Top Ranked Graduate Programs in Engineering Management

Top Ranked Graduate Programs in Engineering Management
Ranked as: #5 in Best National University
Tuition: $48,987
State: CA
Acceptance: 4.73%
Stanford University offers a Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in management science and engineering. The university’s MS program helps address the needs of organizations by providing in depth knowledge in Engineering Management and enhancing a student’s technical and managerial skills. Both the MS and PhD programs are geared to develop analytical skills and abilities to allow better decision making and improving problem solving skills. Furthermore, the program wants to create leaders in the industry that help innovate and improve the running of organizations.
Management Science and Engineering spans engineering, business and public policy, including areas such as data modeling, behavioral science, finance, entrepreneurship, risk, operations and decision-making. MS ’86, Civil Environmental Engineering MS ’98. The program emphasizes developing analytic abilities, making better decisions, developing and executing strategies and leading people who innovate.
The Honors Cooperative Program (HCP), through the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD), allows professionals to pursue graduate study on a part-time basis. HCP students are fully matriculated graduate students of Stanford University with all privileges, rights and responsibilities.
Ranked as: #11 in Best National University
Tuition: $51,468
State: NH
Acceptance: 10.45%
The Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program at Dartmouth is an immersive experience for engineering and science graduates who seek to become leaders in businesses and organizations driven by technology. The MEM degree at Dartmouth equips students to interpret data and discern implications within a specific business context. Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth14 Engineering Drive, Hanover, NH 03755.
'Thayer School' engraved on MacLean Engineering Sciences Center. Recommended: Project Management: A Managerial Approach J. Director of Dartmouth Master of Engineering Management Program Reflects on Retirement Web Extra, March 2013.
'Thayer School' engraved on MacLean Engineering Sciences Center.
Ranked as: #12 in Best National University
Tuition: $52,170
State: MD
Acceptance: 12.54%
You can take any two programs at JHU to create your own, customized combined bachelors masters program. Technology touches almost every aspect of our lives, creating an increasing demand for those with expertise not only in the technology itself, but also in leadership and management. Our Master of Science in Engineering Management program offers students the opportunity to tailor a program to their individual needs and goals, while developing the skills they need to advance their careers in today’s fast-paced, ultra-competitive environment.
Courses at Johns Hopkins Engineering let you balance work, family, and life, while advancing your career to the next level. The Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals Environmental Engineering and Science program focuses on how physics, chemistry, biology, and geology play a role in today most pressing environmental challenges. Master of Science in Environmental Engineering and Science.
Prepare to take on greater technical responsibilities as well as move up to high-level leadership roles with a master’s degree in either Engineering Management or Technical Management. Learn think strategically, use modern best practices and effectively deploy advanced tools and programs. Choose from concentrations like Biomaterials Civil Engineering Communications Science Computer Science Environmental Systems Analysis, Economics and Public Policy Fluid Mechanics Materials Science and Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanics and Materials Nano-Biotechnology Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Operations Research Probability and Statistics and Smart Product and Device Design.
Our part-time Technical Management program prepares professional scientists and engineers to lead complex technology projects and assume increased management responsibilities. Providing a unique blend of administrative, business, and interpersonal skills, the program introduces students to current, best management practices and to special software development, modeling and simulation, and management tools.
This course is an introduction to financial and contract management for technical managers. Topics include financial and management accounting (including elementary accounting principles, assets, liabilities, and stockholders' equity) direct and indirect costs, revenues, and profits indices to financial position use of financial reports return on investment, net present value internal rate of return and financial management (including cash and funds flow statements). An introduction to the principles of contract formation is presented highlighting the distinctive characteristics of contracting with the federal government as well as the team concept for effective contracting and the role of the program manager as a key team member.
Ranked as: #13 in Best National University
Tuition: $52,239
State: IL
Acceptance: 9.24%
The Master of Project Management (MPM) program is designed to prepare technically qualified individuals for leadership roles in the construction, operation, and management of major civil and environmental engineering projects. Graduates of the MPM program are well equipped to take a high level view of a project and plan, coordinate, control, and evaluate the activities of diverse specialists within a project framework. The MPM program requires the equivalent of a least one year of work experience for admission, but most applicants have two or years of working experience.
Sachs Graduate Fellowship, in the area of statistics for enterprise engineering. The Harold Richards Graduate Fellowship, in the area of organizational theory and systems analysis. A $2,000 research account, granted after the first year of study, conditional on passing the industrial engineering and management sciences candidacy exam on a paper in the specified research area. View the admissions handbook for the Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences.
Housed within the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University, the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program is designed for experienced engineering and science professionals who want to develop core management and leadership skills, while staying on the cutting edge of technology. The curriculum combines core management principles of an MBA with comprehensive quantitative and analytical tools, empowering engineers to communicate in the language of business and to move from thinking tactically to thinking strategically. Graduates leave the program prepared for top leadership roles in today’s technologically sophisticated companies.
With the technological challenges facing us on a global level on all fronts, there is a critical need for companies and organizations to integrate tech skills with business acumen to solve these difficult problems.
