No Minimum GRE for Admission to graduate programs in Sport and Fitness Management - Updated 2020

No Minimum GRE for Admission to graduate programs in Sport and Fitness Management - Updated 2020

For admissions to masters degree program in Sport and Fitness Management at Best Universities, GRE, GPA requirements are

Online Masters in Sport and Fitness Management No GRE - Updated 2020Masters programs in Sport and Fitness Management which do not require GRE - Updated 2020

University of Massachusetts-AmherstRanked 76 in Best National University.

Sport Management Admissions Guide

College description: Students in Isenberg’s PhD program in sport management are interested in the convergence of sport and business. From uncovering the unique characteristics of sport monopolies to understanding brand management as it relates to fan behavior, students find their research niche at Isenberg as they become leading academics and scholars the field.The sport industry has rapidly developed into a thriving $200 billion business, driving demand for sport business-trained professionals and pioneering academic research. There are exceptional opportunities for aspiring academics with a passion for sport.McCormack Sport Management, a leader in the field for 40 years, with Isenberg, the university can now simultaneously provide students with PhD-level training in sport and business management.Strong ties to sport industry leaders who can be utilized for research.The university graduates enjoy marketability as both published researchers and seasoned educators.Isenberg’s PhD in sport management is a full-time, residential program that prepares students for careers in academia. Students receive broad training in research methods and learn to advanced business understanding to sport subject matter.Students generally complete a PhD in Sport Management within 4-5 years.Theory and Research in Sport Organizational Behavior and Sport Strategic Management.Theory and Research in Sport Law and Sports Economics.YEAR 1: Coursework, including statistics, research methods and sports management core courses Qualifying exam.

The university MBA/MS and MS programs combined typically receive between 100-125 applications per year.There have been a number of graduates from various countriesHowever, the average GPA of applicants who are accepted to the university program is approximately a 3.4. Although there is no specific minimum for a GMAT or GRE score, the average GMAT is 590 for the MS class and the average GMAT is 650 for the MBA/MS class. If applicant have not yet taken either exam, the GMAT is preferred.The personal statement by the candidate should be very clearly constructed and presented. This is a very significant part of the application process. It should also include a highlight of traits, skills, and past athletic and work experiences that are relevant to their applications.The department requires a minimum of two letters of recommendation. Up to four letters are accepted. For applicants with professional work experience, letters of recommendation from both professional and educational sources are preferred.Applicant may take the GMAT or the GRE's.However, the university strongly prefer the GMAT because it is a better predictor for a business program.After reviewing applications, selected candidates are invited for a two-day on-campus interview.Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and the university strongly encourage completed applications be submitted well in advance of the deadline.

Parks, Recreation, Leisure And Fitness Studies graduate programs at University of Massachusetts-Amherst

GRE score required at University of Massachusetts-Amherst master's degree programs in Sport and Fitness Management

Duquesne UniversityRanked 116 in Best National University.

Graduate Program

To be considered for admission, applicants to the graduate program must have earned an overall GPA of 3.0 or better in their previous academic studies.The department is no longer accepting post-baccalaureate applications.Application to Duquesne University's SLP program is a three step processFirst, applicants must complete the on-line centralized application by February 1st.Second, applicants must complete a free supplemental Duquesne University application. Please do not complete the supplemental application until after applicant have completed the CSDCAS application and have paid the required fees to CSDCAS. The supplemental application allows us to process the CSDCAS application.There is no minimum GRE requirement. Applications are reviewed holistically with GRE scores as one piece of information.The CSDCAS deadline for Duquesne University is February 1st. This is the last date when an applicant can submit their on-line application. If an applicant does not submit their on-line application prior to the deadline, they will not be able to apply to the university program. PLEASE NOTE that the CSDCAS deadline is for a "Completed" application. This includes all transcripts, letters of recommendation, and payments.First, students are required to submit adequate iBT TOEFL or IELTS scores during application to the SLP program.

Mary Baldwin UniversityRanked 49 in Best Regional University in South Coast.

OTD Admissions

Health Sciences and Medicine Living-Learning CommunityCollege Transcripts: A bachelor’s degree is required prior to enrollment. Their official transcripts from their degree-granting institution must be sent to Occupational Therapist Centralized Application Service If applicant are still taking prerequisite courses during the application cycle, applicant may submit their unofficial transcript, and proof of enrollment.Application: Applications will be accepted online through OTCAS .In addition to completing the OTCAS application, applicants must arrange for OTCAS to receive all of official transcripts and fees, as well as pay the program supplemental application fee, by August 25. Early decision candidates must take the GRE and request scores no later than August 1.Application Fee: In addition to the OTCAS fee, applicant will also need to submit a non-refundable supplemental fee of $45.GRE: applicant will need to request that their most current Graduate Education Examinations score be sent to us. GRE must have been taken within five years of application to the university program. There is no minimum GRE score.GP A minimum of 3.0 overall GPA is required. The university expect that most accepted students will surpass this minimum.Information on how to provide this information can be found on the OTCAS application form.Essay: The OTCAS application form will require a brief personal essay describing why applicant selected OT as a career and how an occupational therapy degree relates to their immediate and long-term professional goals.

Dominican UniversityRanked 19 in Best Regional University in Midwest.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must provide evidence of an earned bachelor’s degree from a the students.S. college or university that is regionally accredited prior to enrollment.Transfer Credit or Credit for Experiential LearningNo credit is granted for pre-admission experiential learning, prior coursework, degrees, certifications or advanced training.Apply for admission using the online Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants application.Minimum in science and overall: 3.00No minimum GRE score, however strength of GRE scores relative to the applicant pool will be considered as part of the admission process. The GRE must have been taken within five years of the application date. The application is not considered complete without reflecting official scores directly in CASPA.Volunteer or work experience with direct patient care in a healthcare setting: minimum of 1,000 hours. Verified documentation of experience must be uploaded with the CASPA application. The most competitive applicants have significantly greater than 1,000 hours of work experience, and this experience typically requires a period of training and results in direct involvement in patient care.Verified documentation of observation hours must be uploaded with the CASPA application.An additional writing sample is required by the Dominican University PA Studies Program through the CASPA Application portal. This essay involves a response to specific questions and can be viewed on the CASPA Application site under "Program Questions."The minimum technical standards establish the essential qualities considered necessary for students admitted to this program to achieve the knowledge, skills and competencies of an entry-level physician assistant. In the event an applicant is unable to fulfill these technical standards prior to or any time after admission, with or without reasonable accommodation, the student will not be allowed to enter or progress within the program.

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