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With time, the popularity of Online Master’s programs has been increasing day by day. Students now are increasingly looking to opt for online Masters programs because it helps them get a master's degree without quitting their job. So they do not lose two years worth of salary by doing a master's program and that itself is a huge cost-saving when compared to an on-campus program. Students also have an option to stay in a location which doesn't cost that much and save some commuting and rental costs while doing the Masters online.

Is Online Master cheaper than traditional Master’s program?

Certainly, in fact that is one of the misconceptions many of us fall prey to that online programs are really cheap. The good and reputed Universities offer Online Master’s programs either at the same price or just 5 to 10% cheaper than on-campus programs. However, you do save up on the travelling cost and time.

Does the Online Master program have all pre recorded sessions?

Earlier all the Online Master Program had pre recorded sessions only. But now, the trend is changing from outdated concepts of online pre-recorded instructional videos to Live Video Streaming sessions online. The learners are now able to ask questions and learn better with the feedback given by the instructor. They are able to speak, chat, raise queries and share their own screen through different technology tools. Moreover, this further leads to less chances of errors and mistakes in the learning process.

Why is the Online Master’s program not cheaper than the traditional Master’s program?

Yes, Online Master’s should be cheaper than traditional Master’s programs as institutions don’t need space to conduct classes or they don’t have to spend on providing essential facilities like library, office staff and other facilities. However, that is not the case as the growing popularity and convenience of attending classes along with more flexibility has made learners opt for online learning format in large numbers. Additionally, it is not important to change your schedule or leave your job, you also end up saving your commuting time to college if you have enrolled for an online Master’s degree program.

Most of the time the universities have outsourced their online program management to third-party companies which charge very high to manage and maintain the program. Because of this extraordinary cost of online programs it could be sometimes very similar to a program which is offered in universities.

An exception to this is Georgia tech Online Master’s in Computer Science. Georgia Tech along with Udacity and AT&T are offering the first online Master of Science in Computer Science that students can earn exclusively through the "massive online" format and for a fraction of the normal cost. This costs around $8000 dollars for 2 years.

How to find accredited colleges for Online program ?

Searching for an online program may not be an arduous task but checking on its accreditation could be. Generally reputed Universities offer online programs which are accredited but it is always good to double check. Accreditation of your college is the first question every employer will ask when applying for a job with them.

College listings in collegehippo is from IPEDS and most colleges in IPEDS are accredited. To get more information on accreditation a student can use the Department of Education’s Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs, found at https://ope.ed.gov/dapip

Steps to Research and Check accredited colleges online:

  • Does the college have institutional or specialized accreditation?

    Check the Institutions website for minute details and confirm if the accreditors are recognised by the Department of Education or Council For Higher Education Accreditation.

  • Is it regional or national accreditation?

    Most of the employers prefer regional accreditation as it is considered more rigorous and intensive. Beware of something called International accreditation as it does not exist and is fake.

  • Scrutinize the institution’s accreditation history

    Find out more about the institution’s history on the department or council website. Check if the queries and weaknesses have been timely handed or not.

  • Contact the Online College or University directly

    You should not rely on verbal information and ask the college staff to provide documents to validated documents as proof.

What is the duration for the Online Master’s program ?

In the US, the duration of most of the Online Master’s is two years. Globally it varies between 18 months to three years. As a student you have the opportunity to speed up or shorten the program depending on the time you have at hand.

How to find the cheapest Online Master’s program ?

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Is admission requirements for Online Master's Programs different?

Yes, unlike traditional Master’s programs, for Online Programs you don’t have to clear the GRE or MAT exams.

No Gre universities for Online Master’s

There has been an increasing number of Universities which have removed the GRE requirements for admission to online Masters programs. You can find the universities which do not require GRE for a Masters program or have a stipulated minimum GRE for the admissions.

Check these No minimum GRE for admission to Master’s Programs

Scholarship and Assistantship for Online master’s

Most of the Universities provide Scholarships for Online master’s. Unlike scholarship, Assistantship is considered more like a salary and not a financial aid which is given when students complete a certain task or work on-campus.

Online Master’s at Ivy League Universities

The Ivy League is the most exclusive club of Universities and they have started offering an online master’s degree program. Columbia University is the only Ivy league offering online masters in social work. Dartmouth is offering an exclusive online MBA program now