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Tution and Scholarship by the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology for Graduate programs

Funding by the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology for Graduate Programs 

Graduate Student Funding:

  • Most funded grants from the administered department mainly support graduate students in their roles as research assistants.

Current Graduate Student Support:

  • Currently, all active graduate students searching for financial help through fellowship or assistantships are being provided with complete support by their departments. federal grants or clinical training resources. provide funding to the majority of these students. 
  • Some students are also assigned to clinical or research duties in other departments or agencies.
  • Others have secured their own financial support through competitive processes at local and national levels.

The Gates Millennium Scholars Program:

  • The Gates Millennium Scholars program is administered by the United Negro College Fund and offers scholarships and fellowships.
  • It is specially made for outstanding low-income students from specific minority groups, including African American, Native American, Hispanic American, and Asian-Pacific American students.
  • The program supports these students in attending graduate institutions of their choice.
  • The program covered all unmet needs after accounting for financial aid, including grants and scholarships. This means it paid for the remaining tuition and fees not covered by other sources of financial aid.

Assistantships by the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology for Graduate Programs:

Departmental Assistantships:

  • If a first-year student is not able to receive the funded grants, then the department has the capacity to offer them a departmental assistantship.
  • Departmental Assistantships are basically a form of financial support provided to graduate students within the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Florida. These assistantships have been made with a combination of benefits, which may include a stipend, tuition waiver, and health insurance coverage.
  • The specific amount of the stipend and other benefits associated with departmental assistantships differs accordingly, and may depend on the funding available and the student's academic standing., Usually, these assistantships aim to provide financial support that covers living expenses and tuition costs.
  • Eligibility for departmental assistantships differs on the basis of the program, department, and the specific fellowship or assistantship opportunity., eligibility is often based on the student's academic performance, research interests, and departmental needs.
  • This Assistantship comes with a responsibility to assist faculty members with research projects, teaching assignments, or administrative tasks within the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology. Duration: The duration of departmental assistantships differs Some may be offered on a yearly basis, while others may be multi-year awards that can be received
  • Multiple times a year, depending on the availability of funding and the department's policies.

Fellowships by the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology for graduate programs: 

Limited Fellowships:

  • According to The department, the availability of fellowships is limited, specifically the Alumni Fellowship and Presidential Fellowship.

Fellowships for Minority Students:

  • There are fellowships available for minority students from various sources.

McKnight Doctoral Fellowship:

  • This fellowship is mentioned as a potential opportunity for newly admitted African American and Hispanic students into specific doctoral degree programs at universities in the State of Florida.
  • It provides a stipend of $12,000 for 12 months.
  • This fellowship also covers tuition and fees and provides an extra allowance for health insurance, computer equipment, books, and supplies which range up to $5,000 annually.
  • You can enjoy this fellowship for a maximum of 5 years.
  • You need to remember that the Eligibility is limited to African Americans and Hispanics who are U.S. citizens.

Ethnic Minority and Women’s Enhancement Graduate Scholarship

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The NCAA Committee on Women's Athletics and the NCAA Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee collaborated to establish the Ethnic Minority and Women's Enhancement Graduate Scholarship. The enhancement programs' mission is to expand the pool of eligible minority and female applicants in intercollegiate athletics by providing graduate scholarships.

The NCAA gives $10,000 to 13 ethnic minorities and 13 female college graduates completing their first year of graduate school. The applicant must be applying to or has been accepted into a sports administration or program that will prepare them for a career in intercollegiate athletics, such as athletics administrator, coach, athletic trainer, or a career that offers direct service to intercollegiate athletics.

SAA Native American Graduate Archaeology Scholarship

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The Native American Scholarships endowment fund was established in 1988 to foster a sense of shared purpose and positive interaction between archaeologists and Native Americans. Since 1998, the SAA has used endowment income to award the Arthur C. Parker Scholarship. These scholarships are funded through individual donations, a silent auction held at the SAA Annual Meeting, and external grants.

