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Linda Lentz Hubert Grant

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The Linda Lentz Hubert Grant, named in honor of an alumna, former professor, and champion of graduate education at Agnes Scott, is awarded to select students enrolled in the Writing and Digital Communication Program. Students enrolled for a Master of Arts will receive a total grant of $5,500 and students enrolled for a graduate certificate will receive a total grant of $3,000.

This grant is awarded based on a combination of an applicant's academic and professional history, and all application materials are considered in grant award decisions.

The Innovator’s Grant

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The Innovator’s Grant is offered to graduate students on a competitive basis at the time of admission. This grant is allocated per class by semester and available to eligible applicants.

Grants are allocated per class by semester. Students must complete curriculum requirements to receive the full grant amount.

Applicable Master's degree programs include Data Analysis and Communication, Social Innovation, and Technology Leadership and Management.

Applicable graduate Certificate programs include Data Visualization, Evaluation and Assessment Methods, and Technology Leadership and Management.

The Dean’s Grant

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The Dean’s Grant is an award offered on a competitive basis at the time of admission. This grant is allocated per class by semester and available to eligible applicants.

Grants are allocated per class by semester. Students must complete curriculum requirements to receive the full grant amount.

The Director's Grant

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The Director's Grant is an award offered on a competitive basis at the time of admission. This grant is allocated per class by semester and available to eligible applicants.

$1,100 is offered for Master's Degrees and $500 - $600 is offered for Graduate Certificate students, depending on the length of program.

Labroots STEM Scholarship

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The program welcomes applications from students needing support for research projects, travel expenses, and training supplies associated with their academic pursuits in one of the STEM fields.

The scholarship will fund one undergraduate or graduate student for one year, providing $2,000 in direct costs. The scholarship is merit-based, and applicants can show their qualifications and need in the application process.

LabRoots supports undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. This program is open to students both in, and outside the US; there are no geographical limits for applicants. LabRoots wishes to encourage all students to stay in science and aims to help students work towards their research and educational goals.

Intel-AFCEA Scholarship For STEM Students

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Intel has partnered with AFCEA to offer an Intel-AFCEA Scholarship for STEM students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate (Master’s or Ph.D.) degree.

The benefits include: Scholarship funding ($5,000 for undergraduate and $10,000 for graduate), potential opportunity for an Intel mentor, Intel job (internship or full-time), and access to trainings, research, Intel architecture (hardware/ software), networking with other Intel scholars and more.

ASNT Fellowship Award

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The ASNT Fellowship Award provides financial support in the form of a $20,000 cash award, for high-quality research activities in science and technology at the graduate level (M.S. or Ph.D. candidates).

The Financial Awards Committee selects up to five (5) $20,000 awards each year, pending merit and number of submissions.

GeneTex Scholarship Program

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GeneTex believes in accelerating scientific advancement and the notion that the genesis of future discoveries begins with the support of young scientists now. The GeneTex Scholarship Program will award a $2000 (USD) scholarship to students pursuing a STEM undergraduate or graduate degree. The scholarship will be awarded to one student twice a year.

Hach & Rose, LLP Annual College Scholarship

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Hach & Rose, LLP will provide $5,000 to help one student who is a graduating senior in high school or in good standing with their university, college, community college, or graduate school in the United States.

This scholarship is awarded in the name of the clients, whose strength through adversity after suffering a serious injury is an inspiration to us every single day. Because the cost of education is rising every year, we created this scholarship to assist graduating high school students, or current college students, with the costs of attending college or graduate school. We hope that this scholarship can ease some of the burdens that deserving students face while supporting themselves and shouldering a heavy workload in school.

Ecology Assistantships - Nicholas School of the Environment

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The Ph.D. program in ecology requires completing a dissertation based on original research. Students typically spend several years on field or lab work after coursework and preliminary exams. Ph.D. students receive support through fellowships, research assistantships, or teaching assistantships, which include a stipend and benefits. The lab usually has about five Ph.D. students, with one or two new students joining annually. Admission is highly competitive, favoring applicants with a Master’s degree, a clear research focus in marine conservation ecology, and qualities that align with the lab's collaborative and supportive environment. Students are expected to be dedicated, collaborative, and contribute positively to the lab culture.

