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No Minimum GRE for Admission to graduate programs in Learning Sciences - Updated 2022

No Minimum GRE for Admission to graduate programs in Learning Sciences - Updated 2021

Florida International University


Submit general GRE scores; although there is no minimum score requirement, applicants with an average percentile of 62 will be considered preferentially

University of Michigan-Ann ArborRanked 29 in Best National University.


College description: Enable lifelong, strong, inquiry-based science education for everyone in both formal and informal settings to improve the scientific understanding of all the university citizens.Promotes lifelong, rigorous education of science in formal and informal settings and ensuring that all students understand science in accordance with national standards. Encourages state and federal support for science education facilities and teacher education and training.

Admissions - Master of Arts in Educational Studies - Teaching and Learning

The university hope that assessing the program, preparing their application materials and interacting with the university community are helpful steps toward clarifying and pursuing their career goals.

The university invite applicant to view the application as a portfolio of evidence demonstrating the self reflection, research, consultation and planning applicant have already undertaken.

The following are pointers for preparing an application that highlights their strengths in these areas; please note that this is not an exhaustive or prescriptive list of criteria for a successful application.

The university encourage applicant to consider the most important piece of the application to be the Academic Statement of Purpose

Be sure to alert their recommenders that a letter of recommendation is required; filling out the recommendation form alone is not sufficient.

Items that demonstrate their potential for academic success may include the quality of thought and writing evidenced in the SOP; strong and specific endorsements in academic and professional letters of recommendation; past academic performance evidenced on academic transcripts; depth, breadth, and relevance of experience evidenced on the resume, and GRE scores.

Indications of their ability to contribute to the diversity of perspectives and experiences represented in the cohort can be included in many parts of the application, including but not limited to the Personal Statement. Whereas the SOP is primarily oriented to the future, the Personal Statement is more retrospective and serves as an opportunity to provide more context for their application.

This may be worked into the text of the Statement of Purpose itself or take the form of an addendum immediately following the final paragraph of the Statement of Purpose, in the same document.

Learning Sciences graduate programs at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

GRE score required at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor master's degree programs in Learning Sciences

University of ArizonaRanked 121 in Best National University.

Higher Education (PHD) Graduate Program of Study at The University of Arizona

The Graduate Record Exam is part of the holistic application review and therefore there is no minimum score.

Deadline: January 15

University of Arizona GRE score and admission requirements for graduate programs in Education and Teaching

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