Tution and Scholarship by the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology for Graduate programs

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Funding by the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology for Graduate Programs 

Graduate Student Funding:

  • Most funded grants from the administered department mainly support graduate students in their roles as research assistants.

Current Graduate Student Support:

  • Currently, all active graduate students searching for financial help through fellowship or assistantships are being provided with complete support by their departments. federal grants or clinical training resources. provide funding to the majority of these students. 
  • Some students are also assigned to clinical or research duties in other departments or agencies.
  • Others have secured their own financial support through competitive processes at local and national levels.

The Gates Millennium Scholars Program:

  • The Gates Millennium Scholars program is administered by the United Negro College Fund and offers scholarships and fellowships.
  • It is specially made for outstanding low-income students from specific minority groups, including African American, Native American, Hispanic American, and Asian-Pacific American students.
  • The program supports these students in attending graduate institutions of their choice.
  • The program covered all unmet needs after accounting for financial aid, including grants and scholarships. This means it paid for the remaining tuition and fees not covered by other sources of financial aid.

Assistantships by the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology for Graduate Programs:

Departmental Assistantships:

  • If a first-year student is not able to receive the funded grants, then the department has the capacity to offer them a departmental assistantship.
  • Departmental Assistantships are basically a form of financial support provided to graduate students within the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Florida. These assistantships have been made with a combination of benefits, which may include a stipend, tuition waiver, and health insurance coverage.
  • The specific amount of the stipend and other benefits associated with departmental assistantships differs accordingly, and may depend on the funding available and the student's academic standing., Usually, these assistantships aim to provide financial support that covers living expenses and tuition costs.
  • Eligibility for departmental assistantships differs on the basis of the program, department, and the specific fellowship or assistantship opportunity., eligibility is often based on the student's academic performance, research interests, and departmental needs.
  • This Assistantship comes with a responsibility to assist faculty members with research projects, teaching assignments, or administrative tasks within the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology. Duration: The duration of departmental assistantships differs Some may be offered on a yearly basis, while others may be multi-year awards that can be received
  • Multiple times a year, depending on the availability of funding and the department's policies.

Fellowships by the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology for graduate programs: 

Limited Fellowships:

  • According to The department, the availability of fellowships is limited, specifically the Alumni Fellowship and Presidential Fellowship.

Fellowships for Minority Students:

  • There are fellowships available for minority students from various sources.

McKnight Doctoral Fellowship:

  • This fellowship is mentioned as a potential opportunity for newly admitted African American and Hispanic students into specific doctoral degree programs at universities in the State of Florida.
  • It provides a stipend of $12,000 for 12 months.
  • This fellowship also covers tuition and fees and provides an extra allowance for health insurance, computer equipment, books, and supplies which range up to $5,000 annually.
  • You can enjoy this fellowship for a maximum of 5 years.
  • You need to remember that the Eligibility is limited to African Americans and Hispanics who are U.S. citizens.

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University of Florida


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Counseling and Behavioral Psychology, Health Professions




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African American, Asian, Native American, Other


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