No GRE/GMAT Online Master’s Program in Public Health

New York University: Official GRE scores taken within the past 5 years.

University of Nebraska Medical Center: The GRE requirement for the MPH program Fall 2021 application has been suspended.Official Graduate Record Examination scores taken within the last five years are required of all applicants.Applicants to the UNMC College of Public Health MPH Program may request a waiver from the GRE if they fulfill at least one of the following criteri .Applicants are advised that the GRE waiver is not automatic and an approved GRE Waiver application does not guarantee later acceptance into the program.

127 universities offer online Master's in Public Health. Out of these, 6 universities do not require GRE for the admission to online Masters program. To view all the schools that do not require GRE/GMAT for the online Master's, use Match Me Masters.

Yale University logo
Ranked as:  #3 in Best National University
Tuition:  $44,500 per year
State:  Connecticut
Acceptance:  6.53%

The online Master of Public Health (MPH) program at Yale University offers a distinctive and enriching educational journey tailored to meet the needs of working health professionals. This program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of public health principles, coupled with focused leadership and management training, to address contemporary health challenges effectively.

The features of the online MPH program at Yale University are:

  • The program delivers the majority of coursework online, enabling students to manage their studies alongside professional commitments. Interactive online modules facilitate engagement with course materials, peer collaboration, and interaction with faculty members.
  • In-person management and leadership training sessions take place on the Yale campus. These sessions provide invaluable opportunities for students to enhance their leadership skills, build networks with peers and faculty, and participate in hands-on learning experiences.
  • The curriculum encompasses a wide array of public health topics, including epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, health policy, and global health. Students acquire a robust foundation in public health theory and practice, equipping them to tackle complex health challenges across various settings.
  • The program offers specialized knowledge in critical areas of health promotion and disease prevention. Students can tailor their studies to focus on specific interests such as infectious disease control, health disparities, community health, or healthcare management.
  • A notable aspect of the program is the year-long integrative experience. During this period, students apply their acquired knowledge and skills to address real-world public health issues. Under the guidance of faculty mentors, students design, implement, and evaluate public health interventions, gaining practical experience and making significant contributions to the field.

Online Master of Public Health - No GRE Required

Students must have completed their undergraduate degree or will have completed it prior to their intended matriculation date at Yale.

Admission requirements include a statement of academic purpose, unofficial transcripts, three letters of recommendation, a resume/CV, and a writing sample.

GRE is not required for Online Master of Public Health offered by Yale University.

Online Master of Public Health - Yale School of Public Health
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  • GRE Required:  No
  • Research Assistantships:  1565
  • Teaching Assistantships:  1598
  • Financial Aid: Register to view the details
Dartmouth College logo
Ranked as:  #12 in Best National University
Tuition:  $58,120 per year
State:  New Hampshire
Acceptance:  9.22%

The Dartmouth Online/On-Campus Hybrid Master of Public Health program offers numerous benefits to advance careers and make a meaningful impact on health and healthcare. Catering to working professionals, the 22-month program allows pursuing an MPH with minimal job disruption. The low-residency format combines online coursework with brief on-campus periods, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Working closely with a diverse group of peers from various healthcare backgrounds, including physicians, nurses, researchers, and administrators, students engage in transformative learning experiences. The program's 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio provides direct access to world-renowned faculty known for their innovative contributions to the healthcare industry.

Structured with one course at a time, students dedicate 15-20 hours per week to online work and attend three weeks per year on the Dartmouth campus. The program encompasses case studies, problem sets, virtual classes, and video lectures, delving into essential topics like epidemiology, biostatistics, and health care ethics. Moreover, mentored by a Dartmouth faculty member, students undertake a practicum project, offering hands-on experience in areas like quality improvement or policy analysis.

Notably, the program fosters a robust professional network that aids students in achieving their career and academic goals. With optional GRE scores and a total cost of $71,400, the program ensures accessibility and accommodates diverse student profiles. Overall, the Dartmouth Hybrid MPH program empowers passionate individuals to lead transformative change in healthcare, providing the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in diverse roles within the field.