Goldberg-Miller Public Finance Scholarship

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the GFOA's executive board voted to create the Daniel B. Goldberg Scholarship to recognize outstanding performances by graduate program students preparing for a career in state and local government finance. Goldberg-Miller Public Finance Scholarship is funded by the Girard Miller Foundation.

Gates Millennium Scholars Program

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The goal of the Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) program is to encourage academic excellence and provide an opportunity for outstanding minority students with substantial financial need to achieve their highest potential by reducing financial barriers for students with high academic and leadership promiscuity in African American, American Indian/Alaska Resident, Asian Pacific Islander American and Hispanic American

Each year, GMS has chosen 1,000 new scholars and we are now supporting more than 20,000 Gates Scholars. Around 54 percent of scholars are first-generation learners, the first to go to college in their communities. After receiving a Bachelor's degree, close to 37.5 percent of Gates Millennium Scholars transition to graduate school.

Kathryn D. Sullivan Earth and Marine Science Fellowship

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Fellowship money awarded by the SC Space Grant Consortium and SC Sea Grant Consortium will be administered through your institution’s Grants and Sponsored Programs Offices. Indirect charges (IDCs) are NOT ALLOWED on any SC Space Grant student awards. A fellowship of $14,000 will be awarded, with each of the sponsoring programs contributing. SC Space Grant Consortium will contribute $8,000 and SC Sea Grant Consortium will contribute $6,000. No institutional match is required.

James E. Webb Internship

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James E. Webb Internship is for Minority Undergraduate and Graduate Students in Business and Public Administration.

These opportunities are intended to increase participation of minority groups who are under-represented in the management of scientific and cultural organizations. Interns are placed in offices, museums, and research institutes throughout the Smithsonian Institution.

NBCC Minority Fellowship Program (Master’s Mental Health)

The National Board for Certified Counselors Minority Fellowship Program (NBCC MFP) program is made possible by grants awarded to NBCC by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The NBCC Foundation has been contracted by NBCC to administer 40 master’s-level counseling fellowships of $5,000 for mental health counseling students. Eligible applicants must demonstrate knowledge of and experience with racially and ethnically diverse populations, and commit to providing mental health services to underserved minority transition-age youth (16–25) populations.

The NBCC MFP will help ensure that the behavioral health needs of all Americans are met, regardless of language or culture, thereby reducing health disparities and improving overall community health and well-being. By strategically promoting and providing fellowships to master’s-level counseling students, the NBCC MFP strengthens the infrastructure that engages diverse individuals in counseling and increases the number of professional counselors providing effective, culturally competent services to underserved populations.

Facebook Fellowship Program

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The Facebook Fellowship is a global program designed to encourage and support promising doctoral students who are engaged in innovative and relevant research in areas related to computer science and engineering at an accredited university.

The program is open to students in any year of their PhD study. We also encourage people of diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply, especially those from traditionally underrepresented minority groups. Applications are evaluated based on the strength of the student’s research statement, publication record, and recommendation letters.

Winners of the Fellowship are entitled to receive two years of paid tuition and fees, a $42,000 annual stipend to cover living and conference travel costs, a paid visit to Facebook headquarters for the annual Fellowship Summit, and various opportunities to engage with Facebook researchers.

Facebook Fellowship Award Includes Tuition and fees paid for the academic year (up to two years/four semesters). Paid visit to Facebook headquarters for the annual Fellowship Summit (pending COVID-19 restrictions)

Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) Program

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The Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) Program provides students with educational opportunities to gain real-world, hands-on research experience with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy. The MLEF program was created in 1995 with the goal of improving opportunities for under-represented and minority students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

The mission of the MLEF program is to strengthen a diverse pipeline of future STEM professionals, and this program has mentored several hundred of the best and brightest students from across the nation for future careers in STEM.

As a MLEF participant, you will train under the mentorship of scientists and engineers while working on mission-focused research projects. During the 10-week appointment, you will receive a weekly stipend, and may be eligible for housing and travel allowances. You will also gain insight into how the Department of Energy is working to meet the energy challenges of the future.

Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program

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The Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program is administered through the NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and subject to appropriations. It is funded annually with 1% of the amount appropriated each fiscal year to the NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries to carry out the National Marine Sanctuaries Act.

Each year a Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO) is published in the Federal Register announcing the federal funding opportunity for the Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program. Please be advised that the FFO is the official document for the scholarship opportunity and it is highly recommended that you download it as your guide for applying for the scholarship.

They encourage all Grants.gov applicants to begin the application process at least several days before the application deadline. All applicants should be aware that adequate time must be factored into applicant schedules for the delivery of the application. It may take Grants.gov up to two (2) business days to validate or reject the application. Please keep this in mind in developing your submission timeline. Electronic applicants are advised that volume on Grants.gov can be extremely heavy resulting in further delays.

OWSD PhD Fellowships

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The Fellowship is offered to women scientists from science- and technology-lagging countries (STLCs) to undertake PhD research in the natural, engineering, and information technology sciences at a host institute in another developing country in the Global South.

Note that an applicant, at the time of application, must NOT have an active research grant or fellowship with The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) or have already submitted an application for a TWAS program within the same given year. Only one application per year is possible across all TWAS and OWSD programs. Applicants will not be eligible to visit another institution in that year under the TWAS Visiting Professor programmes./p>

The program is administered with funds generously provided by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and is offered in partnership with host institutes throughout the developing world.

The general purpose of the fellowship programme is to contribute to the emergence of a new generation of women leaders in science and technology, and to promote their effective participation in the scientific and technological development of their countries.

Wisconsin Veteran's Grant for Private Non-Profit Schools

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Awards under this program are made to Wisconsin residents who are enrolled in a bachelor’s or graduate degree program at a WI Association of Independent Colleges and Universities approved school. Students must hold a valid verified veteran status with the Department of Veterans Affairs office and apply to the payment of tuition for educational assistance programs.

The amount of a grant for a student for a semester/session must equal the lesser of $2000 or 50% of the difference from the amount of tuition charged by the private nonprofit institution, and the amount of tuition paid for the student under specified federal veteran educational assistance programs. The bill limits the grants for a student for period of no more than 128 credits, or 8 semesters/sessions, whichever is longer. However, if a student previously received veteran related tuition remissions from the UW Systems or Technical college, that limit is reduced by the number of credits, semesters/sessions for which the student received the tuition remissions previously./p>

Minority Teacher Education Scholarship (MTES) at Florida University

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Offered by the Florida Fund for Minority Teachers (FFMT), this scholarship is available for African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native-American students enrolled in a teacher education program. This program helps these students pursue a career in teaching. Many states and organizations in the United States offer the Minority Teacher Education Scholarship (MTES) to support minority students pursuing careers in teaching.

Eligibility criteria:

The eligibility criteria for the Minority Teacher Education Scholarship is:

  • You need to be a graduate student and also need to attend a four-year college or university for full time.
  • Minority Status: If you want to get enrolled, you must belong to an underrepresented minority group, which can include African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, Asian American, or other minority groups, depending on the specific program.
  • U.S. Citizenship or Legal Residency: This scholarship program needs you to be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.
  • Enrollment in a Teacher Education Program: You must generally be enrolled or planning to get enrolled in a teacher education program at an accredited institution. This program might also provide you with a teaching certification or degree.
  • Academic Achievement: Based on each program, there are certain GPA requirements, To clear these eligibility criteria you must qualify for the GPA requirement of your certain program. A minimum of at least a 2.5 GPA should be maintained
  • Commitment to Teaching: You must ensure that you are committed towards the profession of teaching. It is restricted to students studying education.


$4000 is given to the students enrolled in the Minority Teachers Education Scholarship.


  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education in the subjects of Math, Science, English etc.
  • Special Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Bilingual/ESL Education
  • Educational Leadership/Administration

Tuition and expenses by Yale School of Public Health (YSPH)

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Here you will get information about various aspects of financial aid and scholarships for students at YSPH (Yale School of Public Health) in different programs such as full-time programs, scholarship amounts etc. 