Stanford Law School - Financial Aid and Scholarships

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A combination of Tuition fellowships, government loans, and private loans is determined based on demonstrated financial need at the Stanford Law School.

  • Aid is need-based and Approximately 75-80% of students receive some form of financial aid, with the average fellowship portion per student estimated at $25,000 to $28,000 annually.
  • To apply for financial aid, the applicant must fill out FAFSA and CSS forms.
  • Stanford Law School uses an age-based test to determine the dependency percentage from your parent contribution.  
  • At this time, Stanford Law School is unable to provide scholarships or stipends to support graduate students except to an extremely limited degree and only for SPILS applicants. All applicants are encouraged to seek scholarships, grants and fellowships from their home countries, law firms or international programs.

Here are some of the scholarships and fellowships offered for graduate students by Stanford Law School.

Yellow Ribbon Program:

Yellow Ribbon Program is a type of financial aid which has majorly been available for military or the veteran community. This aid is specially designated in the memory of those who lost their lives in the 11th September 2001 terror attack. This is also known as chapter 33 which is the most commonly used VA educational benefits program at Stanford. With the help of this program students can achieve funding for tuition, required fees, books and housing. 

Usually the amount provided by Yellow Ribbon Program to Stanford Law College is $25,162.

If you qualify 100% of the chapter 33 benefits, then you will receive additional funding through Yellow Ribbon Program, which means an annual contribution in the chapter 33 base tuition benefit. Under this program, the VA addresses tuition and fees benefits to Stanford, after which the central financial aid office pays it to the student account. Although, the books and housing benefits are sent in a straight line to students monthly. The student might need to apply their housing benefits to the university bill in order to pay for on campus room and board.

Graduate Family Grant Program:

The graduate family grants are specifically appointed to those whose children are dependent upon them, A person with dependent children can apply for this program. This fund is granted while responding to their expenses such as childcare, healthcare and rent. You may receive the amount between $1,000 to 15,000 depending on your family’s financial situations. Family with children less than the age of 10 would be preferred more.

What is the eligibility requirement to fill this program?

  • You must be a registered graduate student with a registered student status in any of the graduate program, Postdocs are not allowed to fill this program and if both the parents are graduates in that case only one application per family would be required.

What are the children criteria before filling this form?

  • Children must be your legal dependents.
  • New international students must submit alternative documents such as Date of Birth and dependent visas in case they have not filed a recent federal tax return.

What are the household income eligibility criteria to fill this form?

  • If you make an annual income more than $1,25,000 you wouldn't be eligible for the program.
  • You must also provide the necessary income proof, including any received child support, to prove your financial necessity.
  • You should also reveal and submit the financial situation of your partner or the parent of your children if you are sharing a common household.

The Flywheel Fund for Career Choice:

Flywheel fund is a part of Stanford’s financial aid programs, It is basically a new 501(c)(3) non profit organization which will provide philanthropic contributions to Stanford law students who needs to take out loans through Income Share Loan (ISL) for their legal studies. The "Flywheel Income Share Loan" will be signed by Flywheel Fellows and handled by Stride Funding.

  • Under the flywheel fellowship students would be provided with loans for their law school tuition and fees upto $1,70,000. 


Stanford Law School offers the Miles and Nancy Rubin Loan Repayment Assistance Program and the Anonymous Public Service Loan Repayment Assistance Program for graduates who pursue low-paying public interest employment and have significant student debt.

Loans provided by Stanford under this initiative will be 100% repaid.

FLAS fellowships for graduate students:

Graduate students are given Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) grants, which are funded by the U.S. Department of Education and approved under Title VI of the Higher Education Act for the study of a Latin American LCTL.

Academic year fellowships provide a $20,000 subsistence allowance and $18,000 tuition assistance for eligible graduate students undergoing advanced training in designated foreign languages in combination with Latin American Studies and international aspects of professional studies (law, education). CLAS might provide additional assistance based on financial aid need. The term of a fellowship is for one academic year (autumn, winter, spring).

