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PHD programs generally have a residency requirement which means that the student has to be present in the University. But Online PhD programs also exist and have a slightly different format than a traditional on campus doctoral programs., Most online phd programs involve in-person summits or intensives that are required for graduation. So, the programs are mostly online, with the exception of a couple days.

Some examples of online phd programs

  • University of Southern California has an online program for its doctorate of education in organizational change (for nonprofit leaders, etc.)
  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Northeastern have online PhD programs for physical therapy
  • University of Florida offers an online PhD in Classics and Ancient Civilizations
  • University of Kansas and Penn State offer an online Doctorate of Nursing, intended for working nurses.
  • George Washington University offers an online PhD program in systems engineering.

How to find accredited colleges for Online phd programs?

Prospective students must be wary because some sites offer non-accredited programs, which essentially means that students pay thousands of dollars for a worthless degree.

You do not want to enroll in an online PhD program and then found out that the university is not an accredited University. All the college listings in collegehippo is from IPEDS( and most colleges in IPEDS are accredited. To get more information on accreditation a student can use the Department of Education’s Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs, found at