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Harvard University offers financial support for students admitted to the Master's program in Data Science. Students will qualify for financial aid after they satisfy all the admission requirements.

For the data science masters program, students receive grant funds to cover a portion of tuition costs each term and federal financial aid options.

Harvard University offers a variety of payment options depending on the circumstances. In order to improve money management abilities and help students achieve their financial objectives, Harvard University also offers Financial Wellness classes.

Eligibility for Financial Aid to Masters in Data Science

Your eligibility for financial aid that will assist you in covering the cost of your education is determined with aid from the Student Financial Services team. The material on financial help is geared toward two different groups of people: funding for admitted candidates and general and pre admission students.

If you are accepted into a graduate school as a US citizen or an eligible noncitizen, you are eligible to apply for federal, state, and institutional financial aid. Please take note that only institutional aid applications are accepted from admitted candidates who have been given Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status. As a student, you fit this description if,

You have submitted the Data Science Masters program admissions application.

The dean or the director of the Data Science program has formally accepted you.

The steps to apply for Financial Aid are:

  1. Complete the FAFSA application
  2. Get an offer outlining your eligibility for financial aid, including the amount and type(s) of aid you are qualified for.
  3. If you want a federal student loan, you must sign a master promissory note.
  4. If you're taking out a federal student loan for the first time, you must finish the required entrance counseling.

Students who are taking courses but have yet to be admitted to a program at the Harvard Extension School will also have limited funding opportunities. You will be considered as 5c if, 

  • You are enrolling in admissions courses and preparing to submit an application.
  • You aren't enrolled in a program and are instead taking courses.
  • You are pursuing a professional qualification by enrolling in courses.

The priority deadline to complete the application is June 1 for the fall term and November 1 for the spring term.

There are limited scholarships offered for non-admitted students by Harvard Extension School which include Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Scholarship, Lowell Teacher Scholarship, Lowell Student Scholarship, Poetry in America Teachers Scholarship, and Community Scholarships.

Types of Financial Aid offered for Masters in Data Science Program

Admitted degree candidates may be eligible for financial aid to cover all or part of their tuition expenses. Admitted degree candidates may be eligible for private loans, federal loans, grants, and scholarships, among other forms of financial aid.

  • Private Student Loans: 

If you have additional financial needs despite obtaining federal, state, or institutional aid, you might be qualified to take out a private credit-based student loan from a lender of your choosing, up to the cost of attendance. Through an RFI, Harvard annually requests proposals from lenders providing non-federal school loans in order to inform its students about available private loan options. Although domestic borrowers may be eligible for government loans with better conditions, they are not obligated to use these lenders. Before submitting an application for a private loan, graduate students may want to think about applying for a Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan.

The certification of loans could take two weeks. Your lender can demand more time for processing. Keep in mind that students with poor academic status may not be approved for private student loans.

Student Financial Services considers tuition, housing and food, books and supplies, personal, and transportation expenses.

  • Federal Loans:

The US Department of Education offers the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. If you are qualified to borrow under the program, you can do so with more favorable deferment, forgiveness, and cancellation options and at interest rates that are lower than many other student loans.

You must be enrolled in courses that satisfy requirements for your undergraduate, graduate, or premedical program at least half-time 8 credits per term for autumn or spring, and 4 credits in the summer to be eligible for federal direct loans.

Graduate students are eligible for up to $20,500 in Unsubsidized Loans and not eligible for subsidized loans.

  • Grants:

On the basis of predicted family contribution and enrollment status each term, grants are made available to qualified candidates to help pay a portion of the tuition costs. Money from an Extension School Grant can only be used for tuition. Your eligibility for grants may be modified if you are receiving other financial aid that pays for your tuition. Grants are offered to students, who submit the complete financial aid application by the priority deadline, demonstrate financial need, and maintain satisfactory academic progress.

For premedical applicants accepted to Harvard Extension School who have finished at least two premedical courses and kept a GPA of 3.0 or better, grant assistance is available. Candidates must meet the priority deadline and show financial need in order to be taken into consideration. For a small number of premedical candidates, these funds typically cover up to two courses annually.

Your determined financial need cannot be met by federal direct loans, grants, or subsidized scholarships. The amount of your grant award varies according on your calculated EFC and semester enrollment.

  • Scholarships:

The Extension School offers grants that pay the tuition for one graduate course per term. The course must not be offered by the Extension School's curriculum and must be relevant to the candidate's subject of study there.

By the priority deadline for fall or spring, students must finish and submit all necessary financial aid application forms as well as the supplemental FAS Special Student Scholarship application in order to be eligible for scholarships. Financial necessity and intellectual merit are taken into consideration while selecting recipients. Candidates for scholarships must have a cumulative GPA of 3.33 or above.

Various Scholarships offered by the Harvard Extension School includes

Kwan Fong Scholarship, Lowell Scholarship, and Leonard J. Russell Scholarship.

  • Funding for Veterans and Military

Benefits for schooling may be available to veterans through the Veterans Administration. Veterans and present duty military personnel could be qualified for TA at the Extension School. Veterans and qualifying dependents may be eligible to receive GI Bill.

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