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No Minimum GRE for Admission to graduate programs in Chemical Engineering - Updated 2022

No Minimum GRE for Admission to graduate programs in Chemical Engineering - Updated 2021

Johns Hopkins UniversityRanked 12 in Best National University.

Chemical Biomolecular Engineering

College description: The Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate program at Hopkins is known for its national leadership in biomolecular research, supported by collaborations with the top-tier ranked Johns Hopkins medical institutions and the top-ranked Biomedical Engineering department.The TOEFL score can be waived if the applicant has received, or expects to receive, a B.S. or M.S. degree from an English-speaking country before starting a graduate program at Johns Hopkins.Payment may be made online via Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.The Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering will not be able to verify this information.If applicant are receiving a degree from a college or university in the United States, applicant do NOT need to provide a TOEFL score.

This includes a statement of purpose, official transcript, three letters of recommendation, and GRE scores. A minimum TOEFL score of 100 or IELTS score of 7.0 is required for applicants whose native language is not English.

Begin the online application by creating an account.

The Johns Hopkins University is able to accept recommendation letters using the Interfolio system.

Applicants are required to submit a statement of purpose through the online application.

Have their GRE scores sent through ETS

International Students Only: TOEFL score submission

A TOEFL score of 100 is required for international applicants from non-English speaking countries.

The TOEFL score can be waived if the applicant has received, or expects to receive, a B.S. or M.S. degree from an English-speaking country before starting a graduate program at Johns Hopkins.

Have application fee ready to submit

There are no minimum score requirements for GRE or GPA for an application to be considered. The Johns Hopkins University does have a minimum TOEFL score of 100 or IELTS score of 7.0.

While it is recommended that the new score arrive before the application submission deadline, the university will accept it after the deadline given a reasonable amount of time.

The TOEFL score requirement is enforced in most cases.

If applicant are receiving a degree from a college or university in the United States, applicant do NOT need to provide a TOEFL score.

No automatic notifications about application statuses will be provided until decisions are made.

Chemical Engineering graduate programs at Johns Hopkins University

GRE score required at Johns Hopkins University master's degree programs in Chemical Engineering

Iowa State UniversityRanked 106 in Best National University.

Chemical Engineering

College description: At ISU the Iowa State University is dedicated to their success as a graduate student.Area of Emphasis : Advanced and Nanostructured Materials Biorenewables Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Computational Fluid Dynamics Health Care Technology and Biomedical Engineering Renewable Energy.Degree only made for Fall term.

As a first step, Iowa State University has collected information on application requirements as well as links where applicant can find further information.

Chemical Engineering graduate programs at Iowa State University

GRE score required at Iowa State University master's degree programs in Chemical Engineering

University of ArizonaRanked 121 in Best National University.

Chemical Engineering (PHD) Graduate Program of Study at The University of Arizona

College description: The Chemical Engineering Program is designed to provide advanced work in a core of transport phenomena, thermodynamics and reaction engineering.This department’s environmental research contributes to the UA being one of the top ranked world programs in environmental science research.Graduates of this program most commonly obtain jobs in industry, government organizations, consulting, and continue on to advanced education to enter academia.Once students have completed 90 units and have a 3.30 or higher GPA, they may be accepted into the AMP. The graduate courses can double-count, serving both as electives for the BS degree and as core or elective courses for the MS. After completing the BS, student are then eligible to be fully accepted as MS degree students. In the fifth and final year, students focus on graduate course work and their thesis or project.

These items must be sent through the Graduate College online application.

Graduate College Application for either domestic or international students

Application processing fee: $85 for degree-seeking domestic students, $95 for international students and $45 for non-degree-seeking students

After their application is submitted, the university search/match system will attempt daily to match their test scores to their GradApp record. Please make sure the name on their tests matches the name on the application to avoid missing scores.

Required test: English Proficiency and GRE

The final deadline for fall applications is January 15. Final deadline for spring applications is June 30.

