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Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowship

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The Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowship is a reflection of their Business Principles and is awarded to recognize outstanding students and their achievements. Fellowship recipients will receive a $35,000 award in addition to the Summer Associate salary. Upon successful completion of the summer internship and acceptance of a full-time offer, Fellowship recipients will be awarded an additional $40,000, plus any full-time Associate signing bonus, as applicable.

Women in Science Graduate Fellowship

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Sponsored by the Field Museum’s Women’s Board, the Women in Science Graduate Fellowship awards female graduate students who have completed her qualifying exams.

ASNT Fellowship Award

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The ASNT Fellowship Award provides financial support in the form of a $20,000 cash award, for high-quality research activities in science and technology at the graduate level (M.S. or Ph.D. candidates).

The Financial Awards Committee selects up to five (5) $20,000 awards each year, pending merit and number of submissions.

Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Fellowship

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The Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Fellowship is a U.S. Department of State program run by Howard University that aims to recruit and train exceptional young people who represent racial, gender, religious, and regional diversity and are interested in seeking a Foreign Service career in the United States Department of State. Members of previously underrepresented ethnic communities in the Foreign Service, women, and others in financial need are encouraged to apply.

Graduate Academic Scholarship

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Graduate Academic Scholarship recipients will be required to provide proof of enrollment and college/university payment instructions. The SHRM Foundation will issue a check not to exceed $5,000 directly to the institution for payment of tuition and fees required for enrollment or attendance at the educational institution, or for fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses at the educational institution.

Don Lavoie Fellowship

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For advanced undergraduates, recent graduates considering graduate school, and early-stage graduate students, the Don Lavoie Fellowship is a competitive, renewable, and online fellowship program. Fellowships are available to students from any discipline who are interested in learning how to apply essential ideas in political economy to academic and policy research.

Don Lavoie Fellows participate in a variety of online activities, including an online discussion portal and online reading discussion sessions led by various Hayek Program scholars, which introduce them to key ideas in the Austrian, Virginia, and Bloomington schools of political economy, as well as current work in this tradition.

A stipend and all required readings for online events are included in the Don Lavoie Fellowship, as well as help on research, careers, and graduate school. Conference and research support are available to Lavoie Fellows. A total payment of up to $1250 per semester is available, which includes a stipend and books.

Announcing the Harrison Goodall Preservation Fellowship

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The Harrison Goodall Preservation Fellowship gives graduate students and enterprising professionals the opportunity to undertake a focused pursuit that makes a meaningful contribution to the field of historic preservation and support the stewardship of historic resources not only in the National Park Service but nationwide and at any level.

The fellowship is meant to encourage and help accomplish something exceptional and innovative. Often during the rigors of a preservation graduate program or while in professional employment, there aren’t opportunities to explore issues that can create a difference in the preservation field. The format of the fellowship program is flexible to encourage creativity and allow fellows to continue to study, work, or engage in other activities.

Women History Institute Summer Research Fellowship

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The Women’s History Institute of Historic Hudson Valley is pleased to offer Summer Research Fellowships to support college and graduate students engaged in scholarly research connected to the lives of women in the Hudson Valley throughout the centuries.

Fellowship stipends are $3,000 for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of three months’ duration.

Woodrow Wilson Higher Education Media Fellowship

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The Woodrow Wilson Higher Education Media Fellowship seeks to increase the number of journalists with the tools and networks to provide postsecondary education, in a particular career and technical education, with a richer and more detailed coverage. The Fellowship program is funded and managed by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation through the ECMC Foundation.

The Fellowship is open to U.S. journalists who are education beat reporters or those whose work experience includes reporting on education and associated workforce development, social, or public policy issues.

Gates Millennium Scholars Program

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The goal of the Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) program is to encourage academic excellence and provide an opportunity for outstanding minority students with substantial financial need to achieve their highest potential by reducing financial barriers for students with high academic and leadership promiscuity in African American, American Indian/Alaska Resident, Asian Pacific Islander American and Hispanic American

Each year, GMS has chosen 1,000 new scholars and we are now supporting more than 20,000 Gates Scholars. Around 54 percent of scholars are first-generation learners, the first to go to college in their communities. After receiving a Bachelor's degree, close to 37.5 percent of Gates Millennium Scholars transition to graduate school.

Mellon Emerging Faculty Leaders Award

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The Leaders Award of the Mellon Emerging Faculty supports tenure-track faculty who have passed their midpoint check. The award is designed to free up the time of junior faculty who have passed their midpoint tenure examination, including those from underrepresented groups and those who are dedicated to eradicating inequalities in their fields so that they can both participate and create support structures, networks, and affinity groups that make their fields and campuses more inclusive. Eligible candidates must have had their third-year examination or the equivalent of their institution passed.

