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Scholarships and Assistantships in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering at Tufts University

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Here is the information about Scholarships, fellowships, and assistantships for students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering, Generally this information is for full-time students in doctoral programs.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences:

  • Qualified students in PhD and master's programs in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are provided tuition scholarships.
  • They offer several school-wide and department-specific funding opportunities and fellowships to students who demonstrate outstanding records of achievement and a good plan of study.
  • Teaching Assistantships as well as Research Assistantships are available through departments.
  • Awards for Master's Programs: The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences also provides awards to full-time students in master's programs. However, certificate students are not eligible for these awards

The School of Engineering:

  • Tuition Scholarship: This is a financial help for PhD students in the School of Engineering. It covers the cost of their tuition.
  • Tufts Alumni Scholarship: If you're a Tufts graduate and enrolling in a master's program in engineering, then there are chances that you may get financial support from here.
  • Bridge School Alumni Scholarship: Similar to the Tufts Alumni Scholarship, this is for graduates of specific bridge schools.
  • Certificate Students: These students are not eligible for the scholarships mentioned above. These scholarships are meant for students who are studying to earn a full degree, like a master's or a PhD, not just a certificate.
  • Teaching Assistantships: These are positions where students help with teaching in their department. They assist in classrooms, grade papers, or support instructors.
  • Research Assistantships: These positions are mainly in science and engineering. Students get paid to do research under the guidance of a faculty member.
  • Fellowships: These are special awards for students with excellent academic records and a clear plan of study. It provides financial support for their studies.

Graduate Assistantships in Music at Converse University

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Graduate assistantships in the Petrie School of Music provide opportunities for Master of Music students to receive financial support for their education. These assistantships can include a rejection of college tuition and may also provide a stipend. Although the specific tasks and responsibilities associated with each assistantship can differ from one to another.

  • These assistantships are granted by the Dean of the School of the Arts and are based on the applicant's qualifications, the School's needs, and the availability of funds. They are awarded for one year, with the possibility of renewal for a second year, depending on the student's performance, the School's requirements, and funding availability. Full-time students with regular graduate status will be preferred.
  • Once a graduate assistantship is offered, a formal agreement is signed by the student and the Dean, in which they specify the work hours and terms of the assistantship. Graduate assistants are expected to provide monthly reports in which they are required to give details about their work hours, this must be verified and signed by their supervisor before submission to the Business Manager. The number of work hours required will depend on the level of the award.
  • It's important to note that Graduate Performance Diploma students are not considered for these assistantships.

Assistantship Duties:

Graduate assistants in the School of the Arts are supposed to fulfil the role designated by the Dean. The School struggles to provide responsibilities that will help improve the graduate assistant's qualifications. These tasks can involve aiding faculty in classrooms or performing various duties related to music, such as working in the library, assisting with recording, participating in opera theatre activities, or providing office support, among others. The number of hours they work depends on the specific award they receive. In simpler terms, graduate assistants have a job within the School, and the tasks they perform are intended to benefit their learning and development.

M.Ed. in Higher Education Graduate Assistantships

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The University of Houston, in partnership with the UH Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services, offers a range of Graduate Assistantship opportunities for master's students, providing practical work experience in higher education alongside their full-time M.Ed. studies, let us get into it to extract more information:

Assistantship Benefits:

These Assistantships provide benefits to students such as:

  • These Assistantships generally offer a stipend of approximately $1,200 per month.
  • Non-resident tuition waivers,
  • Health insurance,
  • Room,
  • Meals.

Assistantship Requirements:

  • Students on Graduate Assistantships must pursue their M.Ed. on a full-time basis and cannot have outside employment, consideration for a graduate assistantship is only possible after admission into the M.Ed. in Higher Education program.
  • Students in these assistantships are procured through an interview process on the University of Houston campus.

Assistantship Availability:

  • The availability of assistantships differs yearly as new positions open and current assistantship students graduate.

In Conclusion, a Graduate Assistantship at The University of Houston is given to potential M.ed students, it also provides a good amount of benefits to students.

Self. Scholarship for Entrepreneurs

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The Self scholarship is our way of helping the next generation of entrepreneurs.

International Fellowships AAUW

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International Fellowships are awarded for full-time study or research in the United States to women who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Both graduate and postgraduate studies at accredited U.S. institutions are supported.

Selected Professions Fellowships AAUW

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Selected Professions Fellowships are awarded to women who intend to pursue a full-time course of study at accredited U.S. institutions during the fellowship year in one of the designated degree programs where women’s participation traditionally has been low. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Leadership Exchange Scholarship

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Partial tuitions scholarships are available ranging from $500 – $2000. Priority is given to students from developing countries.