Chemical Engineering graduate programs at University of Arizona

GRE score required at University of Arizona master's degree programs in Chemical Engineering

Princeton UniversityRanked 1 in Best National University.

Chemical and Biological Engineering

College description: Linear ordinary differential equations spectrum and Green function matched asymptotic expansions partial differential equations and Green function for the Poisson, heat, and wave equations, with applications to selected problems in chemical, civil, and mechanical engineering.It explores the equilibrium properties of chemical systems under a wide range of conditions and applications to problems of a chemical engineering nature, with an emphasis on multicomponent mixtures and reactive systems.For QCB program students, quantitatively inclined molecular biology students, and physics, chemistry and engineering students interested in quantitative biology.The objective of this course is to introduce students to current techniques and challenges within the field of metabolic engineering.

To maximize their chances, prepare well in advance of the deadline and thoroughly review their materials before submitting them.

The deadline for submitting their application is December 1.

Statement of Financial Resources: for MSE and M.Eng.

Please submit a succinct statement of no more than 250 words.

The application period opens in early September.

Chemical Engineering graduate programs at Princeton University

Princeton University GRE score and admission requirements for graduate programs in Engineering

Stanford UniversityRanked 4 in Best National University.

Energy Resources Engineering

College description: Of and careers in chemical engineering opportunities to develop networks with working professionals.Mathematical methods applied to engineering problems using chemical engineering examples.An Exploration of Art Materials: The Intersection of Art and Science.There is growing interest in the intersection of art and science, whether from artists adapting technology to suit their visions or from scientists and engineers seeking to explain various visual effects. To take advantage of possible creative sparks at the art science interface, it is necessary for fuzzies and techies to have some knowledge of the language used by the other side. This interface will be explored through examining approaches used by an artist and an engineer in the context of the materials science of cultural objects. In addition, they will prepare one essay on the issues surrounding the intersection of art and science.Systems-level combination of chemical engineering concepts with biological principles. The production of protein pharmaceuticals as a paradigm to explore quantitative biochemistry and cellular physiology, the elemental stoichiometry of metabolism, recombinant DNA technology, synthetic biology and metabolic engineering, fermentation development and control, product isolation and purification, protein folding and formulation, and biobusiness and regulatory issues.Application of chemical engineering principles to the design of practical plants for the manufacture of chemicals and related materials.Unofficial transcript must document BSH status and at least 9 units of 190H research for a minimum of 3 quarters May be repeated for credit.For Chemical Engineering majors approved for B.S. with Honors research program.This course will expose students to interdisciplinary research questions and approaches that span chemistry, engineering, biology, and medicine.Open to seniors and graduate students interested in the creation of new ventures and entrepreneurship in engineering and science intensive industries such as chemical, energy, materials, bioengineering, environmental, clean-tech, pharmaceuticals, medical, and biotechnology.Of chemical engineering through discussion and engineering analysis of physical and chemical processes.Biology and chemistry fundamentals, genetic engineering, cell culture, protein production, pharmaceuticals, genomics, viruses, gene therapy, evolution, immunology, antibodies, vaccines, transgenic animals, cloning, stem cells, intellectual property, governmental regulations, and ethics.Emphasis on energy technologies where chemistry and engineering play key roles.Applied Mathematics in the Chemical and Biological Sciences.Chemistry and engineering are subjects that are ubiquitous around us.

The university department admits graduate students on the basis of their academic achievements, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, work experience and Graduate Records Examination scores. There are no minimum grade point averages or GRE scores: the admissions committee reviews each application carefully to determine the overall demonstrated and potential ability.

The GRE exam is required of all applicants, while the TOEFL is required of most international applicants whose first language is not English.

GRE scores can be no older than 5 years prior to their application.

TOEFL scores must be no older than 18 months prior to their application.

Please include a copy of their GRE scores with their application or note their scores in the electronic application.

Chemical Engineering graduate programs at Stanford University

GRE score required at Stanford University master's degree programs in Chemical Engineering

Vanderbilt UniversityRanked 16 in Best National University.

