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2 universities offer graduate programs in Scandinavian Studies. University of Washington-Seattle Campus had highest number of international students receiving a Master's degree. University of Wisconsin-Madison had the most women graduates in this program.

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Ranked as:  #38 in Best National University
Tuition:  $25,523 per year
Total Cost:  $51,046 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  Wisconsin
Acceptance:  57.25%

The Ph.D. degree is offered in the fields of literature, folklore, and philology. The basic requirements for all students entering the Ph.D. program correspond to the requirements for the M.A. degree in Scandinavian Studies with concentration in literature, area studies, or philology, as appropriate.

Scandinavian Studies is the oldest such department in the Americas, tracing its roots to 1875. The department offers the master of arts and the doctor of philosophy in Scandinavian Studies. A doctoral minor is also available. The program offers the possibility to attain a broad education in Scandinavian culture that has proven to be extremely useful in students' professional careers. Students will become well-versed in theory and methodology as well as in cultural history. The department possesses particular strengths in Scandinavian literature, Old Norse philology, and Nordic folklore. Languages offered in the department include Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Sámi, and Swedish. The department has an excellent record of placing its Ph.D. graduates in good positions in the field.

Graduate admissions is a two-step process between academic programs and the Graduate School. Once you have researched the graduate program(s) you are interested in, apply online.

The program does not admit in the summer.

Students applying directly for the Ph.D. program should have an M.A. in a related field. New Ph.D. students will be expected to acquire competencies equivalent to the M.A. in Scandinavian Studies, and this will be assessed at the time of the preliminary exam.

A writing sample (in English or a Scandinavian language) is required.

Resources to help you afford graduate study might include assistantships, fellowships, traineeships, and financial aid. Further funding information is available from the Graduate School. Be sure to check with your program for individual policies and restrictions related to funding.

The department has a number of scholarships, fellowships, teaching assistantships, and readerships at its disposal and makes a serious effort to provide qualified students with adequate financial assistance and teaching experience throughout their graduate careers.

Accelerated: Accelerated programs are offered at a fast pace that condenses the time to completion. Students are able to complete a program with minimal disruptions to careers and other commitments.

Students have the advantages of face-to-face courses with the flexibility to keep work and other life commitments.

Hybrid: These programs combine face-to-face and online learning formats.

Online: These programs are offered 100% online. Some programs may require an on-campus orientation or residency experience, but the courses will be facilitated in an online format.

26 credits credits must be graduate-level coursework.

Ph.D. candidates should maintain a 3.5 GPA in all courses.

Unless already completed for the UW-Madison Scandinavian Studies MA requirements, all tracks require an advanced competency in a modern Scandinavian language. If the modern Scandinavian Language is Finnish or Icelandic, a working knowledge of Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish is required.

For all tracks a minimal competency in German and another research language approved by the department is required in German or another research language.

All doctoral students are required to complete a doctoral minor or Graduate Professional certificate of at least 9 credits in another field.

Each track has specific course requirements to be met.

If a student enters the PhD program with an MA from another program, then additional classes may be required in order for the candidate to attain a sufficiently broad background in Scandinavian Studies. 990 does not count toward elective credits.

These pathways are internal to the program and represent different curricular paths a student can follow to earn this degree. Pathway names do not appear in the Graduate School admissions application, and they will not appear on the transcript.

History of the Scandinavian Languages II: Standard Languages.

Familiarity with the history, institutions and cultural history of the Nordic countries is fundamental to the degree. 990 may count toward total minimum credit requirements.

With program approval, students are allowed to count no than 9 credits of graduate coursework from other institutions. Coursework earned ten years or prior to admission to a doctoral degree is not allowed to satisfy requirements.

Coursework earned ten or years prior to admission to a doctoral degree is not allowed to satisfy requirements.

In the case of first-year students, this report will, of course, only cover work done during the fall semester.

Scandinavian Studies follows the Graduate School Time Limits policy.

These resources may be helpful in addressing your concerns:.

Take advantage of the Graduate School professional development resources to build skills, thrive academically, and launch your career.

Articulates research problems, potentials, and limits with respect to theory, knowledge, or practice within the field of study.

Formulates ideas, concepts, and techniques beyond the current boundaries of knowledge within the field of study.

Advances contributions of the field of study to society.

Possesses an advanced competency in a Nordic language and a serviceable mastery of one or research languages.

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Scandinavian Studies, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • GRE Required:  Yes
  • Research Assistantships:  2733
  • Teaching Assistantships:  2355
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7 universities offer the Master's program in Scandinavian Studies.

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What kind of scholarships are available for Graduate Programs in Scandinavian Studies?

We have 3 scholarships awarding up to $37,500 for Masters program in for Scandinavian Studies, targeting diverse candidates and not restricted to state or school-based programs.

Scholarship nameAmountCredibility
Graduate Teaching Assistantships in Department of Spanish and Portuguese at IUB$22,000
Graduate Assistantships for Master of Arts in Spanish program at the UC$8,000
Mellon Emerging Faculty Leaders Award$7,500Medium

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$500 $20000

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