Online/On-Campus Hybrid Master of Public Health - GRE Optional

Admission requirements for Hybrid Master of Public Health are as follows:

  • 1. Personal Statement
  • 2. Two Letters of Recommendation
  • 3. Resume or CV
  • 4. Official Academic Transcripts
  • 5. Standardized Test Scores (optional)
  • 6. Application Fee

Note - GRE score is optional

Hybrid Master of Public Health
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  • GRE Required:  No
  • Research Assistantships:  273
  • Teaching Assistantships:  345
  • Financial Aid: Register to view the details
Brown University logo
Ranked as:  #13 in Best National University
Tuition:  $60,363 per year
State:  Rhode Island
Acceptance:  7.67%

An online Master of Public Health (MPH) is available to help develop today's rising public health leaders and equip them with essential analytical capabilities, knowledge gleaned from evidence-based research, and communication and leadership abilities that are necessary for tackling global public health problems. This program is created to provide future generations with all of these important skills.

The online MPH degree program is designed to provide flexibility for non-traditional adult learners, working professionals, and international students so they can complete their studies as quickly as possible; finishing the requirements in just 24 months. It fuses both asynchronous and synchronous components into the course design, allowing pupils to interact with instructors on a regular basis in order to further their understanding of the subject matter. The ideal student profile for this program comprises people who have had at least two years of professional experience and are either striving to hone their public health capabilities or seeking a new career path in this profession.

In order to properly address health-related issues, it is vital to provide students with the training they need. Thus, our program offers a comprehensive approach that equips them with methodological data tools such as biostatistics, survey methods, and qualitative methods. All of these allow for a critical analysis of a population’s health condition and effective interventions leading to better physical and mental well-being and disease and disability prevention. Additionally, leadership training will provide useful strategies to help motivate, influence, and inspire others in terms of being involved in their associated communities and organizations. Therefore, we also focus on teaching the communication skills required to effectively inform people about evidence-based science so that changes may be produced in society. By combining courses with practical experiences, participants are given an excellent opportunity for connecting theory with reality.

Brown University offers comprehensive student support to its MPH program students, offering career guidance and helping them complete all necessary requirements within a timely manner. In addition, those enrolled in online courses have access to many of the same resources available for on-campus students. This includes library/information services; English language support and Writing Center from Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning; Student Accessibility Services; telehealth services; and technical assistance with registration, Brown e-mail, Canvas, and other University-supported software.

Admission Requirements - Online Masters of Public Health - No GRE

In order to be admitted, prospective students must have a bachelor's degree and two years of professional experience. Brown's online generalist concentration is crafted for those who cannot come to Providence due to commitments such as family or work – this includes both domestic and international applicants.

  • Official transcripts
  • 3 Letters of Recommendations
  • Personal Statement
  • 2 years of work experience required
  • Resume/CV
  • Application Fee
  • GRE is not required for online MPH program.
Public Health, MPH (Online)
˅ More Details
  • GRE Required:  No
  • Research Assistantships:  507
  • Teaching Assistantships:  483
  • Financial Aid: Register to view the details
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Boston University logo
Ranked as:  #41 in Best National University
Tuition:  $57,666 per year
State:  Massachusetts
Acceptance:  20.09%

The Master of Public Health program at Boston University prepares students to influence change and transform lives. At BU, we share a commitment to public health as it affects people and societies, locally and globally. The university in-the-world approach translates into a revolutionary model of public health education that gives you the opportunity to investigate pressing challenges and develop productive solutions.

As a graduate of the 48-credit BU MPH, students will understand the complex interplay of the biological, social, economic, cultural, political, behavioral, and environmental factors that affect the health of populations. The practical education offers unparalleled insight into the complex world of public health, allowing the students to study this field in action and to step straight into your career after graduation.

Students can switch between part-time and full-time options. The hybrid option allows students to complete up to four of the core courses completely online. The executive MPH offers students with five or more years of professional experience a more streamlined degree.

Online Executive MPH Degree SPH

Design and evaluate a community needs assessment or a community-engaged study and make recommendations for integrating multiple sources of evidence and community collaboration.

Apply analytic methods to evaluate the impact of public health programs.

Eligible candidates for admission must also have a minimum of five years of health-related work experience.

Master of Public Health (MPH) Online Degree
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  • GRE Required:  No
  • Research Assistantships:  Register to view the details
  • Teaching Assistantships:  Register to view the details
  • Financial Aid: Register to view the details
Purdue University-Main Campus logo
Ranked as:  #51 in Best National University
Tuition:  $28,794 per year
State:  Indiana
Acceptance:  67.15%

The program is designed for professionals who are interested in identifying and enacting public health solutions locally, nationally and globally.

This robust program is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) — the nationally recognized accrediting body for both schools of public health and public health programs — and is backed by Purdue’s rich research expertise.

As a student, you’ll learn from an accomplished team of practitioners who provide training in science-based knowledge, empowering you to develop effective, evidence-based programs.

