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No Minimum GRE for Admission to graduate programs in Clinical Psychology - Updated 2022

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center:

Please send an official report from the Educational Testing Service of the applicant verbal, quantitative, and analytic GRE scores.

Georgia Southern University:

Grade Point Average : A GPA of 3.30

All applicants are required to submit current scores from the Graduate Record Exam General test.

Georgia Southern University has no minimum cutoff for scores on the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE.

FOR NON-PSYCHOLOGY MAJORS ONLY: In ADDITION to the GRE General test, applicants with degrees in other majors must submit scores for the GRE subtest in Psychology.

GRE, GPA requirements for admission to Clinical Psychology

Masters programs in Clinical Psychology which do not require GRE

University of Houston-Clear Lake

Clinical Psychology M.A. Program

College description: Learn psychological assessment and intervention with a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from University of Houston-Clear Lake. Rigorous coursework will provide you with contemporary knowledge and skills in evidence-based individual therapy, group therapy and psychological assessment. Clinical training will prepare you for a career in mental health. You can also pursue specialized study in behavioral medicine, anxiety disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and acceptance-based therapies, and behavioral parent training for childhood externalizing behaviors.

The admissions process happens once a year, beginning with the January deadline and finishing in mid-spring, after on-site applicant interviews. New cohorts typically begin in summer or fall, but not in spring.

Admitted students typically have had an undergraduate GPA of 3.4 or above and a combined Graduate Record Exam (GRE) score above 300. They typically have very strong letters of recommendation, usually from at least one or more professors or supervisors in a mental health-relevant setting. They often have some experience volunteering or working in a setting relevant to applied mental health services (e.g., crisis line, behavioral technician, domestic violence shelter, psychotherapy clinical trial, etc.) and often have worked a year or more in a psychological research lab. Overall, they tend to have a record that demonstrates productivity, reliability, and a passion for the field. Also, successful students are compassionate, intellectually curious, and have strong interpersonal skills.

The admissions committee evaluates all application materials. Ordinarily this includes the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), prior academic records, prior experiences in settings relevant to clinical work, prior experiences in psychology or mental health research, and letters of recommendation. Thus, if certain indicators of an applicant’s academic achievement and potential are not relative strengths (typical characteristics of students who are accepted), then it is important that other parts of the application indicate an extraordinary strength in some other area of performance (e.g., research experience, prior academic performance, clinical experience, and letters of recommendation).

There is no perfect predictor of graduate school success. The GRE is not perfect, but on average, it provides useful predictive information. It provides a single indicator on which an admissions committee can compare across applicants, which can be informative. Thus, an application without GRE scores would not allow for such comparison. Overall, the GRE is used as one indicator among several that are typically taken seriously during application review (GPA, relevant experiences, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose), as mentioned in #4 and #5 above. The program does not have a minimum GRE for an applicant to be considered for program admission.

Clinical Psychology graduate programs at University of Houston-Clear Lake

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