2021 Best Kinesiology and Exercise Science Master's Programs

Tuition: $5,720
State: TX
Acceptance: 81.04%
The Master of Science in Exercise Science is designed to help graduates gain a solid academic foundation, research capability, and necessary knowledge and experience in exercise science to help graduates to achieve their goals in the areas of health care practitioners, technical occupations and fitness fields.

Master of Science in Exercise Science

Tuition: $3,228
State: TX
Acceptance: 89.11%
Advanced study in Health and Kinesiology provides students an opportunity to improve their proficiency as master teachers or exercise professionals, can prepare them to become administrators in their field, and or can prepare them for doctoral studies in their kinesiology discipline of interest.

M.S. in Kinesiology

Tuition: $4,852
State: TX
Acceptance: 86.8%
TWU’s Kinesiology offers master of science and doctoral programs that you can customize with various emphases to meet your career goals. MS in Kinesiology with emphasis areas in Adapted Physical Activity, Biomechanics and Motor Behavior,Coaching (online only), Exercise Physiology, and Sport Management (hybrid). Graduate students interested in preparing for teaching and research careers in higher education are encouraged to for a competitive Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA).

Graduate Programs

Tuition: $5,144
State: GA
Acceptance: 80.06%
The 36 hour program of study is individualized based upon student career goals with an emphasis on exercise science-based topics at the advanced level, advanced quantitative and qualitative research classes and other areas of specialization based on their science or health background.

Master of Science in Kinesiology

Tuition: $4,050
State: GA
Acceptance: 80.94%
The Master of Science with a major in Kinesiology is an advanced degree designed for students with an undergraduate degree in health and physical education or a related field or who are currently employed in a fitness related profession. Provides an advanced degree opportunity for physical educators (and related fields) who hold a teaching certificate in physical education or have a degree in exercise science and non-certification physical education. Provides students with advanced experiences and study in content areas specific to health and physical education and exercise science. Develops the abilities of students to conduct research and to critically assess professional practices within educational and sport-related settings.

Online Master of Science with a major in Kinesiology

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