Biomedical Engineering

College description: Candidates for the Master of Science must complete 24 semester hours of graduate level coursesAn M.S. program for non-chemical engineering also exists at Vanderbilt. Graduates holding a B.S. in Science, Mathematics, and other engineering disciplines must demonstrate sufficient skill and knowledge in problem solving for placement into the core Chemical Engineering courses. In most cases, courses in Chemical Engineering are required.Candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy complete a minimum of 72 semester hours of work beyond the Bachelor degree. At least 24 of these hours are course work including 12 hours in required chemical and biomolecular engineering courses. Up to 24 hours of graduate course work with an equivalent A or B grade may be transferred to Vanderbilt and applied to the Ph.D.Following a year of core course work, students complete a written and oral departmental examination on the fundamentals that are presented in the chemical engineering core courses.Town hall March 28 on future academic capital projects focus on engineering, science.

The university admit students based on the holistic evaluation of their application, including their research interests.

This should be stated explicitly in the application on the "Statement of Purpose" page. If their grades or GRE scores do not reflect their ability, this should be explained in the "Statement of Purpose."

Applicant need to take the General Graduate Record Examination and enter the results on their application form (M. Students are not required to take the GRE examination). The official GRE scores will eventually be delivered to us, but applicant should also enter them on their application form. International applicants should also take the TOEFL exam and enter their results on the application form.

Do not ask a TA to write a letter. One letter can be from an employer or former employer.

Chemical Engineering graduate programs at Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University GRE score and admission requirements for graduate programs in Engineering

University of California-Los AngelesRanked 23 in Best National University.


College description: The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at UCLA prides itself on preparing its students for creative careers in industry, academia, and government.The field of chemical engineering traditionally lies at the nexus of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. This historical example demonstrates the profound impact made by the chemical engineering profession.

All application materials must be electronically received by the application completion deadline to be placed in that round.

If applicant do not feel the application adequately conveys such information, please supplement the form in whatever way applicant feel is appropriate.

Those items are part of the generic Graduate Division application and ARENOT required for the MFE program.

A nonrefundable application fee of $200 is required. The application fee is not refundable under any circumstances, regardless of the admission outcome.

Applicants must take either the GMAT or GRE. The GMAT or GRE score is valid for five years.

Applicant are required to take the Graduate Management Admission Test or Graduate Record Examinations for admission to the MFE program.

The GMAT or GRE test is valid for five years.

No minimum GRE/GMAT is required, and the Admissions Committee has the flexibility to consider all scores in the context of their overall academic preparation and management potential.

Please The Graduate Division requires three letters of recommendation for an application to be complete. In the first and last name spaces, applicant can type "3rd Letter." This will "trick" the system into thinking that the recommendation section of their application is complete, and it will allow applicant to submit their application if applicant have met all other requirements.

Applicants are required to submit two essays as part of the online application to the MFE program. The application essays help the Admissions Committee become acquainted with applicants as individuals, and they demonstrate an applicant's ability to write concisely and economically.

The essay topics can be found within the MFE Supplemental section of the Graduate Division online application.

If applicant have only held internship positions, applicant may list them on their resume, however, applicant must indicate that they were internships and report the start and end date of each one.

TOEFL or IELTS scores are required of all applicants whose native language is not English.

TOEFL test scores are valid for two years. Please note that applicant must sit for the ESLPE regardless of their score on the TOEFL, IELTS or any other English proficiency test.

Once an application is completed, the Admissions Committee may request an interview with a prospective student.

Chemical Engineering graduate programs at University of California-Los Angeles

University of California-Los Angeles GRE score,GPA for masters degree in Engineering

Carnegie Mellon UniversityRanked 25 in Best National University.

