Top Ranked Graduate Programs in Human Development and Family Studies

There are 143 schools offering graduate degrees in Human Development and Family Studies. Syracuse University had highest number of international students receiving a Master's degree. Kansas State University had the most women graduates in this program.
Ranked as: #2 in Best National University
Tuition: $44,816
State: MA
Acceptance: 5.16%
Knowledge of human development is highly gratifying and valuable in itself it can also greatly enhance your ability to make a meaningful difference in children lives. In the Human Development and Psychology (HDP) Program, you will join a cohort of students with diverse interests and a shared passion for better understanding how children and adults develop and grow. HDP is a one-year, full-time master program that immerses future practitioners and researchers in the latest theories and discoveries related to child, adolescent, and adult development. Cohort and Community You will join an extraordinary cohort of students representing a rich diversity of personal and professional backgrounds.

Human Development and Psychology

Harvard Center for Population and Development Studiesexpand child menu. VIDEO Julio Frenk The Next Stage of Global Health: The Road to Sustainable Development. As a University-wide initiative, the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies brings together scientists from all corners of the Harvard campus—and beyond—to make exciting advances in population research. With seven and a half billion people living on the planet and a projected nine and a half billion by 2050, Harvard University focus is on examining the most nuanced trends and important challenges in this century.
Ranked as: #4 in Best National University
Tuition: $55,836
State: IL
Acceptance: 8.73%
This is an unofficial list of courses anticipated in coming quarters. Finalized course schedules are published on the registrar Course Search Page. The documents of record for courses and requirements can be found at the College Catalog and the Graduate Announcement archives. Methods That Matter in the Social Sciences.

Comparative Human Development

CHD offers students the opportunity to build a unique research program by integrating training in sociocultural, medical, and psychological anthropology biological, cognitive and cultural psychology sociology linguistics statistical methods and education policy. Areas of particular interest include: child and adolescent development gender and sexuality culture, subjectivity, and mental health disability studies the social and psychobiological shaping of behavior and development quantitative research methodologies education and learning language, thought and communication multiculturalism and migration youth and generational change and aging across the life-course. Please visit the Requirements for Graduate Study page for detailed information financial aid, and Divisional and Departmental requirements. Feel free to download a copy of University of Chicago Graduate Program flyer here.
Ranked as: #4 in Best National University
Tuition: $44,864
State: NY
Acceptance: 6.61%
Columbia University has a unique international reputation for human rights education and research, earned through decades of highly respected training of human rights professionals and a commitment to the interdisciplinary study and practice of human rights. As a focal point for the study of human rights at Columbia, the Institute for the Study of Human Rights (ISHR) is committed to providing exceptional education programs that draw on these strengths. The Human Rights Studies MA is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the academic study of human rights theory and practice. Students take courses offered by ISHR, as well as human rights courses offered by other departments, such as Anthropology, History, Political Science, Religion, and Sociology.

Human Rights Studies

Actuarial Science OnlineBioethics OnlineBiotechnologyBusinessClassicsCritical Issues in International RelationsEcology, Evolution, and Environmental BiologyEnterprise Risk ManagementGraduate FoundationsHuman RightsNarrative MedicinePsychologyQuantitative Studies for FinanceSustainability AnalyticsSustainable FinanceSustainable Water ManagementUnited Nations Studies. Columbia has tailored the program’s curriculum to meet the current and future needs of the insurance industry and prepare students to excel in their career. Columbia University in the City of New York graduates have a remarkable track record of entering and advancing their actuarial careers. Each semester, all full-time students are required to enroll in Proseminar in Actuarial Science unless they secure an internship, in which case they instead will enroll in Internship in Actuarial Science.
Ranked as: #7 in Best National University
Tuition: $49,580
State: MA
Acceptance: 7.17%
This class analyzes the theoretical and historical reasons why governments in latecomer countries have intervened with a wide array of policies to foster industrial development at various turning points: the initiation of industrial activity the diversification of the industrial base the restructuring of major industrial institutions and the entry into high-technology sectors. Alice Amsden. 11.491J Economic Development, Policy Analysis, and Industrialization. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

Economic Development, Policy Analysis, and Industrialization

This course provides a rigorous and critical introduction to the foundation, structure and operation of the international human rights movement, as it has evolved through the years and as it impacts the United States. The course introduces students to the key theoretical debates in the field including the historical origin and character of the modern idea of human rights, the debate between universality and cultural relativism, between civil and human rights, between individual and community, and the historically contentious relationship between the West and the Rest in matters of sovereignty and human rights, drawing on real life examples from current affairs. 11.164 Human Rights in Theory and Practice (Fall 2010). 11.164 Human Rights in Theory and Practice (Spring 2005).
Ranked as: #8 in Best National University
Tuition: $51,480
State: NC
Acceptance: 9.86%
Duke Staff and Family Programs department provides information and assistance in balancing work and family responsibilities, parenting and other family concerns. Referral assistance is available for both child care and elder care. Depression After Delivery, Inc. Provides support for women with ante and postpartum depression, focusing on education, support groups, and referrals for women families coping with mental health issues associated with childbearing.