Malyon Smith Scholarship Research Award

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The Malyon-Smith Scholarship is a fund that annually awards up to $1,000 to selected graduate students in psychology to advance research on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI). The award represents one of the division's major efforts to mentor and support science in LGBT psychology by encouraging the work of young researchers. Faculty members are strongly encouraged to inform students of this award so that we can continue to insure the future of LGBT research in psychology.

Tom Steel Fellowship — Pride Law Fund

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The Tom Steel Post-Graduate Fellowship provides funding for a new lawyer to work in the United States on an innovative, public interest law project that serves the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

The Steel Fellowship is the first fellowship of its kind anywhere in the country. In typical years, the annual Fellowship is a $30,000 award for an individual to complete full-time work for twelve (12) months. Pride Law Fund seeks to fund "cutting edge" projects with the potential to make a lasting impact.

WAEPA Scholarship Program

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The WAEPA Scholarship Program is a significant initiative that has provided over $2 million in scholarships to deserving students. This program is administered by Scholarship Management Services, a division of Scholarship America, which specializes in managing scholarship and tuition reimbursement programs for various entities. Let us get into it and extract more information about it:


  • This scholarship program is open to students pursuing full-time studies at accredited institutions.
  • Eligible institutions can include both four-year colleges and two-year vocational schools.

Scholarship Amounts:

  • 70 scholarships worth $2,500 each are available for students attending four-year colleges or universities.
  • 10 scholarships worth $1,250 each are available for students attending two-year colleges or vocational-technical schools.

Inclusive Selection Criteria:

  • Scholarships are awarded without any consideration of race, colour, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, or national origin. This reflects the commitment to fairness and inclusivity in the selection process.


  • It's important to note that WAEPA Members and Associate Members are not eligible to apply for these scholarships. This restriction ensures that the scholarships are available to a broader pool of applicants.

In short, the WAEPA Scholarship Program, administered by Scholarship Management Services, offers financial support to students pursuing full-time education at accredited institutions, including four-year colleges and vocational schools. It emphasizes inclusivity and provides scholarships of varying amounts to support students in their academic interests.

Disabledperson Scholarship Competition

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In order to qualify, the student must be enrolled in a 2 or 4 years accredited college or university in the United States of America. They must be a matriculated student and attending school full-time and U.S. citizen. We will accept students who are not attending school full-time as long as the part-time attendance is due to their disability and not their financial situation (minimum of 6 credits for undergraduate, 6 credits for graduate). Unfortunately, we are not able to award scholarships to high school students.

Frame My Future Scholarship Contest Church Hill Classics

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The entry with the most votes will win the Grand Prize of a $5,000 scholarship. The 2nd place entry will receive a $1,000 scholarship, and 3rd place will receive a $500 scholarship.

1 Grand Prize Winner: $5,000 scholarship and a custom frame.

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Lemons (Lawrence and Pauline) Scholarship

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Two separate four-year scholarships will be given annually to Scotts Bluff County graduates under 30 years of age. Preference will be given to lineal descendants of Harry and Mabel Wisner and Guy and Florence Lemons (lineal descendants are not required to be Scotts Bluff County graduates) if such descendants meet all other criteria for eligibility. Winners and alternates will be selected.

Scholarships are paid directly to the school. In the case of overseas students, special arrangements may be necessary. Recipients are responsible for forwarding college transcripts to OTCF within three (3) weeks of the end of each grading period. Failure to send transcripts jeopardizes scholarship renewal.

If scholarship recipients or their parent(s) move to new address, notification [including new address(es) and phone number(s)] must be given to the Oregon Trail Community Foundation. OTCF must also be notified if the recipient transfers to a different college.

The scholarship will be rescinded and awarded to the alternate if the recipient does not enroll as a full-time student for the first semester for which the scholarship is awarded.

NAJA graduate Scholarship

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The National Association of Junior Auxiliaries, Inc. was established in 1941 with the purpose of uniting members "to render charitable services which are beneficial to the general public, with particular emphasis on children, and to cooperate with other organizations performing similar services." Today the growing Association continues the focus of meeting the needs of children and youth in keeping with the NAJA slogan: "Caring Hearts. Helping Hands. Changing Lives."

Scholarships are awarded each April. If more than one Scholarship year is required to complete studies, the recipient may reapply, provided all previous agreements have been fulfilled satisfactorily.

Graduate Assistantships at West Chester University

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Let's get to witness some Graduate assistantships and scholarships at West Chester University with their eligibility criteria.

Graduate assistantships are available to qualified graduate students. Who will be hired and who will not be hired will be decided by the department offering the assistantship.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • To be eligible for this, students need to be fully enrolled in a graduate program which means they should be officially seeking a degree. Students who are only pursuing a certification or have some conditions on their acceptance can't get these benefits unless those conditions are fixed before the semester starts. In simple terms, it's for students who are full-time degree-seekers, not for those doing certificates or with pending admission conditions.