Who is eligible to apply for FLAS? 

  • Professional schools graduate students, with the exception of medical and business institutions.
  • Students with the necessary qualifications and proof of need.
  • Students who speak Haitian Creole, Quechua, Portuguese, or Nahuatl at intermediate or advanced levels.

Opportunity Funds:

Basically, this type of fund is created to help those students who are facing short term financial challenge or maybe temporary financial challenges. For a student facing financial hardship the opportunity fund of Stanford aims to provide $1000 so that the student can easily come out of their financial summons.

Just a few examples of authorized expenses which can be paid by using these funds:

  • Travel related to death or illness
  • Essential household expenses due to an emergency situation
  • Medical emergencies
  • Professional development opportunities such as travel to a clerkship interview or purchasing professional attire
  • Parent, guardian, family attendance at major campus events
  • Other sudden, unexpected financial needs
  • Participation in the life and community of the law school.

Bar exam loans: 

Loans for the bar test are designed to help graduating law students pay for bar-related costs like application and exam fees as well as living expenses while they are studying for the bar.

  • As these loans are not government loans, hence the lenders do not certify a significant amount for these loans though the maximum limit of bar loans can be around $16,000.

Joint degree financial support:

Stanford law school also provides joint degree financial support. For example: JD/MBA: Suppose you study law in your first year and pay the amount a first year student needs to pay, and in the second year you study MBA and pay the asked amount, and then in your third and fourth year you get to attend both the programs by filling joint degree fee, that’s how the joint degree financial support works. 

Advanced degree financial support

American Association of University Women

Women who are not citizens or lawful permanent residents of the United States are eligible to apply for full-time study or research fellowships from the American Association of University Women. For the academic year 2014–2015, the Foundation distributed more than 244 fellowships and grants. At approved institutions, graduate and postgraduate study is supported. By the time of application, candidates must have submitted an application to their desired institution of study. Outstanding academic achievement, professional potential, and the potential for the subject of study to benefit the lives of women and girls in the nation of origin are some of the selection criteria. Women who are still living in their native countries at the time of application are given preference.

The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund - Grants For Women From Developing Countries

The grant's objective is to assist women from developing nations who are dedicated to enhancing the lives of women and children in their own nations in their educational pursuits. Agriculture, architecture and urban planning, civil engineering, education, forestry, journalism, nursing, nutrition, pediatrics, public administration, public health, social sciences, and social work were among the subjects covered by previous award recipients.

  • Five grants totaling around $11,000 are given out year by the MMMF; they are non-renewable.

The Institute for the study of world Politics

The Institute for the Study of World Politics (ISWP) supports doctoral students' research into issues that affect global environmental, political and economic integrity and stability. These intricate and interrelated issues whose resolution requires detailed knowledge and analysis, to which scholars contribute importantly include arms control and conflict resolution; international environmental and population pressures; political and economic disorders that lead to conflicts between and within developing countries and between the North and South; and the complex processes of democratization, protection of human rights and alleviation of destructive ethnic rivalries.

Americans Council for International Education

More than 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students and researchers from across the NIS are placed by the American Councils every year in dozens of fields at hundreds of schools and universities around the US. Competition is used to choose the host institutions. 

The sources of funding are:

Fulbright-Hays Fellowships

Fellowship awards range from $3,100 to $5,800 for online programs and $5,000 to $9,000 for overseas programs. 

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Grants and Student Loans

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All new graduate students who completed an undergraduate degree at North Park University can enter the CMHC program with a 20% tuition reduction thanks to the University’s Alumni Grant. This grant may be used for one course or the full program. It cannot be combined with any other scholarships or discounts that may be offered to you from North Park.

