Online Masters in Public Policy Analysis No GRE

University of Southern California: Candidates must have a master’s degree in social work or related field, excellent and graduate academic records, participation in independent research and satisfactory scores on the Graduate Record ExaminationAll applicants must submit a Graduate Admission Application, statement of purpose, resume, transcripts from all and graduate institutions attended, four letters of recommendation, GRE and TOEFL scores , evidence of , PhD information form, PhD career plans and goals form, and scholarly writing sample.If applicant applied within the last two years and are satisfied with the materials applicant previously submitted, applicant have the option to use the previously submitted letters of recommendation, GRE scores, TOEFL scores and transcripts for their current application.Graduate Record Examination scores are required for all PhD applicants.Number of students admitted: 6-9 Average age: 29 Average GRE score: 308 Average graduate GP 3.92.

University of California-Los Angeles: Scores on the GRE General Test are used in combination with the GPA to help predict academic performance in the M.P.P. program.

30 universities offer online Master’s in Public Policy Analysis. Out of these, 2 universities do not require GRE for the admission to online Masters program. To view all the schools that do not require GRE/GMAT for the online Master's, use Match Me Masters.

Ranked as:  #18 in Best Regional University in Midwest
Tuition:  $22,648 per year
State:  Iowa
Acceptance:  78.88%

When you have completed the steps to admission and have been accepted into the program, the university will send you details and information about how to enroll in the first course. After you participate in the first term of courses in the cohort sequence, the Office of Continuing and Distance Education will notify you with enrollment details for the next term of courses as they become available. You are required to enroll in your courses each semester.

There are no entrance exam requirements for this program, which includes GRE scores also.

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  • GRE Required:  No
  • Research assistantships:  64
  • Teaching assistantships:  -
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Ranked as:  -
Tuition:  $33,288 per year
State:  Virginia
Acceptance:  95.41%
Public Policy Analysis Online Masters programs at Old Dominion University

Applications are accepted year-round for fall admission, with a July 1 deadline for completed applications. To apply, you will need:

1. A master's degree from a regionally-accredited institution or comparable foreign institution with a minimum 3.25 GPA (4.0 scale).

2. Three letters of recommendation from academic sources.

3. A professional resume.

4. A 3-6 page essay about your academic and professional goals and why you chose this program.

5. GRE/GMAT scores at 25th percentile for verbal and quant (taken within the last five years). A GRE waiver request is available here.

6. If your native language is not English and you do not have a U.S. graduate degree, a minimum score of 79 on the TOEFL, or 6.5 on the IELTS.

Public Policy Analysis Online Masters programs at Old Dominion University
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  • GRE Required:  No
  • Research assistantships:  356
  • Teaching assistantships:  411
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19 universities offer the Master's program in Public Policy Analysis. Which one best suits your need? We will help make you a decision.

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What kind of scholarships are available for Online Master's Programs in Public Policy Analysis?

We have 9 scholarships awarding up to $61,375 for Masters program in for Public Policy Analysis, targeting diverse candidates and not restricted to state or school-based programs.

Scholarship nameAmountCredibility
QS WM Social Responsibility Scholarship$10,000High
Fellowship for Serving African-American Communities$10,000Medium
Lincoln Institute 75 Fellowship for Ethics and Equity in Public Administration$5,000High
Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago Academic Scholarship$4,000Medium
Lex Hester Endowed Fellowship for Public Administration$1,500High

Find scholarships and financial aid for Public Policy Analysis graduate programs

$500 $20000

What is the Public Policy Analysis Masters Program?

Public Policy is an interdisciplinary program that connects economics, political science, philosophy, psychology, and law's theoretical and analytical tools with their real-world policy applications. A Public Policy Analysis masters program will teach you how to assess policy decisions using statistical data, economic methods, and ideas such as cost benefit analysis and case studies. The primary goal of public policy analysis is to determine how well policies achieve their objectives.

What does a Public Policy Analysis Masters degree deal with?

Analysis of public policy A master's degree entails examining public issues with the goal of giving facts and figures about the scope and impact of the government's varied policies. The application of social science theories and methodologies to study issues of public concern is known as public policy analysis.

What is the Role of a Public Policy Analyst?

Public policy analysts deal with some of society's most pressing challenges, such as crime, education, healthcare, and environmental difficulties. To examine a public policy, analysts start by gathering evidence that highlights the issue. Conducting surveys, getting expert opinions, and investigating specific situations relevant to the problem are all examples of this. The ramifications of new suggested policies are determined by public policy experts.

What can you do with a Masters degree in Public Policy Analysts?

Given their solid expertise in mathematics and economics, masters in public policy analysis can fill a variety of professions. You'll strengthen your organizing and decision-making capabilities as well as your critical thinking skills. Government lawyers, education administrators, government executives and lawmakers, community organizers and activists, public interest advocates, and public lawyers are among the job choices available to students earning a master's in public policy research. A job in public policy allows graduates to create and implement policies that benefit the general public. While pay in public policy careers will naturally reflect the realities of the sector and type of organization with which you work, you should be able to find a mix that drives you to make a difference.

Students who earn a master's degree in public policy analysis can work as an Economic Development Director, Executive Nonprofit Director, Human Resources Director, Public Affairs Director, Public Relations Consultant, Research Director, Budget Analyst, Human Resources Manager, Political Scientist, and other positions.

Public Policy Analysis is projected to grow 3 percent from 2016 to 2026, slower than average for all occupations. Median pay for Public Policy Analysis in 2018 was $114,290. The number of jobs were 6350.

What are the types of public policy Examples by Type?

There are four primary types of public policy: regulatory, constituent, distributive, and redistributive.

How long will it take to get a Masters degree in Public Policy Analysis?

A master's degree in public policy is often a two-year residential program that provides you with a comprehensive understanding of numerous governing options.

What is the difference between Political Science and Public Policy Analysis?

Political science is a broad social science topic that focuses on government systems and the research of political actions and behaviors. Public policy analysis is a discipline of political science that deals with public concerns and issues. To address those concerns, policymakers have an impact on legislation at the local, state, and federal levels.

What is the difference between Public Policy and Public Administration?

The standards that government institutions employ to organize their numerous programs and efforts are known as public policies. Public Administration focuses on how public administrators engage with government policy.

Are there Universities that don't require GRE for a Master's Program in Public Policy Analysis?

Many students look for universities that do not require the GRE for a variety of reasons. A list of accredited universities that do not require the GRE for admission to their Master's degree programs in Public Policy Analysis has been compiled by CollegeHippo.

Masters’ program in Public Policy Analysis: Are they hybrid or in-person?

Due to Covid 19, most universities have suspended the classes but they are running the classes online. As soon as the university reopens, you can attend the class in person.

Is it possible to get an Online Master's degree in Public Policy Analysis from an Accredited University?

Yes, you can earn a master's degree online from a recognized university. For people who are unable to obtain a degree on campus, numerous universities in the United States offer online master's degrees in Public Policy Analysis.

What kind of scholarships and financial aid are available for programs in Public Policy Analysis?

Most colleges provide program-specific scholarships to students pursuing a master's degree at their institution. The amount of scholarship money available varies by university. Students can also seek assistance from a variety of other sources, which provide scholarships, loans, and awards based on achievement and need.

See Scholarships and financial aid for Masters and graduate program in Public Policy Analysis for more information.

How can I compare the Public Policy Analysis online Master's Programs?

Compare the GRE score requirements, admission details, credit requirements and tuition for the Master's Program, from 19 universities offering No GRE Master's Programs in Public Policy Analysis. Compare No GRE Master's Programs in Public Policy Analysis

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