No Minimum GRE for Admission to graduate programs in Medicine - Updated 2020

Upstate Medical University: Although there is no minimum acceptable score for either exam, candidates are expected to be within the 50th percentile.

Creighton University: Successful students will graduate with a master’s degree in Medical Sciences in August.This course of study is primarily designed for students who wish to continue to pursue a professional degree in medicine, dentistry, or another health care profession.While there is no minimum score requirement, MCAT of 500, GRE of 50%, or DAT of 50% is preferred.

GRE and GPA requirements for admission to Best Universities in MedicineMasters programs in Medicine which do not require GREOnline Masters in Medicine No GRE
No Minimum GRE for Admission to graduate programs in Medicine - Updated 2020

For admissions to masters degree program in Medicine at Best Universities, GRE, GPA requirements are

Online Masters in Medicine No GRE - Updated 2020Masters programs in Medicine which do not require GRE - Updated 2020

Creighton UniversityRanked 1 in Best Regional University in Midwest.

Medical Sciences

College description: Master of Investment Management and Financial AnalysisThe Master program in Medical Sciences is offered by the Biomedical Sciences in collaboration with the Departments of Medical Education and Medical Humanities. The program offers two tracks: the university historically-successful Clinical Anatomy and new Biomedical Sciences.All students must begin the program in August with a Foundations of Medicine course taken with the first-year medical students. Students have opportunities to dissect the entire body and engage in the analysis of medical cases.Students will choose a course of study between the university anatomy educator and biomedical sciences tracks that differ in the coursework during the spring.Successful students will graduate with a master’s degree in Medical Sciences in August.Develop and employ an ethical framework for evaluating issues in biology and medicine.Nurture professional development through a wide variety of interactions with medical and allied health professional as well as time dedicated to board prep or service.This course of study is primarily designed for students who wish to continue to pursue a professional degree in medicine, dentistry, or another health care profession. Graduates will also be prepared for careers in clinical anatomy education or biomedical science research.Applicants must be a citizen or permanent resident of the the students.S., must have earned at least a B.S. or B.A. with a strong science component, and must have attained at least a 3.0 grade point average.This five-week immersive course is taken with the first-year medical students and introduces the basics of medical cell and molecular biology.P: Graduate standing or Instructor Consent.Through multiple small-group discussions, this course aims to prepare health professionals to provide respectful, humane patient care and to address current ethical problems in health care.This course is for Master in Medical Sciences students and is held concurrent with a course on human neuroanatomy.Weekly discussions of the various cases will be held during which the pertinent anatomical correlations will be analyzed as will methods of best conveying to health sciences students the clinical information gained.Master in Medical Sciences students will have the opportunity to design and implement educational techniques appropriate for lecture, small group, and laboratory applications.This course will present students with an opportunity to acquire foundational skills necessary for research in a medically-related discipline.

During late November and early December, time is dedicated to board prep or service learning, depending on the individual student needs.Successful students will graduate with a master’s degree in Medical Sciences in August.Address personal learning gaps through critical, self-directed evaluation of scientific literature.This course of study is primarily designed for students who wish to continue to pursue a professional degree in medicine, dentistry, or another health care profession.While there is no minimum score requirement, MCAT of 500, GRE of 50%, or DAT of 50% is preferred.Students are required to complete a personal statement essay in which the applicant reflects on their motivation for admission to this program. In addition, students may wish to comment on significant fluctuations in their academic record that are not explained elsewhere in their application and/or include information such as unique hardships, challenges, or obstacles that may have influenced their educational pursuits.The university review applications starting April 1st, interview outstanding applicants soon thereafter, and promptly send out decisions. All applications must be complete by June 15th. Because the university class is filled on a rolling basis, the university strongly encourage prospective students to complete their applications and enroll as soon as possible. However, all unresolved applications are cancelled when the class fills.The course will use lecture, case discussion, and problem-based learning discussion to expose students to common pathologies and various specialty topics in preparation for the systems block.This course provides opportunities to experience day to day applications of gross anatomy in the clinical specialties of surgery, radiology, and pathology. Students will be expected to write a synopsis of each case and conduct the necessary literature research for a current relevant bibliography.Master's in Medical Sciences students will have the opportunity to design and implement educational techniques appropriate for lecture, small group, and laboratory applications.This course will present students with an opportunity to acquire foundational skills necessary for research in a medically-related discipline.

