Top Ranked Regional University for Graduate Programs in West Coast in Health and Physical Education

There are 54 graduate schools offering Masters degree Programs in Health and Physical Education. Masters degrees was awarded to 325 students in Health and Physical Education. The highest number of alien/non US students who got their Masters degree were University of Phoenix-Online Campus from 9438. California State University-Long Beach had highest percentage of Masters degrees awarded to the female students.

Cost of doing Masters in Health and Physical Education.

The cost of a 2 year masters degree in a US University in Health and Physical Education could vary notably between public and a private university. Getting a Masters degree in at a reputed US University could be an expensive affair. Fees for Masters degree at Saint Marys College of California is $31,760 where as California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo costs $16,284. Ranking of a school or university is co related with pricing. Occasionally US public university tuition is lower than a similar ranked private university for eg, the yearly fees for Masters degree program in Health and Physical Education at a public university California State University-Los Angeles is $16,284.
Ranked as: #384 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $28,836
State: CA
Acceptance: 53.56%
The Peer Health Educator (PHE) Program, is the student-based health promotion and education organization at Santa Clara University, operating out of the SCU Wellness Center (located at 852 Market Street, across from Swig Hall). The mission of the Peer Health Education Program is to provide an effective peer network to encourage, support, and advance healthful living for all SCU students. Every Peer Health Educator is required to take a 2-unit course offered during Fall Quarter.
Ranked as: #385 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $16,421
State: WA
Acceptance: 64.85%
Our two-year master’s program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling develops your individualized theory of counseling and provides you with the professional training to serve clients ethically, morally and effectively. We believe successful counselors should have insight and awareness, and a clear understanding of the boundaries between personal and client issues. You will graduate well positioned for career opportunities in a variety of settings, including family counseling, social service and mental health agencies college counseling centers and hospitals and clinics.
Ranked as: #387 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $19,426
State: WA
Acceptance: 73.8%
Kara Dobsa, MSN-ACPH, RN, APNI Graduate Student, Class of 2016 Scholarly Project Abroad: Yetebon, Ethiopia Summer 2016. The opportunity to engage in community development work in Ethiopia, building upon my education in nursing leadership, community engagement, public health and evidence based best practice at Seattle University, was invaluable to my career and has left a lasting impression on me as a clinician. In this regard, participants were able to learn from the program content as well as from each other, while providing me a rich cross-cultural experience.
Students are responsible for disclosing health matters to the Education Abroad Office and on-site staff in order to adequately discuss the impact of any serious health risks of those conditions. Students should obtain and carefully review health and safety information related to the program as distributed by the provider. The Center for Disease Control(CDC) and the US State both provide valuable resources on health. Please contact EAO if you have any questions or concerns your health and or safety while abroad.
Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MAEd)Toggle site navigation menu. The Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program prepares students for work in various community settings, such as youth service agencies, mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, and correctional facilities. To prepare reflective clinical mental health counselors to be technologically competent, professional, ethical decision-­makers, and knowledgeable of legal matters.
The Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Seattle University prepares mental health counselors to be ethical, reflective, and multiculturally competent leaders and change agents to work in clinical mental health, hospital, agencies, and college settings. The program holds the distinction of being the first counseling program in Seattle to be accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). The Clinical Mental Health Counseling program is the only program in the nation where graduates are eligible to pursue Washington State chemical dependency certification upon graduation.
Ranked as: #388 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $33,480
State: CA
Acceptance: 87.1%
Master of Arts in Infant Mental Health with Special Education Credential. This curriculum is approved to meet the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) requirements for a Preliminary Education Specialist Instruction Credential with the specialty area of Early Childhood Special Education and added authorization of Emotional Disturbance. History and Theories of Play in Human Development, Culture, and Education.
