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Higher Education Administration (HIED) PhD Program Assistantship Information

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Graduate assistantships for full-time Higher Education Administration(HIED) doctoral students are available through the HIED program and various BGSU administrative offices. Assistantships are available in both administration and research. The assistantship stipend and tuition scholarship represent the substantial commitment by the University to students' education.

These positions provide an opportunity to acquire valuable experience. The majority of graduate assistantships are half-time, nine month positions, requiring 20 hours of work per week. If students are offered and accept a graduate assistantship, the stipend will be $15,000 for the academic year, paid bi-weekly. Students will receive a tuition scholarship for the 64 credit hours of the program. If you are not an Ohio resident, the scholarship will cover the non-resident fee on the credits covered by the scholarship. After the first year, the scholarship will not cover the non-resident fee for domestic (US) students as Ohio residency can be established; international students will continue to have their non-resident fees covered.

Renewal of assistantship awards is possible. An approved Tentative Degree Plan (TDP) on file in the Graduate College is required for processing the second year contract. Funding as a graduate student is available for a maximum of three years at the doctoral degree level. Funding for a fourth year is not guaranteed but may be available, provided that you have successfully defended your preliminary exam and your dissertation proposal.

To retain an appointment, graduate assistants must make satisfactory progress toward a degree, and must perform duties satisfactorily according to the terms of the appointment.

The HIED program is fortunate to have an on-going relationship with a number of potential assistantship sites, typically at least as many as we have entering full-time students. Prospective students must interview with these supervisors and receive an offer to secure a graduate assistantship. The university will coordinate the interview process for invited prospective students who apply by December 1 by arranging an Interview Weekend (known as I-Days) early in the spring semester. Those applications reviewed after the Interview Weekend will receive help but will need to arrange interviews directly with the assistantship sites.

George Washington Carver Program for Graduate Students in Higher Education

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The assistantship award recipients receive full tuition and competitive graduate student stipends for their first academic year. Master’s candidates may renew their scholarships for one additional year; doctoral candidates can add two more years. Students are also eligible to participate in funded research projects during the summer months.

The awards are renewable contingent on satisfactory progress in the student’s academic program and availability of funds.

The George Washington Carver Assistantship Program is designed to advance the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences commitment to access, equity, justice, and inclusion, and to enhance the diversity of our graduate student population. The assistantship is available on a competitive basis to nominated students applying for Fall or Spring admission who are U.S. citizens and/or U.S. permanent residents. Students from minority serving institutions such as Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs), and Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) are encouraged to apply.

Recipients are students seeking master’s degrees or doctorates who aspire to a career in higher education or in the agricultural or life sciences industries.

Higher Education Student Affairs Graduate Assistantships

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Acceptance into HESA(Higher Education and Student Affairs) guarantees a placement in a graduate assistantship, usually offered through the Division of Student Affairs. Graduate assistantships are awarded through an interview process, which matches students interests and skills with available two-year assistantships. Graduate assistantships offer students the opportunity to combine the theories, gained through classroom instruction, with supervised, real-world experiences. Assistantships are designed to give students the skills and knowledge to function effectively in the workplace. In addition, graduate assistantships at the University of Connecticut offer an exceptional compensation package, providing a full tuition waiver, and medical and dental insurance options. Graduate assistantships are usually nine-month positions, however, some graduate assistantships can be extended through the summer between a student’s first and second years.

A typical Graduate Assistant stipend for a nine-month appointment is $24,798.20. Additional pay may also be available for students who chose to stay on campus and work during the summer months. Graduate assistants are able to access employer-provided health and dental insurance and numerous other benefits including paid time off, partial fee waivers, and reduced-cost parking.

Admitted students who seek a Graduate Assistantship will be invited to interview for available graduate assistantships. Interviews typically occur during the HESA Admitted Students Weekend, and in some instances may occur outside of that window of time. Shortly after the interviews, admitted students seeking a Graduate Assistantship will be notified of their candidacy.

Teaching and Research Assistantships

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Assistantships, which provide a stipend and in-state rate tuition scholarship, also complement your learning experiences by providing the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge you have gained.

Appointments are for one year with the possibility of renewal for additional years.

Teaching Assistantships

The 10-month teaching assistantships provide:

  • Tuition scholarship (at the in-state rate)
  • A $20,000 stipend
  • Health insurance/benefits
  • Teaching assistants are expected to help teach up to 20 hours per week.

    Research Assistantships

    The 12-month research assistantships provide:

  • A tuition scholarship
  • A $24,000 stipend
  • Health insurance/benefits may be provided depending on the funding source
  • Responsibilities vary depending on the project.

    Department of Biology (MS & PHD) - Financial Support & Scholarships

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    The Department of Biology offers several Teaching Assistantships for MS and PhD students on a competitive basis.

    The MS Teaching Assistantship includes a full tuition award, a 9-month stipend of $16,500, and 75% of student health insurance at TCU. The award is renewable for a second year, based on satisfactory performance in the first. The workload is no more than 20 hours per week during the 9-month academic year, and most students are assigned to teach labs in either Introductory Biology I & II (BIOL 10501/10511) or Contemporary Issues in Biology (BIOL 10003).

    In addition, MS students may apply for a competitive internal award, the Adkins Fellowship, to provide $3,600 in summer stipend in support of their thesis research between the first and second year.

    For Ph.D. students, the Department of Biology also offers a small number of Teaching Assistantships (full tuition award, a 12-month stipend of $20,000, and 75% of student health insurance at TCU) and one Green Fellowship that is awarded on a competitive base for a single year (full tuition award, a 12-month stipend of $20,000 with no teaching responsibilities, 75% of student health insurance at TCU).

    The Department also provides up to $1,300 of support for MS and PhD students to attend a scientific meeting and present their research.

    Scholarships offered by Texas Christian University include:

    1. Dr. Ray Drenner Biology Student Research Fund

    2. Clifford E. Murphy Memorial Fund

    3. Adkins Fellowship