Upstate Medical University

Admission Requirements

College description: Students enter with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Upstate offers master’s and or doctoral degrees in Cardiovascular Perfusion, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant and Medical Technology.Behavior Analysts are licensed health-care professionals who provide therapeutic services for individuals with autism and related disorders.The university graduates consistently score higher than New York State and national average on first-time and ultimate passing rates on licensing exams.PAs have backgrounds in nursing, emergency medicine, the military, sports medicine, exercise physiology and other fields. The university students serve clinical rotations primarily in rural or medically underserved communities during the 12-month clinical phase of the 27-month program.

Minimum GPA of a 2.8 cumulative and prerequisite is required. Preference is given to GPA’s of 3.0 or better.Students may apply if prerequisite courses are in progress or planned to be completed by the time of matriculation.If English is not their first language, an official Test of English as a Foreign Language or International English Language Testing System score report must be submitted.Graduate Record Examination OR MCAT ExamAlthough there is no minimum acceptable score for either exam, candidates are expected to be within the 50th percentile. GRE or MCAT must be completed within five years of matriculation.Please note that it may take roughly 10-14 days for electronic GRE scores to be uploaded once the request has been made through ETS.Applications are reviewed on a rolling admission basis.While the Upstate Medical University does not require applicants have completed a perfusion observation as part of the application process, it's highly recommended.It is the responsibility of each student to confirm that a completed application is on file in the Office of Student Admissions.

Johns Hopkins UniversityRanked 12 in Best National University.

The Hopkins Sommer Scholars

College description: This interdisciplinary course allows applicant to explore the science underpinning human health and its related fields. The students will also explore the principles and practice of biomedical science, and how they are applied in research, policy and industry.In their third year applicant can choose from a range of specialist modules, each of which examines a global health problem, and applicant will also complete a final-yearproject. This can be an intensive research project, a placement, or a dissertation on a biomedical science-related topic.Applicant are able to transfer between the university two Medical Biosciences courses up to the Easter of their third year. There is no benefit in applying to than one Medical Biosciences course so applicant should only for one course.Alternatively, applicant can spend 14 weeks in a work placement inside or outside a research environment, or writing a literature review on a biomedical science-related topic and further engage in two very exciting modules in the areas of creative reflection, science communication and public engagement.Applicant can use the KIS to find out how this course compares in areas such as the proportion of time spent in timetabled teaching and independent study, how the course is assessed, student satisfaction and what the university graduates are doing six months after completing this course.If applicant are made an offer applicant will be required to achieve a pass in the practical endorsement in all science subjects that form part of the offer.An ATAS certificate is not required for overseas students who for this course.The university courses are designed to educate future leaders in research and industry, policy makers and science communicators.Medical Biosciences graduates may, for example, pursue careers as academic researchers, in technical and managerial industry roles, or as journalists and museum curators.

There is no separate application process for the Sommer Scholarship.The university recommend strongly that applicant make every effort to submit their completed application along with all the required supporting documents well before the deadline. Only completed applications can be reviewed, and only then can accepted students be considered for a Sommer Scholarship.The MPH Office will review their application.There are no set criteria such as minimum GRE scores, grade point averages, or letters of recommendation.Sommer Scholars have innate leadership skills in diverse areas including, but not necessarily limited to, public health.

Health Professions graduate programs at Johns Hopkins University

Pennsylvania State University-Main CampusRanked 48 in Best National University.

To Graduate Programs

College description: Penn State Brandywine Allied Health and Medical Sciences.The combination of a growing and aging community, the promise of wider health insurance options, and major advances in medical technologies bode well for students seeking careers in health-related fields. Penn State Brandywine offers prerequisites courses for students wishing to pursue a variety of careers in the Allied Health and Medical Science fields.Penn State Brandywine offers the prerequisite courses for Allied Health professional programs. Students take classes at Penn State Brandywine for two to four years and then transfer to an Allied Health program.Students may also pursue the Physician Assistant program and the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Thomas Jefferson University by earning completing their baccalaureate degree at Penn State Brandywine. Penn State Brandywine biology major with the physiology option, or the university psychology major with the science option are the best degree programs for students interested in PA and DPT.All students applying for these programs must have completed a four-year baccalaureate degree, including specific courses.

