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96 universities offer graduate programs in Criminal Justice, Safety Studies. Boston University had highest number of international students receiving a Master's degree. University of Cincinnati-Main Campus had the most women graduates in this program.
Ranked as: #2 in Best National University
Tuition: $44,816
State: MA
Acceptance: 5.16%
We connect Harvard Law School to a broad network of stakeholders seeking to advance criminal justice reform. The Criminal Justice Policy Program works towards meaningful reforms on cutting-edge criminal justice issues. By conducting rigorous legal and policy analysis, forging partnerships with advocates and policymakers around the country, and convening diverse stakeholders, we aim to develop solutions to hard problems of criminal justice reform. CJPP Launches Criminal Justice Debt Reform Builder, a 50-State Web Resource.

Advancing criminal justice reform.

Carol Steiker is the Henry J. Professor Steiker served on the board of Editors of the Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice (2nd ed. Recent publications address topics such as the relationship of criminal justice scholarship to law reform, the role of mercy in the institutions of criminal justice, and the likelihood of nationwide abolition of capital punishment.
Ranked as: #3 in Best National University
Tuition: $41,000
State: CT
Acceptance: 6.93%
Gruber Program for Global Justice and Women’s Rights. Yale Law School offers a rich academic experience studying criminal law through many different lenses. Two vibrant centers at the Law School create a myriad of ways for students to get involved in criminal justice reform work that is having a profound impact across the country. Several clinics and student organizations play an important role in introducing students to the state and federal criminal justice systems and affording the students an opportunity to represent individual clients and pursue systemic reforms.