Intercollegiate Studies Institute Graduate Fellowships

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Intercollegiate Studies Institute Graduate Fellowships provide up to $15,000 to outstanding graduate students who intend to teach. Hundreds of ISI graduate fellowship program graduates are now teaching at colleges and universities around the country.

AARP Foundation Women's Scholarship Program

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The Women's Scholarship Program of the AARP Foundation allows women with low incomes to achieve opportunities. Education, training and skills upgrades were funded by the Foundation's scholarship program, leading to improved job prospects and enhanced financial stability for women and their families.

UNCF K-12 Education Fellowship Program

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The UNCF K-12 Education Fellowship Program is an initiative for leadership and talent growth aimed at creating a strong pipeline of high-performing African Americans interested in the reform of education in America.

Fellows are expected to work 30-40 hours a week during their internship and assume full staff duties. Fellows work in fields such as activism, legislation, science, marketing, and/or education/teaching to complete projects. Before beginning their internships, students accepted into the Fellowship are expected to attend and engage in 3 to 4 days of leadership and professional development training.

Fellows will focus on their experience in the summer, build a success plan that leverages the talents they have gained, learn about post-graduate fellowships and graduate schools, and meet with job recruiters.

NABJ Ethel Payne Fellowship

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A $5,000 reward awarded to a deserving journalist is the NABJ Ethel Payne Fellowship. The fellowship offers an opportunity for a member of NABJ to gain expertise in international correspondence and the required assistance to complete a project or single paper. Beyond the popular storylines of HIV/AIDS, famine, and war, the fellowship was founded to provide rich coverage of the African continent. In order to tell the untold and dynamic stories of Africa and African people, proposed projects are encouraged.

Margaret Yardley Fellowship

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The Margaret Yardley Fellowship Fund was founded in 1930 to offer fellowship grants to eligible New Jersey women seeking post-graduate advanced studies at the school of their choosing.

Farnham Yardley made the first donation to the fund.  Last year, the NJSFWC has been able to give between six and eight   fellowship grants to worthy women. This fellowship fund's information (including application forms) is distributed to all New Jersey universities, state colleges, and private four-year colleges, as well as graduate programs at Harvard University and New York University.

Kathryn D. Sullivan Earth and Marine Science Fellowship

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Fellowship money awarded by the SC Space Grant Consortium and SC Sea Grant Consortium will be administered through your institution’s Grants and Sponsored Programs Offices. Indirect charges (IDCs) are NOT ALLOWED on any SC Space Grant student awards. A fellowship of $14,000 will be awarded, with each of the sponsoring programs contributing. SC Space Grant Consortium will contribute $8,000 and SC Sea Grant Consortium will contribute $6,000. No institutional match is required.

Arthur S. Tuttle Fellowship

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Through the generosity of ASCE President, Arthur S. Tuttle, a scholarship bequest was established in 1983.

The purpose of the fellowship is to further the education of worthy students in any civil engineering discipline.

Applicants must be members of the Society, in any grade, and must be in good standing at the time of application and the time of award.

Scholarship funds are generally applied to tuition expenses during civil engineering graduate study leading to the Masters degree in an accredited educational institution.

Financial need and educational standing will be considered in selecting recipients.

All applications will be reviewed by the Society Awards Committee or its designee for recommendation to the Executive Committee for final approval.

The committee reserves the right to recommend that no award be made in a particular year if no meritorious applications are received.

Selection is based on appraisal of applicant’s justification, educational plans, academic performance, potential for development, leadership and financial need.

The amount of the fellowship will be determined annually by and subject to approval of the Executive Committee of the ASCE Board of Direction based on income from the fund endowment.

Award funds will be sent to the recipient for tuition assistance.

Caroline Thorn Kissel Summer Environmental Studies Scholarship

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To promote environmental studies by students who are residents of New Jersey or nonresidents studying in New Jersey or its surrounding waters.

Provides $3000 in financial assistance to one scholar annually for a summer environmental study selected by the applicant.

Center for Public Integrity (CPI) Fellowship

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The Center for Public Integrity (CPI) is a nonprofit digital news organization dedicated to producing original, responsible investigative journalism on issues of public concern. Journalists, FOIA experts, researchers, and data experts conduct domestic and cross-border investigations into a wide range of topics, including the environment, health policy, national security, juvenile justice, government accountability, federal and state lobbying, and financial regulatory reform. Projects and stories are produced on the CPI website and distributed through mainstream media outlets.