Now accepting applications for Fall 2020 enrollmentApplications are being accepted through January 12, 2020.Doctor of Philosophy Degree in HM Entrance RequirementsWhen applying, please be sure to provide all documents necessary for the application process.Therefore, there is no specific minimum or “cut-off” score for GPA, GRE and/or GMAT used during the evaluation process. Either GRE or GMAT scores are required; however, there is no preference for GRE or GMAT in the admission process.To be eligible for a university-wide fellowship, applicants must submit GRE scores.A minimum of one year work experience in the hospitality industryA written statement of objectives for undertaking graduate study, with an indication of desired career and research focusA Recent TOEFL score ; score of 550 minimum required. Penn State accepts the TOEFL iBT with a minimum score of 80 TOEFL scores are to be sent electronically to Penn State University.The applicant deadline is January 12 of any given year for the following fall semester. All credentials needed to complete the application file must be submitted by January 12 in order to be considered for admissions. Any applications received after the deadline date of January 12 will no longer be processed.Payment of the non-refundable graduate application fee;Submission of official TOEFL or IELTS scores for international applicants ; and,An applicant may apply to only one graduate degree program and campus at a time. If more than one degree application is submitted, only the most recently submitted application will be reviewed. Individuals who already hold a doctorate are discouraged from applying for a second doctoral degreeThree letters of referenceSubmit official copies of GRE or GMAT score

Health Professions graduate programs at Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus

Duquesne UniversityRanked 116 in Best National University.

Graduate Program

College description: The biology major is an ideal environment for students to begin their pre-medical and allied health development.A unique Molecular Biology Concentration that includes all of the pre-requisites for most health-related admissions.Access to Duquesne Pre-Medical and Health Professions specialized advising program.Biology Majors Success in Pre-Medical and Allied Health Admissions.Recent Biology majors from Duquesne have been very successful obtaining admissions to some of the best pre-health programs in the United States.

To be considered for admission, applicants to the graduate program must have earned an overall GPA of 3.0 or better in their previous academic studies.The department is no longer accepting post-baccalaureate applications.Application to Duquesne University's SLP program is a three step processFirst, applicants must complete the on-line centralized application by February 1st.Second, applicants must complete a free supplemental Duquesne University application. Please do not complete the supplemental application until after applicant have completed the CSDCAS application and have paid the required fees to CSDCAS. The supplemental application allows us to process the CSDCAS application.There is no minimum GRE requirement. Applications are reviewed holistically with GRE scores as one piece of information.The CSDCAS deadline for Duquesne University is February 1st. This is the last date when an applicant can submit their on-line application. If an applicant does not submit their on-line application prior to the deadline, they will not be able to apply to the university program. PLEASE NOTE that the CSDCAS deadline is for a "Completed" application. This includes all transcripts, letters of recommendation, and payments.First, students are required to submit adequate iBT TOEFL or IELTS scores during application to the SLP program.

Health Professions graduate programs at Duquesne University

Mary Baldwin UniversityRanked 49 in Best Regional University in South Coast.

OTD Admissions

Health Sciences and Medicine Living-Learning CommunityCollege Transcripts: A bachelor’s degree is required prior to enrollment. Their official transcripts from their degree-granting institution must be sent to Occupational Therapist Centralized Application Service If applicant are still taking prerequisite courses during the application cycle, applicant may submit their unofficial transcript, and proof of enrollment.Application: Applications will be accepted online through OTCAS .In addition to completing the OTCAS application, applicants must arrange for OTCAS to receive all of official transcripts and fees, as well as pay the program supplemental application fee, by August 25. Early decision candidates must take the GRE and request scores no later than August 1.Application Fee: In addition to the OTCAS fee, applicant will also need to submit a non-refundable supplemental fee of $45.GRE: applicant will need to request that their most current Graduate Education Examinations score be sent to us. GRE must have been taken within five years of application to the university program. There is no minimum GRE score.GP A minimum of 3.0 overall GPA is required. The university expect that most accepted students will surpass this minimum.Information on how to provide this information can be found on the OTCAS application form.Essay: The OTCAS application form will require a brief personal essay describing why applicant selected OT as a career and how an occupational therapy degree relates to their immediate and long-term professional goals.

Dominican UniversityRanked 19 in Best Regional University in Midwest.