Academic Standing:

  • Graduate students who have assistant jobs must do well in their classes with a minimum grade average of 3.0. If they don't, or if they do a bad job at work, there are chances that they lose their assistant job. Some departments even want students to have higher grades to keep their jobs. In simple terms, students with assistant jobs should get good grades and do their work well, or they could lose their jobs.

Enrolment criteria:

  • Graduate assistants have to take a certain number of advanced classes as agreed in their job contract. If they change their class schedule, they will have to pay extra money, and they could lose the help they get with their tuition fees. So, they should stick to their agreed-upon classes to avoid problems.

Residence Hall Graduate Assistantships:

  • Full-time graduate students can sometimes work in residence halls, helping with things like 25 hours of work each week. They get paid, so they don't have to pay some school fees, and they also get a place to stay and meals. They choose students in certain programs or those who lived in the residence halls before to do this job.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships in the Geography and Geoinformation Science department

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Graduate Teaching Assistants in the Geography and Geoinformation Science department are selected on the basis of the student's knowledge of the subject and previous teaching experience. This means that what they know and how well they've taught before are considered when selecting them.

  • This means that Ph.D. students working as full-time Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) will be charged the same lower, in-state tuition rate for their studies, even if they come from another state. However, Master of Science students who are from out of state will need to cover the extra cost in tuition that makes up the difference between the in-state and out-of-state rates. So, Ph.D. GTAs get a tuition discount, while MS students from out of state may have to pay more.
  • Graduate Student Health Insurance: Ph.D. students are offered health insurance support which helps in reducing the cost of health coverage. This support is basically available to students starting their roles in the Fall. However, if a student joins the program in the Spring semester, they may not be eligible for this health insurance support until the following Fall. In short, it's a benefit given to students that begins in the Fall for most Ph.D. students.
  • Renewals: When it comes to renewing the appointments for Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs), you need to know that it doesn't happen automatically. To be considered for renewal, graduate students need to show that they are making good progress in their degree programs. This highlights how crucial it is for students to meet their academic obligations and continue to perform well to secure a renewal for their GTA positions.

Masters Fellowships

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The organization focuses on investing in graduate students and PhD students and their contributions to advancing research. Full-time PhD students get comprehensive support, which includes tuition remission, a stipend, and a health insurance subsidy.

Guaranteed Offers: In most cases, offers of support for PhD students are guaranteed, as long as the student is making progress toward completing their degree. This means that as long as students meet certain academic and progress requirements, their financial support will be maintained.

Department-Specific Fellowships: Each engineering department will offer specific fellowships. This means that there will be additional opportunities for financial support and recognition of academic excellence within the individual departments.

Assistantships at Kent State University

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Graduate assistantships are a common means of supporting graduate students while also providing them with valuable professional experience. Here are some basic information about Graduate assistantships at Kent State University. 

  • Types of Assistantships: Graduate assistantships come in three types - administrative, teaching, and research roles. They help graduate students by providing financial support and valuable work experience, but they're more common for doctoral students.
  • Academic Balance: Assistantship work is designed not to help students with their studies but to help them grow intellectually and reach their degree goals.
  • Financial Aid: Assistantships are considered a form of financial aid to support graduate students in completing their programs which includes a stipend or monthly payment and tuition remission.
  • Health Insurance: Historically, Kent State University has provided a partial health insurance credit for graduate students, but the availability of this credit may differ
  • Duties: The specific duties associated with assistantships basically differ by discipline and program. These duties may include data collection, entry, analysis, attending conferences, and training and supervising less experienced research personnel.
  • Working hours: Full-time assistantships are generally up to 20 hours of work per week (50% time), while half-time assistantships are up to 10 hours of work per week (25% time). Students may hold two half-time assistantships to total 50% time.
  • International Students: International students may have restrictions on working more than 20 hours per week due to their visa regulations.
  • Eligibility: To be eligible for graduate assistantships, students must be enrolled full-time in a specific degree program. Part-time and non-degree graduate students are typically not eligible for assistantships or tuition waivers.

Distance Education MS in Biomedical Informatics - Financial Aid

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Many US government fellowships and other grants do not sponsor students in the HCP MS program because of the program's mandatory research requirements. Many loan programs for students need full-time enrollment. For this online master's program, BMI does not offer financial help.

For employees enrolling in graduate study, some firms will cover the cost of tuition.

Online Master of Science in Biomedical and Health Informatics - Financial Aid available

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Online MS students may be qualified for financial help, but the specific sort of aid may depend on a number of different variables. Depending on their individual circumstances, students may be eligible for grants, scholarships, loans, or tax deductions for their tuition and educational expenses. Whether a student is enrolled full-time, part-time, or not at all can have an impact on their eligibility for financial aid. Another consideration is whether they are taking courses for credit or not.