Top Ranked Regional University for Graduate Programs in West Coast in Special Education and Teaching

461 Universities offer graduate Programs in Special Education and Teaching. Masters degrees was awarded to 496 students in Special Education and Teaching. The highest number of alien/non US students who got their Masters degree were University of Phoenix-Online Campus from 9438. Female international students highest concentration was in California State University-Northridge.

Cost of doing Masters in Special Education and Teaching.

The cost of a 2 year masters degree in a US University in Special Education and Teaching could vary notably between public and a private university. The difference in cost of a 2 year masters degree at a US University in could be 5k - 15k$ per year. Fees for Masters degree at Saint Marys College of California is $31,760 while West Texas A & M University has tuition $4,454. Ranking of a school or university is co related with pricing. Occasionally US public university tuition is lower than a similar ranked private university for eg, the yearly fees for Masters degree program in Special Education and Teaching at a public university Western Oregon University is $19,260.
Ranked as: #385 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $16,421
State: WA
Acceptance: 64.85%
Our fers both and graduate programs. For candidates seeking stand-alone BCBA certification, we also offer a Verified Course Sequence. Madison Rose knows all adversity. Her struggles with learning disabilities have formed her into a national award-winning advocate for the learning disabled.
Ranked as: #386 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $17,066
State: CA
Acceptance: 52.48%
Loyola Marymount University Special Education program provides you with the theoretical and professional skills needed to teach students with Mild Moderate Disabilities. Our program is committed to preparing you to work successfully with culturally and linguistically diverse students with disabilities. You will be prepared to succeed as an Education Specialist with a Preliminary credential, to excel as a site leader, and to advocate for all students, especially those with disabilities. Many of our graduates teach and serve in leadership positions in traditional public, charter, private, and non-profit settings.
Ranked as: #387 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $19,426
State: WA
Acceptance: 73.8%
The Master In Teaching program with Special Education Endorsement integrates a well-respected preservice teacher education program with special education. Students in this full time program are prepared to teach in elementary or secondary general education classrooms and in special education settings, making graduates of the program highly desirable to school districts. Internships in regular and special education classrooms put pre-service teachers in touch with the world as it is lived by their students.
A Day in the Life of a Special Education Teacher. This creates a true interdisciplinary approach to learning.
The Special Education Endorsement Academy consists of eight classes that meet in virtual, synchronous sessions twice a week in the evenings, with additional asynchronous work required throughout the week. Jamie Buchholz has her Masters in Teaching, with a Post Master’s Program Administrator Certificate from Seattle University. She has been a Special Education Administrator in the Everett and Highline School Districts for the past 5 years.
Seattle University College of Education offers multiple pathyways to an endorsement in Special Education. Choose between hybrid, or in-person classes to fit your learning style in this one-year, 24-credit program. Students who wish to earn the Washington state primary endorsement in Special Education must already hold a Washington state teaching certificate.
Ranked as: #388 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $33,480
State: CA
Acceptance: 87.1%
Master of Arts in Education, Child Life in Hospitals. In combination with the early childhood education MA, this program prepares students to work in early intervention and preschool special education settings with infants and young children who have developmental disabilities. Graduates are prepared to for a credential in early childhood special education, which certifies them to work with children ages zero to five with special needs.
Ranked as: #389 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $28,719
State: CA
Acceptance: 57.24%
The goal of the Master of Arts in Special Education and Education Specialist (Special Education) programs is to develop highly competent, informed, and collaborative professionals. These programs will give students the tools to build inclusive communities of families and colleagues. Graduate Record Examination (GRE): achieve a minimum score on any two of the three sections 146 Quantitative, 152 Verbal, and 4.5 Analytical Writing.
Thank you for your interest in a graduate degree in the College of Educational Studies. Please fill out the form below and upon submission, we will send you information on your program of interest and connect you with a representative that can answer your additional questions. MA in Special Education with Dual Credentials Mild Moderate and Multiple Subject.
Ranked as: #390 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $18,306
State: OR
Acceptance: 69.54%
Master of Education (MEd) Special Education Generalist Endorsement. MEd Special Education Generalist Endorsement Requirements 36 hours. MEd Special Education Generalist Endorsement Specialty Requirements 21 hours ED 503 Language and Communication: Support and Strategies (3 hrs) ED 504 School, Parent, and Community Relations (3 hrs) ED 505 Behavior Support: Consultative and Collaboration (3 hrs) ED 506 Academic Assessments: Curriculum and Instruction for Diverse Learners (3 hrs) ED 508 Functional Assessment: Curriculum, and Instruction for Diverse Learners (3 hrs) ED 568 Special Education Practicum P-12 (3 hrs) ED 5XX Elective (3 hrs).
Ranked as: #391 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $12,132
State: WA
Acceptance: 89.01%
The Special Education Endorsement requirements are included in the master degree program curriculum. For those who already hold a master degree, the special education endorsement can be added by completing the prerequisites, special education courses and field experiences referred to in the M.A.T. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for special education teachers, especially in early childhood education, is expected to grow.
Ranked as: #392 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $16,680
State: CA
Acceptance: 34.61%
Unlike exchange programs which require a formal agreement between your current university and Cal Poly, this program is based on a short term stay and does not require that students from Cal Poly attend your university in turn. As a comprehensive polytechnic university, Cal Poly promotes the application of theory to practice while providing a balanced education in the arts, sciences, and technology. Cal Poly Extended Education will tailor a program to your organization unique needs.
Ranked as: #393 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $37,756
State: CA
Acceptance: 81.62%
Master of Arts in Teaching (emphasis on Montessori Pedagogy). Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education (Supervision and Leadership). The KSOE’s Mild-to-Moderate Education Specialist Preliminary Credential program thoroughly prepares you to teach students with exceptional needs.
At the Kalmanovitz School of Education, our Special Education Program offers a personalized, professional course of study in teaching individuals with exceptional needs. Program is front-loaded to meet the 120 hours required by the state for internships. SPED 290 Learning Development for the Education Specialist, 2 units SPED 291 Introduction to Inclusive Education: Legal, Ethical Educational Foundations, 2 units SPED 292 Best practices for the Ed Specialist: Introduction to Assessment, Curriculum Case Management, 3 units SPED 282A Positive Behavior Support I, 2 units SPED 293 Educational Assistive Technology for Mild Moderate Disabilities, 1 unit SPED 295 Universal Access for English Learners, 2 units.
Ranked as: #398 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $11,250
State: CA
Acceptance: 76.29%
You don’t work in special education because it’s easy — you do it because it matters. At PLNU, we are here for the same reasons you are: We truly believe in the power of education, and we care deeply individuals — including you. The Clear Education Specialist Credential requirements can be incorporated into this advanced degree and are strategically aligned and blended with induction requirements to equip special education teachers in induction programs to address the clear (level II) credential proficiency requirements.
Added Authorization: For current California teachers with an Education Specialist credential looking to better serve younger special needs students. We're here to make the entire process a simple one. The educational context at PLNU will challenge you to live a full life that integrates the pursuit of knowledge with beliefs, values, and actions.