Information Networking Institute

College description: The Masters Degree programs in Chemical Engineering take advantage of the cutting-edge research and technology at CMU through project work and graduate-level courses. Graduates of the Master programs excel at numerical methods for solving engineering problems, computational fluid mechanics and transport, process simulation, and optimization.The Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering involves both course work and project work and the 144-unit degree is designed to be completed in four academic semesters. These projects are designed to provide students with exposure to a one of the sub-disciplines of Chemical Engineering that is a strength of the department Both degrees offer technical depth, an opportunity to develop the computational skills that CMU is known for.The Masters of Chemical Engineering is a 96-unit course work degree that is designed to be completed in two academic semesters.Examples include industries working with nanotechnology, coatings and pigments, pharmaceuticals, surfactant-based products, cosmetics, pulp and paper, ink, food science, environmental science, agricultural products, polymers advanced materials and biomaterials.The Carnegie Institute of Technology and Mellon College of Science jointly offer an interdisciplinary MS degree in the Colloids, Polymers and Surfaces.06-705 Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamicsor 09-611 Chemical Thermodynamics 09-603 Math Analysis for ChemistryThe Master of Science in Technology Ventures equips students with tools and skills to bring high tech ideas to market.In partnership with the Integrated Innovation Institute, the dual degree is a two-year bicoastal program that allows Master of Chemical Engineering students to also obtain a Master of Science in Technology Ventures.The Carnegie Mellon Energy Science, Technology and Policy program addresses this need with a professional engineering master’s degree that is based in engineering, aligned with new discoveries in science, attuned to sustainability and the environment, and informed by a broader perspective in economics and public policy.Engineering and Technology Innovation Management MS educates future engineering leaders by coupling technical education with frameworks to lead, foster, and manage technical innovation.

In the online application applicant will be given the option of choosing a first choice program and a second choice program. Applicants should only submit one application that indicates a first preference and an optional second preference.

During application reviews the admissions committee will consider their qualifications for the other INI program applicant've indicated.

Application to the university programs has consistently increased year after year. Admission is based on many factors including their academic record, GRE test scores, letters of recommendation, programming skills, and written and spoken English abilities. The university also consider any work/internship experience, research experience, publications, their essay responses, and all other information applicant submit in their online application.

The INI does not use a "formula" to rank applicants for acceptance, and thus there is no magic number in terms of GRE scores, GPA, etc. Any further evaluation must be undertaken by the admissions committee once a full application is available for review.

Please note that with the College of Engineering's online application, applicant must submit a separate application to apply to different College of Engineering programs.

If applicant are applying online, applicant must pay their application fee online with a credit card.

All applicants are required to submit their recommendations via the online application.

GRE scores may be retrieved from the Carnegie Mellon central database.

All non-native English speakers are required to provide a test of their ESL skills by taking the iBTTOEFL , or the IELTS

If the applicant has never taken the TOEFL, the INI may consider waiving the test if sufficient ESL skill is proven.

Only the GRE General Test is accepted. Neither the GMAT nor GRE Subject Tests are accepted for admission evaluation.

The INI has no published minimum score requirements.

As with the GRE, the INI has no published minimum score requirements for the TOEFL or IELTS. However, as a rough guideline, the INI looks for section scores of 25 and higher for the TOEFL and a total band score of 7.0 or higher for the IELTS.

The INI will not accept hard copies of transcripts as part of the application.

The amount of the assistance, if any, is determined by the admissions committee at the time of application review.

Chemical Engineering graduate programs at Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University GRE score and admission requirements for graduate programs in Engineering

University of Michigan-Ann ArborRanked 29 in Best National University.

Apply Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan

College description: Required pre-requisite: or Graduate

Ph.D. Applicants: December 1st

Once an application is submitted, the materials cannot be modified. Please review their application carefully before applicant submit it.

Three letters of recommendation from people best qualified to speak to their academic and research skills.

Admission typically requires a 3.5 GPA

The general GRE is required for the university Ph.D. program only.

Because the university focus is on academic and research potential, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor has no set minimum GRE scores.

The university accept scores that expire during the application process providing the application is submitted before the expiration date.

