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Wake Forest University's "Wake the Arts" initiative is a comprehensive program designed to bolster the arts through various funding priorities, focusing on student support, departmental enhancement, and visionary projects. This initiative underscores the university's commitment to enriching the arts community, fostering interdisciplinary learning, and elevating the educational experience through the arts supporting both the current and future generations of artists, educators, and scholars in the arts community. Some of the salient features of these scholarships are as follows:

Student Support through Creative Exemplar Scholarships:

The initiative seeks to establish four scholarships, each valued at $350,000. These scholarships are intended to supplement Presidential Scholarships and offer additional financial support to students. They can be specifically designated to a particular department, allowing for targeted support in areas of the arts where students show exceptional promise.

Departmental Support with Endowed or Current-Use Funds:

To bolster departmental resources, the initiative includes the creation of endowed or current-use department funds. Endowments start at $50,000, and with contributions of $100,000 or more, donors have the flexibility to direct their support to a specific area of their choice within the arts departments. This targeted funding allows for sustained and focused growth in areas that are most in need or have the greatest potential for impact.

Visionary Projects for Broad Impact:

A range of visionary projects are part of this initiative, each designed to have a significant impact on the arts at Wake Forest:

Curator of Educational Outreach: With a funding goal of $250,000 for current use or $1.5M for an endowment, this role is pivotal in integrating the Wake Forest art collection into the curriculum, overseeing engagement programs, and serving as an academic liaison. This position is crucial for bridging the gap between academic learning and practical, hands-on experience in the arts.

Faculty Fellowships in the Arts: These fellowships, ranging from $100,000 to $1M, empower the Dean of the College to recognize and reward faculty members for their contributions to research, teaching, and mentoring in the arts. This not only supports faculty development but also enhances the quality of arts education offered to students.

Digital Visual Resource Center: With a funding goal of $250,000, this centre is envisioned as a dynamic space within the art department for teaching and production, providing students and faculty with state-of-the-art resources.

Historical Costume Study Collection: An investment of $250,000 is aimed at creating a controlled space for preserving Wake Forest’s costume collection, which is an invaluable resource for students studying fashion, design, and history.

Endowed Fund for Music Excellence: This fund, requiring $250,000, is dedicated to replacing, refurbishing, and storing musical instruments, ensuring that music students have access to high-quality equipment.

Conservation Funds for University Collections: With named funds starting at $50,000, this initiative focuses on the conservation of over 2,000 works in the University's collection, preserving these valuable assets for future generations.

Center for Interdisciplinary Arts: Starting at $50,000, these named funds support the Center's innovative approach to education, blending performing arts with other academic disciplines, thereby enriching the learning experience.

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