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AISES Aristocrat/ VGT Scholarship

AISES is pleased to offer a scholarship program in partnership with Aristocrat/VGT for the 2021-2022 academic year. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible, and students in a field related to casino gaming (software development, technology, supply chain, etc.) are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Changemaker Scholarship for Masters Programs

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The Be A Leader Foundation and Claremont Lincoln University are providing two (2) scholarships for up to 25% off tuition for BALF students to apply and pursue their master's degree.

Tuition at CLU is between $23,100 - 25,200, depending on your program choice. Aside from the cost of books, there are no additional fees or expenses. If you are selected for the Changemaker Scholarship, you will be notified of the specific dollar amount of your scholarship in your award letter.

Your scholarship will generally not cover your full program tuition costs. You will need to work with the Office of Student Financial Services to select how you would like to fund the balance of your tuition. Some of the ways students can elect to pay tuition charges include securing student loans through Title IV federal financial aid, making cash payments, applying for private loans through the lender of their choice, employer tuition reimbursement programs, or by finding an additional scholarship or grant programs for which they may be eligible.

Students receive a 10% discount on non-credit professional certificate programs (self-paced): Mindful Leadership, Women Leading Change, Beyond Bias, Human-Centered Design for Social Impact, Digital Storytelling for Social Impact and Anti-human Trafficking.