for the application process and required materials.

It is an applicant's responsibility to ensure all required materials are submitted by the deadline.

The statement of purpose and letters of recommendation are also important to the university admissions committees.

There is no minimum GRE score requirement for admission. Test scores are considered with all other required application materials. Admission decisions are based on a holistic review of all application materials.

If applicant wish to be considered for admission, applicant must submit a complete application through the university official admissions process.

TA positions are filled through an application process each semester.

Architecture graduate programs at The University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin GRE score,GPA for masters degree in Landscape Design and Architecture

University of HoustonRanked 127 in Best National University.

Prospective Graduate Student

Students wishing to transfer into the Graduate Program from another institution should follow the same application steps as a “regular” applicant.

There is no minimum GRE score requirement for admission. Test scores are evaluated and taken into consideration along with all other required application materials. Admission offers are based on the merit of all application materials.

No additional application materials are necessary.

The College of Architecture and Design also has an annual scholarship application.

All applicants to graduate programs must submit official Graduate Record Exam results.

Letters of Recommendation are not required from references but may be submitted directly to the College of Architecture and Design if preferred by the recommender. A resume may be included in the portfolio.

The online application must be completed and submitted by January 1st. GRE test scores may be submitted until April 1st.

The Letter of Financial Backing is required for visa-processing purposes.

Incomplete files will be reviewed once all application materials are received.

No guarantees of admission are made before or at the time of application.

Applicant will need to repeat the application process with the exception of test scores. TOEFL scores are valid for 2 years after the test date; GRE scores are also valid for 2 years.

Architecture graduate programs at University of Houston

University of Houston GRE score and admission requirements for graduate programs in Landscape Design and Architecture

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