Criminal Justice

Felon enfranchisement is essential to the democratic legitimacy of criminal punishment. One of the most powerful arguments for lowering the federal voting age from 21 to 18 derived from the fact that those over 18 were, at the time, eligible for the draft despite being denied the vote. We recoil at the idea of being sent to war by a government whose behavior one has no entitlement to influence. The disenfranchised conscript has no ownership over the decision to fight and to kill.
Ranked as: #4 in Best National University
Tuition: $55,836
State: IL
Acceptance: 8.73%
In the United States, arrest and incarceration rates have reached historically high levels, while police-community relations have deteriorated. Policies and practices shaping urban life often run counter to their stated intentions of promoting safety, justice, and protection. This criminal justice work displays how strategies to reduce crime not only impact individuals interacting with the criminal justice system, but also shape how their families and community members experience city life. Certain urban spaces are structured by the concentration of and entanglement with policing and criminal justice institutions, with devastating outcomes for the populations residing within them.
In a study of universities that granted a master’s in social work, the authors found, however, that only 22 percent offered at least one course specific to criminal justice-related issues. Eighteen percent offered a dual or joint degree program in criminal justice or law, and a mere 5 percent offered a concentration or specialization in a justice-related field. We’ve found that there are many social work scholars who do research or teaching in the field of criminal justice that still feel isolated, he says. Members of the network are a diverse group, focused on everything from women with eating disorders in prison to revisiting how juvenile justice works.
Ranked as: #4 in Best National University
Tuition: $44,864
State: NY
Acceptance: 6.61%
Mass incarceration is one of the defining civil rights issues of Columbia University in the City of New York time. With 2.2 million people in prisons and jails across the United States, it is imperative that we remediate bias and inhumanity when it encroaches on Columbia University in the City of New York system of criminal justice. The passage in late 2018 of the bipartisan First Step Act, a federal criminal justice reform bill, marked significant progress. But meaningful and lasting change cannot be left to legislators and policymakers alone.
Ranked as: #4 in Best National University
Tuition: $48,987
State: CA
Acceptance: 4.73%
Stanford Journal of Criminal Law and Policy (SJCLP) 1. The California Criminal Justice Data Gap highlights data needs in the largest criminal justice system in America. Project ReMADE is the pro bono entrepreneurship boot camp the Stanford Criminal Justice Center founded and helps run for formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs. The Stanford Criminal Justice Center reviewed over 700 Board of Parole Hearing transcripts to find out.
Ranked as: #8 in Best National University
Tuition: $33,604
State: PA
Acceptance: 9.3%
Top Ten Reasons to Pursue a Master’s Degree in NPL. Professional Certificate in Organizational Leadership in Social Work. The Criminal Justice Specialization educates master of social work students to provide culturally competent clinical and macro social work services to people involved with and impacted by the criminal justice system by understanding the historic and contemporary context of mass incarceration, criminal justice, and reentry. Students develop a broader understanding of the uneasy alliance between social work and criminal justice, and the variety of interventions and programs that work to improve the criminal justice system and the lives of the individuals therein.
Ranked as: #14 in Best National University
Tuition: $50,650
State: MO
Acceptance: 15.96%
The Law School has compiled the following list of upper-level courses currently or recently offered to guide students interested in criminal justice. Related clinics and or externships are marked with an asterisk and grouped separately at the end of the list. Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Henry Hitchcock Professor of Law Director, Criminal Justice Clinic.
Across the political spectrum consensus is building for the need to reform America’s criminal justice system. As one of the most powerful players in the system, prosecutors are being called upon to address the vicious cycle known as the cradle-to-prison pipeline.
Ranked as: #16 in Best National University
Tuition: $45,840
State: TN
Acceptance: 10.85%
Please join the Energy, Environment and Land Use Program, the Criminal Justice Program, and the Program in Law and Government for an engaging conversation between former U.S. Attorney and frequent media commentator Paul Fishman and Professor Michael P. Vandenbergh of Vanderbilt Law School. He will provide insights into the status of the Mueller report, other investigations, criminal procedure, and the rule of law. Light refreshments will be served to those attending the event.
Criminal Justice Roundtable on Punishment PolicyMarch 29-30, 2014. 2012 Criminal Justice Roundtable on Reducing the Criminal Justice System Reliance on Incarceration March 30, 2012. Vanderbilt University Law School Criminal Justice Program was asked by the ABA to sponsor a roundtable to discuss policies surrounding the criminal justice system reliance on incarceration and how they, or some variant of them, might be implemented in the state of Tennessee. Similar roundtables took place in ten other states.
Ranked as: #20 in Best National University
Tuition: $26,604
State: CA
Acceptance: 17.11%
Berkeley Law is an ideal place to study criminal justice. Students gain important practical experience through University of California-Berkeley Death Penalty Clinic, East Bay Community Law Center, Policy Advocacy Clinic, Samuelson Law and Technology Clinic, and Domestic Violence Practicum, as well as University of California-Berkeley Field Placements, Student-Initiated Legal Services Projects, and a host of advocacy classes. Education Defense Justice for Youth Services (EBCLC). Policy Advocacy Clinic’s Report Aims to Ensure Debt-Free Justice in California.
Ranked as: #21 in Best National University
Tuition: $47,880
State: DC
Acceptance: 15.68%
A Roadmap for Comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform to Employ Ex-Offenders: Beyond Title VII and Ban the Box. This Note argues that the federal government needs to go beyond Ban the Box and Title VII in order to address one facet of America’s mass incarceration by promoting employment of ex-offenders. While Title VII addresses racial employment discrimination against Black ex-offenders, Title VII is a patch work solution to a larger problem. Though useful in eliminating conviction records as an initial barrier to employment, Ban the Box legislation does not address the issues raised by criminal history reporting.
Tolling Time: How John Doe DNA Indictments are Skirting Statutes of Limitations and Crippling the Criminal Justice System. In summer 2018, U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Jessie K. As defense lawyers question the constitutionality of these warrants and indictments, prosecutorial attorney organizations and the Justice Department are encouraging their filing. This note will evaluate the current landscape surrounding the JohnDoe DNA indictments before arguing, first, that such indictments abandon the purposes of statutes of limitation, and second, that John Doe DNA indictments open the door for John Doe fingerprinting indictments, which would ultimately subvert a criminal justice system based on the principle that people are innocent until proven guilty.

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