Swedish Covenant Hospital Partnership: North Park University is pleased to provide financial support for employees of Swedish Covenant Hospital (SCH) who enroll in degree programs, either in-person or online, according to the following parameters:

  • Students in the School of Professional Studies are eligible for a 15% tuition reduction.
  • To be eligible for the discount, students must complete an employee verification form available in the Human Resources Department of SCH.
  • Full-time eligible employees of SCH who enroll in a degree program at North Park are awarded a blanket tuition reduction, which represents the full amount of financial aid available from North Park. This discount will not be combined with other North Park grants and scholarships available to other students.
  • Continued employment will be verified annually by North Park University’s Financial Aid Office.
  • CMHC students may also be eligible for veteran’s benefits or other outside scholarships. The University can also work with you to take advantage of employer reimbursement benefits.

    Student Loans: Many graduate students borrow student loans to pay for master’s degrees. All student loans must be repaid; most federal student loans are at a significantly lower interest than other private loans. In order to explore options for student loans, you must complete a FAFSA for each academic year you want loan funding. Generally, you will start loan repayment six months after you graduate or leave school.

    Alumni Grant: The North Park University Alumni can enroll in graduate coursework with a 30% tuition reduction. This grant may be used for individual courses or a whole program, for in-person or online courses. This grant cannot be combined with any other scholarships or discounts that may be offered to you from North Park

    Schott North America Scholarship

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    Annual scholarship created by Schott North America. to encourage the children of Schott North America, Inc. or Gemtron Corporation employees to further their education, to recognize the academic achievement of those graduating from high school and continuing their education, and to motivate recipients to achieve maximum scholastic and vocational potential.

    Joseph L. and Vivian E. Steele Music Scholarship

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    Students from Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Fulton, Juniata, Lancaster, Lebanon, Montour, Northumberland, Perry, Synder, and York counties, studying classical music composition, teaching, and performance.

    Richard P. Covert, Ph.D., LFHIMSS Scholarship for Management Systems

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    The Richard P. Covert, Ph.D., LFHIMSS Scholarship for Management Systems is awarded to a student pursuing a degree from an academic program (undergraduate or higher) that engenders the use of Management Engineering. In addition to the $5,000 scholarship award, the recipient will also receive a trip to the HIMSS Global Health Conference and Exhibition (some restrictions may apply).

    Ventura County Community Foundation Scholarships

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    VCMEDU is a forgivable loan for students. Candidates must intend to practice a minimum of 2 years in Ventura County upon completion of studies and include this statement in the application essay; be enrolled in 2-year nursing program for an A.D.N. in Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, or Los Angeles County OR be from Ventura County and enrolled in a 4-year nursing program for a B.S.N. degree or enrolled for an M.S.N. degree at an accredited college or university in Southern California. Applicants must have a minimum 2.5 GPA and demonstrate financial need. Preference is given in the selection process to prior recipients.

    Ascent $1,000 Monthly Community Champions Scholarship

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    Participation in the Ascent $1,000 Monthly Community Champions Scholarship Promotion constitutes Entrant’s (Entrant is free to disclaim the prize and status as Entrant, and as a result will not be eligible to receive the prize) full and unconditional agreement to these Official Rules. This scholarship is for both graduate and undergraduate students.

    The Promotion is open only to: students that are (i) enrolled in a degree program at least half-time, or technical skills training program (for example, a coding bootcamp) and (ii) legal residents of one of the fifty United States or the District of Columbia, age 18 or older. Employees or agents of Sponsor or its parent or affiliate companies or suppliers, as well as the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings and children) and household members of each such employee or agent, are not eligible. Legal entities are not eligible to enter.

    Stephen Semprevivo Startup Scholarship

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    Stephen Semprevivo is offering two scholarship bundles. Each bundle includes a $2,500 scholarship, 20 hours of assistance on your business plan or strategy, and two Startup books. Eligible applicants must be 16 years and older, attending a high school, college/university, or vocational school, and interested in an entrepreneurial career. Both Graduate and Undergraduate students can apply.

    These scholarships will be awarded to students who are currently pursuing an interest in starting their own business! Whether you are starting the next big tech innovation or a local retail operation the Stephen Semprevivo Startup scholarship could be for you. There is no set type of business so all entrepreneurs are welcome. If you feel as though you deserve the scholarship, you may apply directly here. In order to be considered for this scholarship, you must be enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university. This scholarship is intended for gamers thriving on and offline.