Family-Friendly Benefits

Ranked as: #8 in Best National University
Tuition: $33,604
State: PA
Acceptance: 9.3%
The Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development program examines the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical aspects of human development within the context of culture and social policy. The one-calendar-year M.S.Ed. in ISHD requires a total of 10 courses (typically completed in two semesters plus a summer term) in lifespan human development, cultural studies, and research methodologies. The program is designed for pre-professional training and to prepare students to advance within their careers by gaining a better understanding of human development issues. Many students choose to continue their studies in a doctoral degree program.

Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development

University of Pennsylvania HDQM programs provide students with a foundation in the core concepts of human development, school and mental health counseling, and statistical methods. Engaged scholarship meets practical problem-solving in Penn GSE’s Human Development and Quantitative Methods (HDQM) division. This vibrant division encompasses two distinct but related areas: human development and quantitative methods. University of Pennsylvania eight degree programs provide the opportunity to specialize in human development for students primarily interested in careers in developmental research or policy-making school and mental health counseling for students pursuing careers focused on counseling and clinical practice and quantitative methods for scholars interested in careers in academic institutions, government, and research firms worldwide.
Ranked as: #12 in Best National University
Tuition: $52,170
State: MD
Acceptance: 12.54%
Whether you’re having a baby, raising a child, or caring for an aging relative, we have resources for you, from lactation support, to adoption assistance, to help finding—and paying for—child care and eldercare. As a parent, you’re responsible for assessing and monitoring the quality of the child care you choose. It’s important—and sometimes stressful—but we’ve got resources that can help, including safety information offered through Johns Hopkins University partnership with Locate and register to use lactation rooms equipped with hospital-grade pumps and other comforts, get tips on successful milk expression after your return to work, and find manager resources, plus information on laws and JHU policies.

JHU Human Resources

The university’s Organization Development team works with senior leaders to improve systems, develop mechanisms to change behavior, and improve organizational effectiveness. Johns Hopkins University clients are the senior leaders and managers of the university who design and oversee organizational systems. Leaders can’t afford to ignore issues that detract from their organizations, nor those that could become serious problems if not handled effectively.
Ranked as: #13 in Best National University
Tuition: $52,239
State: IL
Acceptance: 9.24%
The Human Development and Social Policy Program (HDSP) studies how public policy affects human development and well-being, how research on human development across the life span informs policy, and how people affect policy. The core curriculum in HDSP provides interdisciplinary training in human development, qualitative and quantitative methods, and policy development, implementation, and evaluation. Students then specialize in areas such as child development and social policy, adult development and social policy, or human development and education policy. Depending on their specializations, students receive training for academic positions in basic departments such as psychology, sociology or economics and for multidisciplinary programs such as human development, education, social ecology, public health and family studies.

Human Development and Social Policy

The Museum Studies certificate program unites history, theory and practical learning in a curriculum that prepares participants for professional or volunteer careers in administration, collections and specialty disciplines within museums, zoos, aquariums, parks and botanical gardens. We offer courses online every quarter, so you can complete your Museum Studies certificate on your own terms. Tuition and Financial Aid for Museum Studies Online. Find out Northwestern Museum Studies Online.
Ranked as: #14 in Best National University
Tuition: $50,650
State: MO
Acceptance: 15.96%
While you own the direction of your career, we help you lead the effort by offering resources, tools, strategies, and many learning options for a rewarding and dynamic career. We also believe that your competitive value to the workplace is defined not only by skills and knowledge, but by heart and character. Career development builds potential for change, discovery, and innovation, and prepares you forwork that matters—to you, Washington University, and the world we share. The Principles of Career Development.

Career Development

Ranked as: #15 in Best National University
Tuition: $29,500
State: NY
Acceptance: 12.67%
The program prepares students for careers in academic life, primarily in psychology, sociology, or human development in research programs of governmental agencies at various levels and in a range of programs in community agencies and private enterprise. It does not prepare students to be clinical psychologists, school psychologists, or family life counselors. All students are required to complete at least two semesters of graduate-level training in statistics and one semester of teaching. The field also requires that students complete a predoctoral research project or master degree before taking the Admission to Candidacy examination.

Fields of Study

The College of Human Ecology offers graduate programs in Human Development, Design and Environmental Analysis, Nutritional Sciences, Policy Analysis and Management, Fiber Science and Apparel Design and Public Affairs. Over 200 graduate students in the college are working on advanced professional or research degrees, creating a close-knit community of scholars. Visit the Cornell University Graduate School for the online application, admissions requirements, and specific information graduate study. Design and Environmental Analysis Graduate Program Administrator: Sienna Torbitt.

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