BGSU Higher Education Assistantship at College of Education and Human Development

Awarded by Bowling Green State University - College of Education & Human Development
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BGSU offers Graduate Assistantships for full-time doctoral students in the Higher Education Administration (HIED) program, let us gather more information about the assistantships including their role, benefits, eligibility criteria and other information:

Graduate Assistantships Eligibility:

  • Graduate assistantships are available for full-time doctoral students in the Higher Education Administration (HIED) program which offers valuable experience and financial support for HIED doctoral students at BGSU.
  • If good progress in your degree and fulfilment of your duties are visible, then you'll be eligible for the HIED program.
  • To get an assistantship, future students need to talk to their potential supervisors in an interview. If they do well in the interview and get an offer, they can then secure the assistantship.

Graduate Assistantship Roles:

  • These assistantships cover both Administrative and Research roles. 

Graduate Assistantship Benefit:

  • The Stipend specified by the HIED program is $16,000 for the academic year, and it is paid bi-weekly.
  • At the doctoral level, the funding provided under HIED is available for up to three years with the potential for a fourth year only if certain academic criteria are fulfilled.

Period for the Assistantship:

  • 64 credit hours of the program are covered under the tuition scholarship.

Assistantship for International Students:

  • International students don't have to pay extra fees for being from another country. However, if you are a US student you can work on becoming an official resident of Ohio after your first year. Once you're a resident, you won't have to pay the extra fees that non-residents do.

Assistantship Renewable:

  • If the Tentative Degree Plan (TDP) is approved on file, then renewable is also possible.

In conclusion, we can say that the Graduate Assistants in the HIED program here, are given fair benefits with productive experiences for the future.

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Application Start Date

March 15

Eligibility Criteria


  • Applicant must be a full-time HIED doctoral student at Bowling Green State University
  • Eligibility also requires satisfactory progress toward a degree and fulfilling duties as per appointment terms.


  • Official transcript from all colleges and universities attended (graduate and undergraduate).
  • Current résumé or curriculum vitae detailing academic and professional background; at least 3 years full-time work experience in higher education or closely related field is preferred for successful work experience (preferably post-master’s) is preferred.
  • Statements of Intent in two parts (A Personal Statement and a contemporary issues essay).
  • Three letters of recommendation with HIED program reference form attached.



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    Bowling Green State University-Main Campus


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