  • Full-time MPH program students can go for two years and can get merit scholarships. 
  • Executive MPH students receive a $10,000 scholarship if they don’t have full funding from external sources.
  • Mexican EMPH students might get an extra $30,000 scholarship.
  • Health insurance is required for all students, and students can find the prices at Yale Health.
  • The cost of Course materials is approximately $212 per year. 
  • It takes 11 consecutive months for Advanced Professional MPH students to complete their degree. 
  • It is necessary for Students to apply separately for admissions and financial aid for each school they attend.
  • There are different financial aid arrangements available for Joint degree program students between Yale College and YSPH.
  • If you're in the Accelerated MPH MBA program, then you must pay SOM (School of Management) tuition rates.
  • MS program students file their applications and financial aid materials through the Graduate School and may work as Teaching Fellows or Research Assistants.
  • five years of stipend and tuition support, along with health coverage is granted to PhD students.
  • PhD program offers research awards to underrepresented minority students, first-generation college graduates, and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Students are motivated to apply for external fellowships.
  • There are different dates for Payment deadlines for fees and financial aid. 
  • You must have to pay your fees at different times depending on the term.
  • Student employment usually helps with living expenses rather than tuition and fees.

In Conclusion, various financial aid options, scholarships, and tuition details for students at YSPH in different programs are available. Eligibility criteria may vary, and students are encouraged to seek external fellowships as well. Specific state residency information is not provided.

Graduate Tuition Waiver is available for Underrepresented (minority) Students in Sport Conditioning but there is only one seat.

MBA in Business Analytics Scholarships

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Scholarships for Native American Students

There are a number of scholarship opportunities provided through the generosity of both individuals and corporations. Scholarship award will vary in amount, depending on the scholarship, the qualifications of the recipient, and the number of qualified applicants. To be eligible to apply for scholarships, applicants must be seeking a degree in a program offered within the college.

  • American Indian Services Scholarship - Up to $2,000 : Four scholarships per year are awarded to degree-seeking students who are at least one-quarter enrolled member of a Native American tribe recognized by the federal government. Applicants may be studying on a part- or full-time basis.
  • Graduate Scholarships - Up to $2,000 : This scholarship is made available to full- and part-time graduate students who are enrolled in a tribe or have at least one parent who is. Learners must have at least a 2.5 GPA and online courses are not accepted.

Funding for Minority Students

  • Prospanica Scholarship - Prospanica Foundation’s Scholarships are designed for undergraduate and graduate students who want to achieve their full educational potential and make meaningful contributions to society. We’re looking for entrepreneurial thinkers who know that true accomplishment is much more than individual success, it uplifts the entire Hispanic community.
  • The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute - This premier scholarship opportunity is afforded to Latino students who have a history of performing public service-oriented activities in their communities and who plan to continue contributing in the future. Students with excellent leadership potential are encouraged to apply.
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund - The Hispanic Scholarship Fund collaborates with foundations, institutions and other partners in the non-profit sector at every level in order to advance our urgent mission of reversing the pattern of Latino under-education.
  • Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship - The Government Finance Officers Association offers a Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship of $5,000, awarded to outstanding U.S. and Canadian minority students preparing for careers in state and local government finance.

Funding for Female Students

  • American Association of University Women - AAUW awards fellowships to underrepresented minority women who intend to pursue a full-time course of study in an MBA program. Award amounts range from $5,000 to $12,000.

Funding for Veterans

  • Post-9/11 GI Bill - The new Post 9/11 GI Bill provides education benefits for service members who have served on active duty for 90 or more days since Sept. 10, 2001. These benefits are tiered based on the number of days served on active duty, creating a benefit package that gives current and previously activated National Guard and Reserve members the same benefits as active duty service members.
  • Montgomery G.I. Bill - The Montgomery G.I. Bill is intended for veterans who entered the service after July 1, 1985, served two years of continuous active duty, accepted a $100-a-month reduction in their military pay for the first twelve months of service, and received an honorable discharge.

Funding for LGBT Students

  • Point Foundation - Point Foundation provides financial support, mentoring, leadership training and hope to meritorious students who are marginalized due to sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.