    Harvard University - Harvard Graduate School of Education

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    Project Zero, with the support of the Saul Zaentz Charitable Foundation and individual donations celebrating its 50th anniversary, offers professional learning scholarships aimed at assisting educators and institutions. These scholarships are designed to benefit educators working in under-resourced contexts and with historically marginalized students. Eligible educators in the United States can apply for scholarships to reduce the tuition cost of Project Zero's institutes, courses, off-site conferences, and professional development activities. Educators outside the United States serving a specified percentage of low-income students or those receiving financial assistance may also qualify.

    While scholarship funding is limited, it is intended to make Project Zero's programs more accessible. Scholarships typically cover between 20% and 80% of the program tuition, depending on the specific event. However, it's important to note that the scholarships only apply to program tuition and cannot be used for travel or other associated expenses. The scholarship application process is integrated into the overall program application, and the deadline for the Project Zero Conference (PZC) scholarship is specified. Additionally, for specific Project Zero Courses and the Let's Play Mini-Course, separate scholarship application information is provided, and individuals must apply for scholarships before registering for these programs.

    Eligibility for Project Zero Professional Learning Scholarships is primarily based on the aim to support educators working in under-resourced contexts and with historically marginalized students. Qualified educators whose primary work falls within these settings are eligible to apply. Additionally, educators outside of the United States can qualify if their schools or organizations serve a minimum of 35% of students meeting the country-defined standard for low-income or receiving financial assistance.

    Tuition, Scholarship and Financial Aid at Keiser University

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    The expenditure provided by Graduate students per semester in total is $17,865.

    It is divided between tuition fees and living expenses, so the tuition fees students need to pay is $11,458 and the room and board expenses given by them are $6,407.

    Keiser University offers a range of scholarships and federal aid programs to eligible students so that they can help students afford the cost of attending the university. 

    Academic Merit Scholarships: 

    • This scholarship is available to new first-year or transfer students who are admitted to KU Flagship. The range of awards is $5,000–$16,000.
    • New Graduate students accepted to KU Flagship are eligible for this grant. Awards vary from $4,000 to $12,000.

    General Scholarships: 

    • Band Scholarship: Students who are active members of the Flagship Marching Seahawks are eligible for the band scholarship. Up to $8,000 may be given to full-time students each year.
    • Spirit program scholarship: This one is for students who are active members of the KU Flagship Cheer, Dance, or Mascot programs. Following official tryouts, full-time students may receive up to $8,000 per year at the coaches' discretion.
    • Phi-Theta Kappa Scholarship: Phi Theta Kappa members will get an additional $2,000 PTK award in addition to their merit scholarship from KU if they submit proof of membership to their admissions advisor.
    • Sibling Scholarship award: The Sibling Scholarship Award provides up to 40 percent of tuition for incoming students who have a sibling enrolled at Keiser University.
    • Legacy tuition award: The Legacy Tuition Grant offers up to 40 percent of tuition for the children and grandchildren of Keiser University Flagship Alumni.
    • DECA Scholarship Award: The Deca Scholarship award is valued at up to $5,000 per year, it is renewable for up to four years. If students want to be eligible for this, they need to participate in DECA.


    • Direct PLUS loans: The Direct PLUS loans are unsubsidized loans for parents of dependent students and graduate professional students, it is made for them so that education can be provided to them easily.
    • Subsidized and unsubsidized Direct loans: These are those loans that are available based on financial need, with different terms for interest accrual. 
    • Federal Work-Study (FWS) loans: The FWS are those loans that provide part-time employment to students with financial need.
    • FWEP: FWEP is a need-based program for Florida college students, offering work experiences related to their major.

    The outside Scholarships are funded by private entities and have varying criteria and amounts.

    To sum it up, we can say that Keiser University provides different types of loans and scholarships such as academic merit scholarships and merit scholarships. Here we have provided the information regarding the amount and eligibility of these financial aids.