IBT TOEFL minimum overall score is 84

IELTS minimum overall score is 6.5

Chemical Engineering graduate programs at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

GRE score required at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor master's degree programs in Chemical Engineering

University of California-IrvineRanked 42 in Best National University.

GRE Score


The GRE test is required for ALL applicants, domestic or international.

There is no minimum GRE score required. The search committee reviews their GRE scores holistically.

GRE scores must be submitted electronically through ETS

GRE test results are not valid for more than five years from their test date.

Applicants should register for either the October or December test dates to ensure the timely receipt of their score results to be RECEIVED to the department by the given January 15th deadline.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to review the checklist on their application status page to confirm all documents are received.

Chemical Engineering graduate programs at University of California-Irvine

University of California-Irvine GRE score,GPA for masters degree in Engineering

University of Washington-Seattle CampusRanked 48 in Best National University.

Computer Science Engineering

College description: Get training in the latest tools and techniques in chemical science and technology.

There is no minimum GRE score. Note that the GRE computer science subject exam is no longer offered.

Only official TOEFL scores less than two years old will be accepted.

Chemical Engineering graduate programs at University of Washington-Seattle Campus

University of Washington-Seattle Campus GRE score,GPA for masters degree in Engineering

Purdue University-Main CampusRanked 62 in Best National University.

Purdue Polytechnic Institute

College description: The Chemical Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission ofABET.Chemical Engineering remains a premier source of well-educated, well-prepared chemical engineers, educating students using innovative technologies and fostering an environment that inspires leading-edge research.Chemical engineers rely on their knowledge of mathematics and science particularly chemistry to overcome technical problems in industry and society. Currently, chemical engineers demand among the highest salaries for college graduates with a bachelor’s degree.Research here is currently being conducted with polymers and materials, nanoscale science and engineering, fluid mechanics, catalyst design and engineering, sensors, biotechnology, and many others.Math Selective II Chemical Engineering Supplemental Selectives Credit Hours: 3.00 4.00.Chemical Engineering Supplemental Selectives Credit Hours: 3.00.Engineering Selective Chemical Engineering Supplemental Selectives Credit Hours: 3.00.Technical Selective Chemical Engineering Supplemental Selectives Credit Hours: 3.00.General Education Elective II Select from Supplemental List Credit Hours: 3.00.Students may take General Education Elective IV, V, and VI for a letter grade or pass no pass option.The student is ultimately responsible for knowing and completing all degree requirements.

Required -- Average of all scores in the upper 50th percentile, no minimum score has been set,

Required -- Average of all scores in the upper 50th percentile, no minimum score has been set.

Minimum Internet-Based Test Overall Score Required: 100 and no subscale score less than 22 for unconditional admit.

An alternative to the TOEFL, IELTS overall score of 7.5 or higher will be accepted as an unconditional admit.

An alternative to the TOEFL, scores of 58 or higher will be accepted

Additional documents are required to support the application.

While there is no absolute GRE standard for admission, the strong guideline is for students to be at the 50th percentile for admission

English Proficiency- International non-native speakers of English must achieve a TOEFL score of 550 or higher on the paper-based examination or 77 on the web-based examination.

Recommendation Letters– Minimum of Three, Objective Evaluation of student’s independent problem-solving, writing skills, analytical reasoning, and ability to work alone and in a team environment to produce valid research results.

The statement should describe their purpose for undertaking or continuing graduate study, their reasons for wanting to study at Purdue, and their professional plans, career goals, and research interests.

Resume- Provide a resume descriptive of their education, work history, significant skills and experiences as well as accomplishments.

Chemical Engineering graduate programs at Purdue University-Main Campus

GRE score required at Purdue University-Main Campus master's degree programs in Chemical Engineering

University of PortlandRanked 8 in Best Regional University in West Coast.


There is no minimum GPA or GRE score - the university take into account all pieces of the application, including work experience, recommendations, and the statement of goals

Assistantships are awarded as part of the application process.

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