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More than 300 US Universities offer a Master’s degree in data science with tuition ranging from $9,000 - $56,000 per year.

Which one is right for you?

CollegeHippo gives you a personalized recommendation program based on your needs and what is most important to you. What are you looking for? Price, accreditation, time to completion, No Gre. All of the above?

Get your personalized College list for $149 $39

This report can help you save thousands of $$$ in college tuition.

What to expect from the personalized recommendation report?

We have reviewed more than 80 college data science programs. Our team has spent 400+ hours researching the programs, combing through the details on college websites to find the most relevant information.

Each college has been analyzed on the following criteria:

• Course curriculum

• Credits for completion

• Time to complete the program (12 months, 18 months or 24 months)

• Part-time/Hybrid/Online

• Admissions requirements

• Tuition

• Any financial aid or assistantship offered

We are not promoting any specific college or a program or selling you some college. We are not affiliated to any colleges. Think of us a consumerReports* for Data science Master’s program.

The personalized recommendation report will have the following details

• List of Colleges (10 max) with their ranking

• Program details:

• Program details

• How long does it take to complete

• Number of credits required for complete the program (1 year , 18 months, 2 year)

• Admission requirements (GRE/GMAT requirement, GPA)

• Financial aid and scholarship offered(Assistantships,Merit-based)

• Additional Scholarships

• Jobs, Salaries and Career Details

• Our Review of each college

Added Bonus

List of Ivy Leagues that offer data science master’s degree with program details, tuition and admission requirements

Here is a sample report.

FeaturesFree ReportPaid Report
Search CriteriaLimited to 5Get a custom report based on your criteria
List of CollegesBased on search criteria. Max 3 search criteriaCustomized list as per your search criteria
Admission criteriaYesYes
GRE/GMAT score requirementYes. Can be 6-12 months oldLatest admission requirements
Program DetailsYesYes
TuitionApproximate. Can be outdatedExact tuition amount
Number of credits requiredXYes
One year or 18 months programXYes
Financial aid and scholarship offered (Assistantships, Merit-based) offered by the colleges*XYes
Additional scholarshipsXYes
Jobs, Salaries, and Career DetailsXYes
Our review of each collegeXYes

*This is the scholarship and financial-aid offered by the colleges for this program

Get your personalized College list for $149 $39

We appreciate your response. Please make a payment to receive the report.

Once payment is done, our team will send you the detailed report through an email within 5 business days.

How does it work?

1. Go to Match me Master page

2. Fill the form with the details

3. In the 2nd page add your details and chose a payment method

4. In the text box, add any additional criteria you have for the colleges. Remember, we cannot find colleges with Full tuition rider or 100% scholarships.

5. We will give you a pdf report in 4 business days

6. If you are not happy or want additional details, mail to use and we will find it for you

7. If you are not happy, ask refund**

100% money back + $5

Terms and condition** apply for refund

Why trust us

We have helped more than 15000 students in the last 7 years to help them find the best-fit master’s program. We are a part of AWS Edstart and have been top 200

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** Terms and Conditions

1. You have to explain in email what you did not like about the report.

2. If it has any colleges missing that you were looking for in particular, mail us back and we will research it in 2 days.

3. Our team finds and vets the data based on certain factors. Any additional requests such as give me cheapest universities and all the colleges which offer 100% scholarships or fully funded programs, will not be possible. Reason being most of the time colleges do not clearly mention how much financial aid you can get unless the student enrolls.

4. If our team is unable to find anything based on your requirements, we will refund the money without any questions asked.