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Assistantships for Online M.S. in Statistics and Data Science at Yale University

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The Department of Statistics and Data Science at Yale University offers three types of positions which are categorized:

Research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and teaching fellowships.

Let's get to see every single detail it provides us such as tuition, fees and requirements. 

  • Research Assistantship: Research Assistant (RA) positions at our institution come with a monthly salary, the amount of which is determined by the respective department and Graduate School. Engaging in RA responsibilities not only provides financial support but also aligns with the requirements for your academic degree. The work undertaken as an RA contributes significantly to both your thesis and ongoing faculty research initiatives. Additionally, RA positions may cover a substantial portion of your tuition fees—typically 50%, and in some cases, the entire tuition fee may be covered, contingent upon the acquisition of a fellowship. This comprehensive support structure ensures that RAs can pursue their academic endeavors with financial assistance while actively contributing to the scholarly pursuits of the department and faculty.
  • Teaching Assistant (TA): This position is mostly about helping with teaching-related tasks, such as grading assignments, leading discussion sections, or helping with course preparation.
  • Teaching Fellowship (TF): This is another teaching-related position, but it might lead to more responsibilities than a TA, like leading classes or creating course materials.
  • Project Assistant (PA): PAs work on projects that don't have much to do with their degree. They work up to ten hours a week and are paid based on a rate approved by the department.

Combining Positions: After the approval of the director of graduate studies and the relevant associate dean, It's possible for a student to hold both a project assistant and a research assistant position. 

There are three positions available in the master's program in Data Science which are Research Assistantship, Teaching Assistantship, and Teaching Fellowship. Research Assistantship provides a monthly salary, fulfils degree requirements, and covers either CRF or 50% of tuition, with the possibility of additional fellowship support. Project Assistant positions are available for unrelated projects with a limited weekly work limit and pay based on approved rates. Students may hold both Project Assistant and Research Assistant positions with approval. State residency eligibility is not mentioned in the text.

Lincoln Institute 75 Fellowship for Ethics and Equity in Public Administration

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The Lincoln Institute 75 Fellowship for Ethics and Equity in Public Administration was created to promote underrepresented working adults and those who want to make an impact in equity-focused policy and advocacy. Your donation directly supports students on the path to becoming change-making public administrators and policymakers.

The internationally known and respected Lincoln Institute of Land Policy has joined with Claremont Lincoln University to create a distinctive Master in Public Administration degree that engages students with real-world cases and cross-sector analysis of current social issues. Now the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy has committed $100,000 to fund the Lincoln Institute 75 Fellowship for Ethics and Equity in Public Administration.

The fellowship is designed specifically for underrepresented working professionals seeking to earn a graduate degree. Ideal candidates are in entry- and mid-level roles in the public and non-profit sectors, or in mission-oriented roles in the private sector. The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and CLU strongly encourage candidates from groups that are underrepresented with respect to race, ethnicity, gender identity, disabled status, and veteran status to apply. Those chosen as Lincoln Institute 75 Fellows will receive up to $10,000 toward tuition in the CLU Master in Public Administration.

Online MSE in Data Science Scholarships - University of Pennsylvania

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Federal student loans are available to online students who are enrolled in at least two classes. Candidates are also urged to take into account government funds that may be obtained by filing the FAFSA.

The Dean’s Master’s Scholarship offers financial assistance to Master's students in order to support the University's efforts to draw a student body that is academically gifted and diverse and will be successful in advancing the institution's mission of scholarship, teaching, and research for the benefit of the general public. The qualifications of each application for a scholarship will be taken into account separately. The applicant's socioeconomic and educational background, membership in an underrepresented minority group, and/or commitment to the school's interest in diversity and inclusion will also be taken into account when deciding which applicants will get the scholarships. The Dean's Master's Scholarship for a Penn Engineering Online degree is available to students who wish to enroll either full- or part-time. For their first year, recipients are given a one-time $15,000 tuition award.

The candidate must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident in order to be accepted. Part-time students, Penn employees receiving tuition benefits, and participants in the Accelerated Masters programs are ineligible. Applicants' socioeconomic and educational backgrounds, membership in an underrepresented minority group, and/or dedication to the school's interest in diversity and inclusion will all be taken into account while evaluating each applicant's qualities.

The MCIT Online and MSE-DS Online applications also contain an embedded form for the Dean's Master's Fellowship. At the time of applying for admission, applicants are automatically taken into consideration. There is no need for an extra application or supplies. Applicants for the Dean's Master's Scholarship must submit their applications within the Early Application window.

Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance at Creighton Univeristy

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Creighton University has a program called "Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance." It's like a course where they teach you how people's feelings and thoughts about money can affect the decisions they make. This can help financial experts understand these feelings and help people make better choices with their money. As this program is online, you can study at your own pace, and it's part of the business school, so you learn how psychology and business come together. If you finish this program, you can use the credits for a more advanced degree. It's perfect for people like financial planners and advisors who want to get better at their jobs.

Program in Heider College of Business: The Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance Certificate program is part of Creighton University's Heider College of Business. This means you get to study how people make financial decisions but with a focus on how it relates to businesses. It's like learning how the minds of money and business come together, which makes it a valuable and unique perspective.

Online Learning: This program at Creighton University is made for people who have busy lives. It's all online, and the courses are divided into eight-week sessions. This setup gives you the flexibility to study whenever you want and are comfortable. Plus, if you want to study even more, the credits you earn in this program can be used for a more advanced degree in financial psychology and behavioural finance.

Ideal for Financial Professionals: This program is suited for financial planners, advisors, and professionals looking to enhance their skills in financial psychology. It can be completed online in a year.

