Scholarships and Grants - Financial Aid in Statistics and Machine Learning

Additional scholarship information is also available at the OSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Course learning is synthesized through the development of a grant proposal for adapted public-health program plus evaluation plan. Application of research and theory to the teaching of motor skills with emphasis on development of instructional strategies related to modeling, knowledge of results, practice, and motivational aspects of learning. of organizational structure, functions of managers in food and nutrition service organizations: human and financial resources, regulatory influences, health care organizations, current issues in operations. Application of theory in managing a university food service as part of a student team: planning, production, projecting resource needs, evaluation of outcomes and financial goals. Utilization of standard financial tools needed to manage the capital resources of health care organizations. Introduction to the principles and practices of public or social and commercial health insurance, and their financial reimbursement mechanisms.
Tuition: $9,916
State: AZ
Acceptance: -
CSET Award (programmatic awards for computer science, information technology, computer programming and engineering majors) This program awards $500 per academic year to students who are admissible to GCU and enroll in one of our computer science, information technology, computer programming or engineering programs.
Tuition: $16,615
State: IN
Acceptance: -
Awarded to an or graduate student who is preparing for a professional career in which they will engage in service to their community, has a minimum grade point average of 3.0 and can commit to serve as a student coordinator in the Center for Service Learning at IU East.
Tuition: $11,862
State: MD
Acceptance: -
Students with financial need can qualify for a subsidized loan and the government pays the interest on the loan while the student remains enrolled at least half time. Federal Perkins Loan: A low-interest loan for educational expenses provided by the federal government for qualified individuals with exceptional financial need as defined by the institution. This federal loan program allows graduate students with no adverse credit history to for up to their Cost of Attendance each year, less any financial aid. Private (Alternative) Loan: A loan from a commercial, state-affiliated, or institutional lender used to pay for up to the annual cost of education, minus any financial aid received. Federal Parent Loan (PLUS): A federal loan program that allows parents who have no adverse credit history to for up to the Cost of Attendance each year, less any financial aid.
Tuition: $12,817
State: TX
Acceptance: -
This application will allow you to be considered for the Graduate Studies Scholarships and Endowed Scholarships for Graduate Students. Note: Scholarships will be awarded based on the grades received by the review date. You will receive an email notification of your status approximately 2-5 weeks after the scholarship deadline to the email address provided on your application. You can view any financial aid and scholarships that are offered to you (after you are accepted) in your SAIL account. Scholarship monies are automatically applied to your tuition bill and generally posted the day before tuition is due. You are eligible to apply for a scholarship if you are a new or returning graduate student in a degree or certificate program. Also, you can view any financial aid and scholarships that are offered to you (after you are accepted) in your SAIL account.
Tuition: $46,641
State: IN
Acceptance: -
ROSE-BUD’s goal is to enhance diversity among academically talented computer science, computer, electrical and software engineering majors. The ROSE-BUD scholarship is open to incoming freshmen majoring in Computer Science, Computer, Electrical or Software Engineering.
Tuition: $5,220
State: NC
Acceptance: -
The Active IMB Scholarship is for degree-seeking, fully-funded IMB missionaries personnel who are currently serving on the mission field or a stateside assignment.The scholarship is equal to 50% of the SBC tuition rate and associated fees (does not count towards books, housing, or music program fees). The MK Scholarship may be awarded to children of active-duty IMB or NAMB missionaries who are serving on the mission field. The Macedonia Scholarship is available to full-time, Masters of Theological Studies students who are currently a part of the Macedonia Project and who have a vocational commitment to mission services. The Barbara Osborn Memorial Mission Education Fund is a scholarship for Baptist seminary students who are committed to international missions.
Tuition: $17,883
State: IL
Acceptance: -
Benedictine University is an inclusive academic community dedicated to teaching and learning, scholarship and service, truth and justice, as inspired by the Catholic intellectual tradition, the social teaching of the Church, and the principles of wisdom in the Rule of St. Benedict. This program allows higher learning institutions in the United States to voluntarily enter into an agreement with VA to help fund the veteran student’s tuition expenses $18,077.50 cap for each calendar year
Tuition: $4,500
State: IL
Acceptance: -
Typically, AIC’s financial aid awards do not exceed the difference between estimated college costs and the anticipated support from all other sources. Financial assistance is limited, and so students are encouraged to apply early. Continuation of financial assistance is contingent upon maintenance of good academic standing. Students must maintain good academic standing in order for the scholarship to be renewed. There is no separate application for the scholarship. If a student has been awarded the scholarship, then a letter will be issued outlining the details. Letters of scholarship renewal will be distributed every January. The College is committed to granting scholarships to all students demonstrating qualification and need, as long as they maintain satisfactory academic progress for each year of study.
Tuition: $22,650
State: NY
Acceptance: -
Most SUNY students fund their education through educational loans, grants and scholarships. Canadian students applying for financial aid are required to contact the Canadian Student Loan Program directly for information and applications. Cultural Diversity Scholarship: To be eligible for a Cultural Diversity Scholarship, a student must submit an essay and a Cultural Diversity Scholarship Application, each demonstrating how they can contribute to the diversity of the student body. OCNY Scholarships: Depending on funding, 15-20 $2,000 OCNY scholarships are given to students with academic merit and financial need. Petry Lomb Scholarship Research Grant: The foundation awards scholarship money to second, third and fourth-year students demonstrating financial need, good academic standing and a sincere desire to contribute to the optometric profession. Emergency Loans: $500 to $1,000 emergency loans are available to students who experience delays in processing financial aid.
Tuition: $9,801
State: MO
Acceptance: -
Activity Course Fee: $34 Clinical Experience, per credit hour: $34 Christian Vocations Fee : $160 Internship Practicum Fee, per credit hour: $34 Lab Fee, per credit hour: $34 Prior Learning Portfolio Evaluation Fee, per credit hour: $65 Prior Learning Portfolio Transcript Fee, per credit hour: $280 Seminar Fee : $110 Student Teaching Fee: $500 EDUC 201 : $49.

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