With on-campus facilities to support our athletics program, and off-campus resources such as Briones Reservoir for early-morning crew practice and the San Francisco Bay Area as our natural playground, you’ll find a robust offering of athletics, physical education, and recreation activities at your disposal. Along with varsity sports, Mills offers popular physical education classes that attract than half of all Mills students each semester. You can try capoeira, fencing, hip hop aerobics, or Zumba classes, among others.
Ranked as: #389 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $28,719
State: CA
Acceptance: 57.24%
Chapman University is committed to supporting a comprehensive program of safety education and training for the University community. The goal is to prevent incidents that result in accidents and injuries to include personal injury and or property damage. A wide variety of safety education materials are available to help support this imperative, including reading materials, video presentations and group and individual education and training. For further assistance with education and training that could better meet current needs, or that is not currently available, contact EH S.
Ranked as: #391 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $12,132
State: WA
Acceptance: 89.01%
Students seeking support services from postsecondary institutions in the State of Washington on the basis of a health or physical disability may be required to submit documentation to verify eligibility. Documentation of disability and related information shall be kept in a separate file in the appropriate office as designated by each institution. Any health or physical disabilities are considered to be in the medical domain and require the diagnosis by a qualified medical professional.
Ranked as: #392 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $16,680
State: CA
Acceptance: 34.61%
Cal Poly Health Education program is supported by the student organization PULSE. PeersUnderstanding Listening Supporting Educating (PULSE) is a nationally awarded Peer Health Education program that supports the health and wellbeing of all Cal Poly students. PULSE is comprised of four teams, each dedicated to a specific area of education: Sexual Wellbeing (EROS), Mental Wellbeing (REAL), Nutrition and Physical Activity (HEAT), and Alcohol Drug Education (TLC).
Ranked as: #398 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $11,250
State: CA
Acceptance: 76.29%
For teachers with a current California teaching credential looking to serve special needs students. Can also be earned as part of the MA in Special Education. If you want to provide adapted physical education services to students with special needs and you hold a valid California teaching credential, earning your added authorization in adapted physical education can help you advance your practice and your career.
Ranked as: #404 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $20,554
State: WA
Acceptance: 84.79%
Western’s Physical Education and Health P-12 program provides concentrated study of Physical and Health Education. The program is unique, in that it consists of Physical Education pedagogy with practicum experiences at the elementary, middle, high school, and college levels in diverse teaching environments which allow ourstudents concentrated time to develop teaching strategies while working with children and adolescents in their schools. The Physical Education and Health P-12 major leads to an endorsement in Health and Fitness and must be accompanied by the Secondary Education Professional Program offered through Western Woodring College of Education.
The PEH P-12 program is a teacher education program leading to licensure to teach PE and Health to grades P-12 in schools. We are than just a sequence of courses we are a group of people who really care always learning best help others learn. We blend traditional and experiential approaches to instruction, affording students a active role in their professional preparation.
The Health and Community Studies consists of four distinct but related masters and programs. Offering a Masters of Education in Adult Higher Education, the program prepares both entry-level and advanced practitioners as teachers, trainers, educators, policy-makers, consultants, administrators in diverse educational, business, and healthcare settings for adults. The approach emphasizes a social justice and a progressive approach to the adult and higher education field academic, critical, and digital literacies inquiry-based learning with action research and issues of identity, reflection, and diversity.
Ranked as: #408 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $31,189
State: OR
Acceptance: 84.49%
Majors MinorsMaster of Fine Arts in Writing (MFA)Master of Social Work (MSW). Majors MinorsTeaching English Language Learning (BEd)Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)Master of Arts in Education (MAEd)Master of Education (MEd)Visual Function in Learning (MEd)Speech-Language Pathology (MS)Communication Sciences Disorders (Post-Bacc). Applied Psychology (MA)Athletic Training (MS)Audiology (AuD)Clinical Psychology (PhD)Clinical Psychology (PsyD)Dental Hygiene (BS)Education Leadership (PhD)Health Science (BHS)Healthcare Administration (MHA)Gerontology (Graduate Certificate)Occupational Therapy (OTD)Pharmacy (PharmD)Physical Therapy (DPT)Physician Assistant Studies (MS).
Located in Hillsboro, Oregon, along with several other health professional programs, the school uses a competency-based curriculum, with courses delivered in a modified block format. Pharmacist Letter Preceptor education and resource network link. Majors MinorsMaster of Fine Arts in Writing (MFA)Master of Social Work (MSW).