MBA and Specialization: This program gives you a way to keep learning. When you finish it, you can use the credits you earned to get a more advanced degree. It's like taking a step up and becoming more expert in understanding how psychology and money work together.

Additional Programs: Creighton University offers a range of similar programs such as a Graduate Certificate in Personal Financial Planning, a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Master of Investment Management and Financial Analysis, and a Master of Finance.

Don Lavoie Fellowship

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The Don Lavoie Fellowship is a competitive and renewable online program designed for advanced undergraduates, recent graduates considering graduate school, and early-stage graduate students. This fellowship opportunity is open to students from any academic discipline who are interested in applying fundamental concepts in political economy to both academic and policy research. Let us get into it to extract more information about it:

Eligibility of this fellowship program:

  • This fellowship is available to students at different stages of their academic journey, including advanced undergraduates, recent graduates who are contemplating graduate school, and early-stage graduate students.

Online Program:

  • The Don Lavoie Fellowship is conducted entirely online.
  • Participants engage in various online activities to enhance their understanding of political economy.

Online Discussion Portal:

  • Fellows have access to an online discussion portal where they can interact with peers and experts.
  • This platform facilitates discussions related to political economy topics and research.

Reading Discussion Sessions:

  • The fellowship includes online reading discussion sessions led by scholars associated with the Hayek Program.
  • These sessions introduce participants to key ideas in different schools of political economy, such as the Austrian, Virginia, and Bloomington schools, along with discussions on contemporary research in these traditions.

Financial Support:

  • Don Lavoie Fellows receive financial support, including a stipend, to help cover their expenses.
  • Additionally, all required readings for the online events are provided as part of the fellowship.

Academic and Career Guidance:

  • Participants receive guidance and support on various aspects of their academic and career journeys, including assistance with research projects, advice on pursuing graduate studies, and insights into career opportunities.

Conference and Research Support:

  • The fellowship program offers support for attending conferences and conducting research.
  • This support can be valuable for advancing academic and policy research interests.

Financial Assistance:

  • The total payment for Don Lavoie Fellows can amount to up to $1250 per semester, which includes a stipend to support their involvement in the program and the cost of books or materials required for their participation.

In short, the Don Lavoie Fellowship is a competitive and renewable online program open to students from various academic backgrounds. It offers financial support, access to online discussions and reading sessions, academic and career guidance, and opportunities for research and conference participation. This fellowship aims to equip participants with a deeper understanding of political economy and the skills needed for academic and policy research.

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Grants and Student Loans

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All new graduate students who completed an undergraduate degree at North Park University can enter the CMHC program with a 20% tuition reduction thanks to the University’s Alumni Grant. This grant may be used for one course or the full program. It cannot be combined with any other scholarships or discounts that may be offered to you from North Park.

Swedish Covenant Hospital Partnership: North Park University is pleased to provide financial support for employees of Swedish Covenant Hospital (SCH) who enroll in degree programs, either in-person or online, according to the following parameters:

  • Students in the School of Professional Studies are eligible for a 15% tuition reduction.
  • To be eligible for the discount, students must complete an employee verification form available in the Human Resources Department of SCH.
  • Full-time eligible employees of SCH who enroll in a degree program at North Park are awarded a blanket tuition reduction, which represents the full amount of financial aid available from North Park. This discount will not be combined with other North Park grants and scholarships available to other students.
  • Continued employment will be verified annually by North Park University’s Financial Aid Office.
  • CMHC students may also be eligible for veteran’s benefits or other outside scholarships. The University can also work with you to take advantage of employer reimbursement benefits.

    Student Loans: Many graduate students borrow student loans to pay for master’s degrees. All student loans must be repaid; most federal student loans are at a significantly lower interest than other private loans. In order to explore options for student loans, you must complete a FAFSA for each academic year you want loan funding. Generally, you will start loan repayment six months after you graduate or leave school.

    Alumni Grant: The North Park University Alumni can enroll in graduate coursework with a 30% tuition reduction. This grant may be used for individual courses or a whole program, for in-person or online courses. This grant cannot be combined with any other scholarships or discounts that may be offered to you from North Park

    Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation Financial Need Scholarship

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    Scholarships are the primary means by which EAF carries out its mission. The Foundation awards Merit and Financial Need graduate scholarships. Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation Financial Need Scholarship sponsored by Alpha Kappa Alpha is awarded to graduate students based upon financial need, as opposed to merit.

    Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship

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    The Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship is a merit-based program that helps students fulfill their dreams of higher education. The scholarship is named for Gen and Kelly Tanabe, best-selling authors on education, whose generous donations fund this program.

    Optimal Online Degree Scholarship

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    Many students are seeking the flexibility and increased opportunity of pursuing a degree online; however, tuition can still be a large burden for many individuals. To help those with high financial need, Optimal is awarding a $2,000 online degree scholarship. To provide our judges with a true understanding of each applicant, he or she must answer four open-ended, personal, and thought-provoking questions. The students whose responses are the most persuasive, compelling, and well-written, as judged by our panel, will be considered finalists.

    Applicants for this scholarship should be enrolled at a private or public educational institution, and working towards a certificate, diploma, or degree at the associate’s, bachelor’s, or post-bachelor’s level. The academic program must be pursued online - all classes require little to no attendance on campus.

    Sunrise Humanitarian Scholarship for Masters Programs

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    Claremont Lincoln University, an online by design graduate school providing a socially conscious education, is pleased to announce its "Sunrise Humanitarian Scholarship" fund for new students who are passionate about humanitarian work. Student awardees may receive individual partial tuition ranging up to 10%. The tuition amount at CLU ranges from $18000 to $25200. The 10% of the tuition is offered by this scholarship, i.e., $1800 to $2520 is awarded to the students