Admission Requirements

College description: Master of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies.Be part of the solution to today’s health care challenges.For nearly a century, health care reformers have had a persistent goal: to serve patients at less cost.Physician assistants work to treat and prevent illness and injury under the supervision of medical doctors. Today, than 93,000 physician assistants are practicing medicine in the the students.S. The number is projected to grow to 120,000 within a decade.In the classroom and in clinical settings, applicant will prepare to play a vital role in positively transforming the way the university nation provides health care. The university distinctive, relationship-centered approach to graduate education means applicant will gain not only professional skills but also a greater understanding of team dynamics, ethical issues and the unique needs of the individuals in their care.The university program is designed to give applicant maximum professional flexibility—preparing applicant to thrive in fields as diverse as research, emergency medicine, women’s health, and surgery and its subspecialties. The program will provide applicant with the capacity to respond effectively to both current and emerging health care needs.Today, physician assistants are key players in the university society’s efforts to deliver high-quality health care to every person who needs it.Physician Assistants work in just every medical setting.

Applicants must provide evidence of an earned bachelor’s degree from a the students.S. college or university that is regionally accredited prior to enrollment.Transfer Credit or Credit for Experiential LearningNo credit is granted for pre-admission experiential learning, prior coursework, degrees, certifications or advanced training.Apply for admission using the online Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants application.Minimum in science and overall: 3.00No minimum GRE score, however strength of GRE scores relative to the applicant pool will be considered as part of the admission process. The GRE must have been taken within five years of the application date. The application is not considered complete without reflecting official scores directly in CASPA.Volunteer or work experience with direct patient care in a healthcare setting: minimum of 1,000 hours. Verified documentation of experience must be uploaded with the CASPA application. The most competitive applicants have significantly greater than 1,000 hours of work experience, and this experience typically requires a period of training and results in direct involvement in patient care.Verified documentation of observation hours must be uploaded with the CASPA application.An additional writing sample is required by the Dominican University PA Studies Program through the CASPA Application portal. This essay involves a response to specific questions and can be viewed on the CASPA Application site under "Program Questions."The minimum technical standards establish the essential qualities considered necessary for students admitted to this program to achieve the knowledge, skills and competencies of an entry-level physician assistant. In the event an applicant is unable to fulfill these technical standards prior to or any time after admission, with or without reasonable accommodation, the student will not be allowed to enter or progress within the program.

Health Professions graduate programs at Dominican University

University of Southern Mississippi

Online Nutrition and Food Systems Degree

College description: M.S. in Medical Sciences, Health Outcomes and Implementation Science.Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, Health Outcomes and Implementation Science.The University of Florida’s Master of Science in Medical Sciences with a concentration in Health Outcomes and Implementation Science is a specialized degree designed to equip graduates with the skills and background knowledge necessary to be at the forefront of innovative health care research. Specifically, graduates will have a unique set of interdisciplinary skills in research design and execution that will make them highly marketable in the growing fields of health outcomes and implementation science research, translational science and prevention science.Gain skills in translational science and research methodology.Translate evidence-based treatments and programs into practice through dissemination and implementation science methodologies.Conduct research in the fields of implementation or prevention science.The on-campus master’s degree is ideal for traditional graduate students and medical professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in health science research or who would like to complement their clinical practice or other research interests with the ability to design, implement and interpret large-scale studies of health care programs and policies.Check out the Graduate Certificate in Implementation Science.A total of 25 credits earned during the master’s degree can be put toward the doctoral degree, if a student is admitted to the doctoral program.

The fully online Master of Science in Nutrition and Food Systems emphasizing Dietetics Practice enables students enrolled in a dietetic internship to complete half of their degree concurrently with supervised practice, while the remainder of the Online Nutrition and Food Systems Degree requirements can be completed fully online.With this dietetics program, students have the opportunity to earn a degree without stepping foot on campus. Let The University of Southern Mississippi help applicant get the degree applicant need to become a professional dietician.For further information regarding courses for this degree, see the University Bulletin. However, sufficient online options are available to complete this degree.A master’s degree alone does not allow one to work as a dietitian nutritionist.In addition to the coursework, students must also complete a dietetic internship that is integrated with the master’s degree.All coursework for this degree program is delivered in an online format.The department will process the application and inform students of their admission statusIf admitted under regular admission, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA and have no more than 2 grades lower than or equal to a C+ during their graduate courseworkAdditionally, Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA and have no more than 2 grades lower than or equal to a C+ during their graduate coursework

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