They are looking for a diverse class of high-achieving individuals interested in advancing their careers in technical management. Transcripts from all and graduate education attempted.
Ranked as: #14 in Best National University
Tuition: $50,650
State: MO
Acceptance: 15.96%
Washington University in St. Louis’ Master of Engineering Management offers focus courses such as Strategic Management of Technology, Human Performance and Engineering, Productivity and Quality Control, and Principles of Operation Management. These courses will help engineers to increase career growth into managerial positions. Upon completing a master’s degree in engineering management, students are expected to know how to strategize, assess risks, and manage global operations.
Successful project managers are capable of consistently executing complex projects on time and on budget. There are key components that make this possible, such as the ability to motivate and lead a team, formulate effective plans, understand risk, and communicate effectively with stakeholders. The curriculum in this part-time master’s degree or graduate certificate program was designed to execute mission-critical projects and conquer the three project environments of people, processes and strategies.
The 30-unit master of Engineering Management is available for full-time or part-time students. The degree is designed for individuals with an engineering or allied sciences undergraduate degree. The 15-unit graduate certificate in Engineering Management is also offered and can be transferred into the degree program at any time.
Ranked as: #15 in Best National University
Tuition: $29,500
State: NY
Acceptance: 12.67%
Through the Cornell University Graduate School, students can enter the Master of Engineering program in Engineering Management. It’s aimed for engineers who want to advance into managerial roles. The curriculum for this program includes management science, project management, information technology, organizational behavior, decision and risk analysis, and many more. Through the program, prospective students are expect to gain real-world technical and managerial skills to be effective in their managerial roles in engineering.
Cornell’s Engineering Management program provides a flexible, personalized curriculum to prepare the next generation of engineering leaders. Engineering programs rate highly.
Ranked as: #16 in Best National University
Tuition: $52,231
State: RI
Acceptance: 8.49%
Brown University’s Graduate School offers a Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Engineering (PRIME). The program provides innovative and entrepreneurship knowledge and puts it together with engineering science. Students who are interested in taking this program will not only experience learning to develop ideas but also to have in depth knowledge in creating value for technology and selling them to the market.
The Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (PRIME) merges engineering science and design with innovation and entrepreneurship. Students experience the process of creating value for technology, learning develop embryonic ideas, and bring them to the marketplace. Through preparation for the trip and interactions with engineering, science, business and government leaders in a foreign country, students will gain a better understanding of the political, social and cultural dynamics that influence the business climate in different world regions.
· Technology venture project: Student teams plan the commercialization of an emerging science typically developed by Brown’s renowned Schools of Engineering and Medicine. These program features, combined with an extremely diverse and bright set of participants, make PRIME the ideal launchpad to global careers in innovation management, entrepreneurship, and technology consulting. PRIME transitions students of science and engineering into future technology business leaders.
Ranked as: #18 in Best National University
Tuition: $45,840
State: TN
Acceptance: 10.85%
Graduate students in the environmental engineering, management and policy area participate in VCEMS, the Vanderbilt Center for Environmental Management. The Center is a Vanderbilt University system-wide initiative jointly led by the School of Engineering, the Owen Graduate School of Management, and the Law School. Among the students who focused their studies on environmental engineering management and policy are alumni that occupy leadership positions in academia local, state and federal government non-profit organizations research institutions and the private sector.
The implementation of such ideas in manufacturing, engineering, and technology environments. The EngM program is administered though the division of general engineering.
FALL, SPRING. Assessment of technological capabilities and opportunities, formulation of a technical plan for the product portfolio and commercialization, management of intellectual property, and economic analysis. Prerequisite: Sopho standing.
Driving and Parking Directions to Featheringill Hall, the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering (VUSE). Getting to your Meeting: Walk back to the School of Engineering and enter any of the double doors into the large atrium. If you're meeting on the second or third floor, use the large stairwell from the atrium or the elevators behind the stairwell. Engineering alum is commander of Seabees, Naval Civil Engineer Corps Officers School.
Ranked as: #20 in Best National University
Tuition: $26,604
State: CA
Acceptance: 17.11%
Risk and return are basic finance and business concepts. Finding the right balance between the two is the objective of risk management. On the regulatory side, they develop bank stress tests and establish regulatory capital levels, as well as develop risk management policies and frameworks to ensure compliance.
Being part of a portfolio management team puts you in a position to influence how client money is managed. In all cases, you will use quantitative models to analyze vast data sets to identify opportunities that can be applied to large groups of securities to improve performance. Quants working in portfolio management also may be responsible for creating optimal execution models that predict the best ways to trade blocks of securities without creating major price movements.
Ranked as: #22 in Best National University
Tuition: $47,880
State: DC
Acceptance: 15.68%
Master of Professional Studies in Systems Engineering Management. Rooted in application, our program immerses you at the intersection of management and engineering. You’ll master not only the engineering principles needed to develop innovative solutions, but also the leadership skills that are integral to managing projects and teams.

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