The online Master of Public Health curriculum includes a Family and Community Health concentration that focuses on issues related to the family unit. As the definition of “family” continues to evolve, and racial and economic disparities grow, demand will increase for public health professionals who can evaluate and address the changing dynamics affecting health and access to services.

Master of Public Health

The practicum will help applicant apply what applicant have learned in their classes to the real-world environment.

The GRE is no longer a requirement to be considered for admission. International students are still required to take the GRE however.

Master of Public Health Online
˅ More Details
  • GRE Required:  No
  • Research Assistantships:  Register to view the details
  • Teaching Assistantships:  Register to view the details
  • Financial Aid: Register to view the details
Baylor University logo
Ranked as:  #77 in Best National University
Tuition:  $36,936 per year
State:  Texas
Acceptance:  68.47%

By offering the service-oriented master’s in public health program online, Baylor University is providing principled professionals across the nation with an opportunity to address complex public health issues and directly help people in need in their own communities.

Part-time (24 months) and full-time (18 months) program tracks

Baylor’s MPH online program offers the same curriculum, high level of collaboration and peer engagement, and community service opportunities as our on-campus program. As an MPH@Baylor student, you will attend classes each week via the online campus, which facilitates face-to-face interaction between the students, their professors, and their peers, regardless of location.

MPH Admissions

The admissions standards for the online program are the same for the on-campus program.

There is No GRE requirement for this program.

The university admissions team accepts and reviews applications year-round on a rolling basis.

The university admissions team is available to answer any questions regarding application requirements however, they cannot accept submissions of application materials.

Applicants must submit official transcripts from all degree-bearing institutions they have attended.

If admitted to the program, applicant will need to provide official transcripts.

Transcripts submitted by enrolled or prospective students are considered unofficial documents, unless they are in an unopened, sealed envelope provided to applicant by the issuing university.

Applicants must submit three letters of recommendation from academic and professional references. Competitive applicants will have at least one recommendation letter submitted by an academic reference.

Their personal statement should also demonstrate a clear understanding of public and community health concepts, outline relevant career goals, and provide sufficient rationale for how obtaining an MPH will aid applicant in achieving these goals. Their personal statement should be 2-3 pages single-spaced.

Applicants who earned a degree from a university outside the United States must provide a WES-ICAP evaluation instead of a transcript.

Applicants whose native language is not English must submit TOEFL or IELTS scores with their applications.

Baylor’s Master of Public Health Online
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  • GRE Required:  No
  • Research Assistantships:  Register to view the details
  • Teaching Assistantships:  Register to view the details
  • Financial Aid: Register to view the details

What kind of scholarships are available for Online Master's Programs in Public Health?

We have 209 scholarships awarding up to $2,025,183 for Masters program in for Public Health, targeting diverse candidates and not restricted to state or school-based programs.

Scholarship nameAmountCredibility
Changemaker Scholarship for Masters Programs$5,775High
CastleBranch-GNSA Scholarship$2,500High
STEM Teacher Graduate Scholarships$2,500High
ABC Humane Wildlife Women In STEM Academic Scholarship$1,000High
GMiS STEM Scholarships$500High

Find scholarships and financial aid for Public Health graduate programs

$500 $20000

Do the universities which do not require GRE for admission to the Online Masters program in Public Health accredited?

All universities found on CollegeHippo that offer a No GRE Online Master's program in Public Health are accredited. There are many well-ranking and well-known universities offering Master's programs in Public Health.

Online Master's degree in Public Health is offered by 127 US universities. The tuition for the Master's degree can range from $6,218 per year at Indiana University-Bloomington to $79,260 at Johns Hopkins University.

Best Universities for Online Master's in Public Health

Is there a one year online Master's program in Public Health?

Most of the Nationally ranked accredited universities offer 2 years master’s program, some of the schools are offering 1-year and 18-month Online Master's degrees. If you are able to meet the credit requirements, you can finish an 18-month program in one year, making it a one-year program.

44 Universities offer an online Master's program within One Year - 18 months. The tuition for a Master's can range from $10,000 to $74,970.

Online Masters 1 year - 18 months in Public Health

How can I find the most affordable universities offering Online Masters programs in Public Health?

127 accredited universities offer an online Master's program in Public Health. The tuition for an online master's program ranges from $6,090 to $160,417.

Our promise is that we will help you find the accredited college for the online Master's at an affordable price tag. Use our Match me with Online Master's program to find the college that fits your needs and is affordable.

Affordable Online Master's program in Public Health

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